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"Hey, have you guys seen the recording at the top of search rankings?"

"What gossip is it this time?"

"What else could it be? It turns out, Tangning was defamed so badly yesterday because Cheng Tian Entertainment's CEO didn't like that she was disobedient. Who does she think she is? Does she think she is a G.o.d that has complete control over others?"

"So the tables turned again?"

The netizens quickly opened the recording at the top of search rankings. It was a complete recording of Tangning's manager, An Zihao, and Cheng Tian's CEO, Lan Xi. Many people were familiar with them, so their voices were easily identified.

The content of the recording consisted of An Zihao asking Lan Xi why she wasn't satisfied after already tarnishing Tangning's reputation and Lan Xi arrogantly replying that it was because Tangning wasn't obedient. Even when destroying her own agency's model, she didn't hold back at all.

The netizens started discussing how the entertainment industry was like a deep pool of water; when seeking the truth, one should not only look on the surface.

It didn't take long before Tangning became known as the victim. At this time, many people that had experienced similar incidences quickly left messages about their experiences and showed their support.

"It's amazing for someone to have a lot of money. But, when they use money to destroy other's dreams and ruin other's lives, they are downright rubbish!"

"Lan Xi is just the tip of the iceberg. In all honesty, the entertainment industry is like a stinky ditch - filled with rubbish." 

"Actually, what I truly want to say is, the person that posted up this recording is really cool!"

"The reason why Tangning was defamed like this was because she's been standing in too many people's way. Tangning is too clean and aloof from the world, however, the entertainment industry is all about sucking up to people and building relationships. Tangning, if you continue being the way you are, you will continue to suffer! But, I will still continue to support you. Tangning, were you the one that got someone to place the recording at the top of search rankings? If you were..."

"...then please let me bow down to you!"

It hadn't even been one day and the tables had entirely turned. Of course, onlookers had slowly gotten used to Tangning's ability to deal with defamation. So, they weren't surprised when the tables were turned. But, the contents of the recording still got people talking.

The day had just headed into night. Lan Xi was sitting on her sofa at home looking angrily at the headline that had been sitting at the top of search rankings. 

Lan Xi pulled out her phone and gave Luo Hao a call. She instructed him to immediately deal with the news, but...Luo Hao could only respond with, "There's no use. Every time I offer to pay, someone offers to pay double."

"Have you found out who it is?" Lan Xi stood up from the sofa and paced back and forth, "The recording is definitely from An Zihao, but who is the powerful person backing them? Who has An Zihao contacted?"

"I couldn't find anything...An Zihao could have done it on his own, or with Tangning. The other possibility is that he may have found a partner in crime."

"Didn't you say you had a surefire plan? Didn't you say you were going to destroy Tangning? Who suffered in the end? Me! Do you know how difficult things were for me when the board of directors heard of the news? I was so tempted to dig a hole to hide inside," Lan Xi yelled angrily. Because she was so emotional, she felt her stomach knot up in pain as she knelt on the floor. 

"Although An Zihao has been in the industry for a long time, even if he was to use his contacts, it wouldn't be as easy as in the past. However, it's not hard for him to find an enemy of yours to work with. So, President Lan...you can no longer delay stripping An Zihao of his role as Tangning's manager," the first solution Luo Hao thought of was to separate Tangning from An Zihao.

However, they never imagined...

...the person playing them like monkeys, was Mo Ting!

It had always been Mo Ting!

"Haven't you been planning to poach artists from other agencies? I think An Zihao would be better off doing that. We need to isolate Tangning before we can think about our next step." 

They had just been slapped in the face, yet they were still thinking of their next step...

Lan Xi lay on the sofa breathing loudly, "Your main priority is to find a way to take down the recording. Afterwards, call An Zihao and tell him we will be swapping out Tangning's manager..."


Luo Hao was detailed and calm, but...sometimes, there were things that a simple Artists Director like himself couldn't change. 

Cheng Tian's news for example. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't make the other party flinch at all...

London. JK's show was about to start.

For the past two days, Tangning had been busy with rehearsals and meetings with JK's designer. She had been so focused on grasping onto new resources that she did not notice her name had flipped Beijing upside down; even at this moment, the recording between An Zihao and Lan Xi was still headlining all news websites. 

As a result, Cheng Tian suffered a huge blow and their reputation was especially affected.

But, who could they blame?

Whenever Tangning had time, she would chat with Mo Ting on the phone. But, never once did Mo Ting tell her about the entertaining things that were happening back in Beijing.

Because of the recording being exposed, all the paparazzi Lan Xi hired ended up being dismissed. But, this didn't mean Tangning was free from danger; there was still the clingy Hua Rong reporter. 

"Are you nervous? Take a deep breath!" just before the show was to start, Long Jie fanned Tangning as she checked how she was feeling.

Tangning looked at the chaotic backstage and remained calm, "I am still in disbelief."

This time, no one was trying to steal her finale, no one was there to tear her apart; the stage was all hers for her to bring glory to the models of Asia. 

"You can't believe that Lan Xi hasn't got something planned?" Long Jie revealed a huge smile, "Right now she can't even take care of herself, how would she have time to deal with you?"

"What do you mean?"

Long Jie did not respond, but smiled meaningfully. Of course, she also did not tell her, for the sake of witnessing every single beautiful angle of hers during her most dazzling moment, someone once again left behind all their work and flew all the way to see her. This person was currently sitting in the audience... 

Seeing Long Jie did not respond, Tangning did not ask further. She knew she would find out sooner or later.

"An Zihao is still making a phone call outside. I'll go check on him, the show is about to start..."

Long Jie was worried Tangning would continue to question her, so she decided to say she'd look for An Zihao as an excuse. However, at this time, An Zihao's mood was angry and complex... 

"It is the agency's decision for you to leave Tangning. As long as you are still a manager working for Cheng Tian, you will need to listen to the agency's instructions!" on the other side of the phone, Luo Hao was firm. "Of course, you have the choice to leave Cheng Tian Entertainment, but Tangning is still a model of Cheng Tian's, so we will naturally organize a new manager for her. There is no need for you anymore."

"Place more thought on training newcomers. You are more capable than merely producing one successful model like Hua Yuan. Why must you keep going against Tangning?" An Zihao couldn't comprehend Luo Hao's actions. 

He couldn't believe that Lan Xi was actually dismissing him of his role as Tangning's manager...

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