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Chapter 250: If Hai Rui Can Support Her, Can't They Also St

This time, Tangning and her opponent was evenly matched in terms of professionalism; they each had their strengths. But, when it came to achievements, Tangning definitely fell behind.

Zhen Manni had the numbers to beat Tangning and also went through a legendary period in her career; these two points greatly highlighted Tangning's disadvantages. 

So, to Tangning, Zhen Manni was her greatest opponent on the domestic runway. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like she would ever catch up.

In fact, Zhen Manni probably didn't even consider Tangning as a worthy opponent!

Long Jie monitored the silly poll online and ran to Tangning's side excitedly, "Have you seen this poll? It asks people to choose between curvy body and long legs."

Tangning was reading a book. She glanced at the laptop briefly and noticed she had received double the amount of votes in comparison to Zhen Manni. She then turned back to the book, "Zhen Manni exceeds me in so many aspects; the votes seem untrustworthy. If the votes were cast by experts, I would definitely get zero."

"Why would you say that?" Long Jie put away her laptop cheerfully. The fans were already in favor of Tangning, yet she was lowering her own prestige.

"It isn't necessary to put down others just because they are an opponent - I am merely speaking the truth. This is no different to a good-looking actor receiving an acting award just because they are popular, do you think they would acknowledge themselves?" Tangning closed up the book in her lap and spoke in a serious tone, "There's no need to belittle ourselves, but we also need to see the truth. Zhen Manni's future isn't limited to what she has now. Whereas I..." 

"What about you?"

"We have different goals. Help me tell my fans to maintain a low profile. I once pushed Mo Yurou to her destruction, do you want me to have the same fate?" 

The entertainment industry was a revolving game of high stepping on low; today, one may step on another, but tomorrow, they may turn into the one being stepped on.

The industry was never lacking in talent and distinctive skills. No matter how good one was, there was always someone better - no one ever remained number one forever.

"Is it necessary to make yourself sound so unpraiseworthy?"

"Don't tell me you've never taken notice of Zhen Manni," Tangning reopened her book and returned her focus to it.

Of course, with Tangning's prompt, Long Jie quickly knelt beside the sofa and opened her laptop. She frantically tried to understand what type of person Zhen Manni was. Eventually, she understood what Tangning meant.

Tangning had always insisted on keeping a low profile. Her calmness was her key to victory. It seemed, at all times, she was aware of her position and could quickly a.s.sess her enemies. 

"Something's wrong Tangning...just a moment ago, there were less than 10,000 votes, how did it suddenly jump to 100,000? On top of that, all the comments are in favor of you..." Long Jie quickly showed Tangning the poll once again, "Don't tell me you were right, I suddenly sense a conspiracy."

Tangning looked at the laptop...

Indeed, there was something weird...

Meanwhile, Mo Ting was in his office and had noticed the exaggerated votes. He closed up his laptop and gave Tanging a phone call, "Don't worry, I'll handle it."

"I'm not worried about myself," Tangning replied. "According to Zhen Manni's current status, she could leave at any time; I'm worried she may put you in a difficult position. You're the almighty president, yet you overlooked the model in first place and jumped straight into being the manager of third place. If I was her, I also wouldn't understand."

"Oh?" Mo Ting suddenly chuckled as he asked Tangning in a doubtful tone, "What could she possibly do to put me in a difficult position?"

"Perhaps...she might force you to be her manager as well."

"Mrs. Mo, do I se

nse jealousy?" Mo Ting tried to act serious, but his eyes looked slightly amused, "If Hai Rui can support her, can't they also step on her? Hai Rui doesn't usually bother with things like this, but...it also depends who we are dealing with. Over the years, those that have played tricks, cheated, climbed into beds, accepted bribes...none of them have slipped through my fingers. If Hai Rui has the ability to elevate them, we can also make them not see the light of day."

Mo Ting spoke firmly and with certainty.

If Zhen Manni really thought of herself as someone important, she was welcome to test the consequences.

"But isn't she your bargaining chip against Star King?"

"Mrs. Mo, if Hai Rui can create one Zhen Manni, they can also create another."

"So, are you going to manage me and train me like another Zhen Manni?" Tangning asked in a confused tone.

"I've never managed Zhen Manni..."

Tangning laughed. Although, Mo Ting wasn't by her side to comfort her and hug her, simply knowing she was the only one in his heart was enough.

After speaking to Tangning on the phone, Mo Ting instructed Lu Che to contact the developers of the website and get them to remove the poll. This way, any paid fake commenters would no longer have access to it.

Of course, Lu Che acted immediately and the poll was quickly removed. Charlene, who was sitting in front of her computer endlessly refreshing the poll, clenched her teeth in anger. The poll was merely flooded with votes and comments for 10 minutes before Mo Ting completely uprooted it.

Charlene was of course too afraid to post up another poll; she was afraid of getting exposed. Luckily, she had captured a screenshot on her phone. So, she showed it to Zhen Manni.

"What's this?"

"Votes from netizens," Charlene tried to stay composed. "Just a moment ago the poll reached 100,000 votes. But, it's been removed now..."

Zhen Manni browsed through the comments as her hands trembled in anger.

"Tangning's fans have been defaming you in public, are you going to tolerate it?" Charlene retrieved her phone from Zhen Manni's hands and sighed. "I know you are taking President Mo into consideration, but even President Mo is on Tangning's side."

"What do you want me to do then?"

"You should definitely prove your status in Hai Rui," Charlene exclaimed. "We had no choice in the past because President Mo never involved himself with artist's matters. But, things are different now. Since, he decided to become a manager...with your qualifications and a manager like him, you guys will make the strongest team." 

"For someone at Tangning's level, it should be sufficient enough for her to share a manager with Huo Jingjing."

"Are you telling me to lower myself and go beg President Mo to be my manager?" Zhen Manni stared at Charlene; she felt her suggestion was a bit surprising.

"How would you be lowering yourself? If you don't know how to bring it up, I can go speak to President Mo and test the waters for you," Charlene's words were tempting as she directly targeted Zhen Manni's innermost desires, "When he finally becomes your manager, the two of you can grow closer."

Zhen Manni couldn't say she wasn't tempted. Just like Charlene had said, in the past, Mo Ting had never involved himself in artist's matters, so she never found an excuse to demand for anything. But, now that Mo Ting had stepped out and become a manager, how was she any less than Tangning? So, she silently consented to having Charlene test Mo Ting.

She could endure most things, but having her status shaken, was not one of them.

She didn't want to break up the unity in Hai Rui that had taken many years to develop.

But, Tangning's appearance...

...had already messed up the balance in Hai Rui!

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