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Li Du sorted out the armor while Hans went to handle the hunting knives from the Hopi tribe.

The most valuable of out of them was a knife that was molded from antlers. Li Du saw Hans's joy, so he gave this to him as a gift. This was to make up for the loss Hans had suffered when Li Du took the jeweled dagger. Even though Hans did not mind, he still felt guilty.

It was not only the jeweled dagger Li Du had kept for himself, but also the Patek Philippe watch. He needed to treat Hans more like his equal to prevent future conflicts with him.

Hans posted the sale of 25 daggers and 49 hunting knives online. Li Du let him keep five daggers and nine hunting knives, and the rest were to be sold. These items were popular, as the intricately-manufactured homemade daggers provided the best company to travel enthusiasts. Hence, when these were posted online, they sold out in moments.

Every dagger was sold at 800 dollars while hunting knives were sold at 200 dollars each. In total, they would earn 24,000 dollars. Even though this wasn't much, it was better than nothing and contributed to the provisions for the cabin.

Hans wanted to split the profits with him. Li Du waved his hand to signify there was no need to hurry and said, "Big Fox, I have something I want to discuss with you."

"What's up?"

Li Du said, "I feel like recently, we haven't gained much from the auctions we've partic.i.p.ated in. I want to increase our income by setting up a small company."

"Set up a small company?" Hans replied. "I feel like that's fine. Does that mean we have to alter our partnership?"

Yes, that was the reason Li Du wanted to have a discussion with him. Hans was wise and understood the hidden reason for asking him to set up a company.

Li Du had long wanted to change the nature of their collaboration. It wasn't that he was trying to get rid of Hans after gaining a steady footing in this industry. In fact, he liked working with Hans, and wanted to continue doing so.

However, there were some matters which led him to understand that this method of partnership wouldn't last.

The little bug had a great ability, which helped him discover things that he wouldn't have normally been able to find. With the increased frequency of discovery, Hans would eventually suspect him.

Take for example the Patek Philippe watch, the jeweled dagger, and the Arabic copper hand—these couldn't have all been discovered by any ordinary treasure hunter. They were too rare and valuable, Li Du abided by the agreement and split the rewards equally with Hans. However, these items weren't meant to appear on the market.

Not only Hans would suspect him, but those who had their attention on him would suspect him as well.

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