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Chapter 150
Chapter 150: Destroy Those That Get in the Way!

Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi


An Zihao waited for a phone call from Lan Xi after deciding to use Cheng Tian's photography team. Meanwhile, he also gained Her Vision's support and a.s.sistance to quickly complete the November cover shoot. Logically speaking, the fact that Her Vision's people had caused such a commotion with a model, it was normal for news to rapidly spread. But, Editor Lin and An Zihao had a mutual understanding. With Mo Ting's involvement, Her Vision could only listen to An Zihao's arrangements. Not to mention, everything started because of Her Vision's photographer deliberately messing with Tangning.

Later that night, Lan Xi's phone call finally came through. But the first thing that came out of her mouth was a question for An Zihao, "Why did you decide to use the company's photography team without first discussing with me?"

An Zihao was stunned for a moment as the smile on his face disappeared. He replied in an extremely serious tone, "Because Tangning was put in a difficult position by Her Vision and had a huge disagreement with the photographer."

"Zihao, you know that Fearless has always been used by Li Danni. Do you know how awkward I was when Li Danni came to question me about this?" Lan Xi asked as she tried to suppress her anger. 

"Because it was urgent, I thought..."

"No matter how urgent it is, the company still has it's rules and procedures. I'll let it go this time, but I don't want it to happen again," Lan Xi warned in a serious tone.

An Zihao was quiet for a moment before suddenly saying, "Lan Xi, all of a sudden I feel like I don't quite understand you."

Maybe because Lan Xi realized she was being a bit too harsh, she quickly added, "If you were in my position, you would know how hard things are."

An Zihao sneered without saying anything else. But, he could sense that Lan Xi had obviously changed.

That night, he did not sleep as he investigated Tangning and Mo Ting's relationship as well as Tangning's journey up to this point. He discovered Tangning's change began from the Crown's Star Jewelry show. In fact, from that time, it wasn't hard to see that Mo Ting had more or less involved himself in Tangning's career. The first time was at the Crown's Star Show when Tangning's ident.i.ty was exposed; the second was at the Bright Night Gala, when they took a photo together; the third was when Han Ruoxue tried to frame Tangning for creating hype with Mo Ting and Hai Rui stepped out to slap her across the face. Then there was the time when Hai Rui's Artists Director stuck up for Tangning during the bed-climbing scandal...and the list went on...

...yet, here he was, thinking Mo Ting did not care about Tangning...

In actual fact, Mo Ting had done more than enough behind the scenes.

Looking back at how Tangning joined Cheng Tian, he realized, when Lan Xi first found out Tangning was joining Creative Century, she did not persist. Afterwards, she only wanted Tangning because she wanted to upset Yang Jing and Luo Hao. Now that there was no one around to threaten her authority, she was beginning to fear and be wary of Tangning.

As for bringing him back to the agency...it was merely because she needed someone to keep Luo Hao in check...

He had already fought side-by-side with Lan Xi for many years. Although he knew it wasn't easy for a woman to carry such a big entertainment agency on her shoulders, being treated as a chess piece wasn't a feeling that anyone could enjoy.

Today, he had merely put a photography team to use. If he had done something more serious, how would Lan Xi have reacted?

He couldn't imagine...

The next morning, An Zihao was about to pick up the photography team and Her Vision's General Manager from the airport. However, Mo Ting instructed Long Jie to tell him to wait in the hotel lobby.

An Zihao sat inside the magnificently grand lobby. Not long after, Mo Ting appeared wearing a black trench coat and sat opposite him.

An Zihao didn't know Mo Ting's intention, so he waited patiently for Mo Ting to speak. After removing his leather gloves, Mo Ting leaned against the sofa; his powerful presence was incomparable, "I'm sure you are already aware of the relationship between Tangning and I. But, now is the time for you to make a decision."

"I...don't quite understand."

"You don't understand?" Mo Ting looked into his eyes as he spoke in a cold tone, "Cheng Tian is merely a stepping stone for Tangning. As for how Lan Xi views Tangning, I thought you knew."

Mo Ting wanted An Zihao to choose between Lan Xi and Tangning. If he chose to support Tangning, his relationship with Lan Xi would eventually come to an end. After all, once a manager's heart is no longer with its agency, they will become the biggest hidden danger for the agency.

Above all, An Zihao was not Long Jie. Between men, they understood each other, so Mo Ting had to be extra careful.

However, even though Lan Xi was no longer the same Lan Xi, he still had a debt of grat.i.tude towards her. So, it was hard for An Zihao to suddenly betray Lan Xi, "Give me some time to think about it."

"Up to you."

Mo Ting knew, the more An Zihao hesitated, the more faith he would have in Lan Xi and, in the end, the more he would be disappointed.

"Does Tangning know about this?"

"What do you think?" Mo Ting threw a question back at him.

An Zihao couldn't help but smile, "Tangning has always been the most switched on."

No matter what, the biggest priority for An Zihao was to make Tangning into a supermodel. As for his conflict with Lan Xi, it was settled for now. So, in the end, Her Vision's shoot was relatively successful. The only problem was, Li Danni continued to question Lan Xi repeatedly.

"President Lan, Tangning borrowed my team, how does she intend to pay me back?"

"Danni, you should know this team belongs to the entire agency. So, there was nothing wrong with An Zihao using them," Lan Xi explained.

"Fine..." Li Danni sneered as she left the office resentfully.

She already knew what happened with Her Vision's photographer, however, the man was too afraid to mention anything about Mo Ting, so, Li Danni a.s.sumed that Tangning had merely decided to change photography team. But, how was the shoot going to turn out? She wasn't going to admit defeat until the magazine was actually published and distributed.

An Zihao could roughly guess how Li Danni's expression was like. But right now, he had something to learn from Tangning: It was to destroy anyone that got in his way!

After the Moscow trip was over, Tangning was scheduled to film a commercial for a famous jewelry brand. Tangning was especially looking forward to this job. However, the night before returning home, An Zihao found out that Tangning was only endorsing the wedding ring series, whereas, Li Danni had secured the international spokesperson role.

It seemed, Li Danni was using this as a means to let Tangning know, this is how an international model is like and this is what you call an A-Grade model.

An Zihao originally intended on rejecting the jewelry endors.e.m.e.nt, but Tangning quickly told him, "Accept it..."

But, this was obviously announcing to the world that Tangning was below Li Danni, and not only that, their distance wasn't small.

An Zihao looked behind her at Mo Ting, hoping he would say something to stop her. But, Mo Ting acted as usual and supported her.

Why? Because he had a plan.

"Zihao, I no longer have the energy to fight with her. I merely want to challenge myself. Plus, I honestly like this jewelry brand," Tangning had no idea what Mo Ting had planned, she just wanted to seriously express her thoughts to An Zihao.

Like? It's good that you like it. Mo Ting thought without revealing anything.

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