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G.o.dzilla kicked the door of Hans's room and shouted for Hans. A fl.u.s.tered and exasperated Hans came out of his room and said, "What's up with all of you? I'm f*cking busy right now!"

"Harris from the Comanche Casino is here as well," said Li Du. "Lil' Rick said that he's gonna teach us a lesson. I want to know what they're up to."

Hans smiled bitterly. "I wanna know too. But we can't read their minds, so how can we know?"

Li Du beckoned and Ah Meow showed himself, fully equipped.

Hans immediately understood. "Agent Meow! You're going to have Ah Meow spy on them?"

Li Du snapped his fingers and said, "Correct."

They needed Hans's connections to find out the room number of the Ricks. Therefore, they needed to get him out of the room.

Hans made a phone call. "They're just next to our hotel, room number 0211," said Hans. "Follow me."

The hotels around the town were practically motels; they looked simple and a little dilapidated. Air conditioners were hanging from outside the windows. If the room windows were open, one could see right into them.

As it was already dark now, the four of them snuck around and found the window of room 0211. He gestured for Ah Meow to climb up to the room.

They were lucky that the window of room 0211 was open. Agent Meow slipped in without any obstacle.

The view from the camera was clear on the tablet. n.o.body was inside the room.

Li Du had already briefed Ah Meow on what to do. When he went inside, he crept and stayed under the sofa, concealing himself nicely.

Big Quinn felt amazed and exclaimed in wonder, "Boss, why is Ah Meow so intelligent?"

Hans yawned and said, "Yeah, Ah Meow's really intelligent. Your boss is a strange man, and everything around him is strange."

Li Du didn't want to talk about this and diverted the topic. "Frank's here. Did you know about this?"

"Yeah I know," Hans nodded. "York's here too. They got themselves something good yesterday. I guess they're here to flaunt their achievement."

"They found something good?" asked Li Du. "What is it?"

Hans heaved a sigh of frustration. "D*mn, I really didn't want to talk about this. Since you asked, I can tell you. It's a guaranteed minimum amount of 500,000 dollars worth of silver armor."

Li Du was surprised. "They found a silver mine?"

The price of silver was low, about 17 dollars for an ounce. An ounce of silver weighed around 30 grams. Something that could sell for 500,000 dollars required around 30,000 ounces of silver, which was close to one ton!

Hans shrugged. "That's all I know. It seems to be a complete set of precious silver armor, not just simple silver."

"Okay then, I must admit they're pretty good," Li Du remarked casually. "It's such a pity that we missed this storage unit."

There were a lot of valuable storage units in the United States; it was impossible to get each and every one of them.

Although it was a just a casual remark by Li Du, Hans took it seriously. "G.o.d was not on our side for this one," he said dejectedly. "Looks like I haven't been devout enough."

Li Du rolled his eyes. "Let's not talk about G.o.d. Let's talk about this auction tomorrow. Frank and York are here. The Ricks are here. We're facing fierce compet.i.tion this time."

"Frank and York may not be here for the mahogany furniture," said Hans. "Wait, let me make a call to find out more."

He made a few phone calls. After he hung up the phone, he frowned. "You're right. We are facing intense compet.i.tion this time."

"What's wrong?"

"The Ricks are not in their room. Do you know where they went? Someone saw them entering Frank and York's room. I think they went to b.u.t.ter up to them and might have told them about the mahogany furniture."

If Li Du were in Rick's position and knew about the mahogany furniture, he would do the same as well.

This was because the Ricks had offended Frank and York by helping Li Du out. Since they had not managed to gain Li Du's approval, they need to resolve their differences with Frank and York. It would be foolish to have bad relations with both opposing sides.

As he thought of that, he asked again, "How many people know about the mahogany furniture?"

Last night at the bar when they talked to the treasure hunters, it seemed that they hadn't known about the existence of the mahogany furniture.

But of course, there was the possibility that everyone thought n.o.body knew about it except themselves, and kept quiet about it.

Hans shook his head. "That's hard to say. But if an outsider like Big Caen knows about this, I think there will be others who know about it too."

Li Du tapped his fingers on his knee. "Fine then. Anyways, I'm not interested in the mahogany furniture. Let them compete with each other. Oh look, they're back."

Ah Meow was hiding underneath the sofa with the camera directly facing the bottom of the door. When the door opened, they knew right away.

All four of them kept quiet at once and listened carefully to the conversation.

There were a lot of technologically-informed people in America: electronic geeks, IT nerds, and so on. One could tell just from this monitoring system.

This wireless monitoring system that Li Du had bought was very sensitive and advanced. They could hear the opening sound of the door and even footsteps; their voices were very clear.

Lil' Rick spoke first. "D*mn those two *ssholes from California! I feel like killing them!"

Then they heard Rick's voice. "Californians are stupid. They are overly confident. They don't know how cunning that d*mn Chinaman is."

Hans used his elbow to nudge Li Du's shoulder. "They're praising you."

Li Du gave Hans a dirty look. "You want me to tell them 'thanks' for thinking so highly of me? Just listen."

Lil' Rick said, "Let them witness how strong we are tomorrow. Dad, we don't need them. We can deal with that Chinaman ourselves."

"Right, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend," replied Rick. "With Li as our common enemy, we should establish a good relationship with Frank and York and become allies."

"They obviously don't think so. They treat us like clowns! D*mmit! D*mmit! D*mmit!" Lil' Rick kicked the sofa.

All four of them watching the screen jump. Big Quinn muttered in prayer, "Don't be scared, Ah Meow!"

Ah Meow wasn't affected at all. The camera didn't shake a single bit.

"Remember what I said?" Rick continued. "Respect has to be earned! After tomorrow, they won't look down on us anymore!"

Lil' Rick concurred. "Right, tomorrow we'll teach that Chinaman a good lesson. Let them see what we can do!"

After saying this, they stopped talking. The room became quiet.

Li Du and Hans got worried. They knew that there was a trap laid for them, but they could not guess what kind of trap it was.

Lil' Rick was not someone who could stay quiet for long. After a while, he began to ramble.

After listening to that rambling for a while, Li Du felt like cussing.

Lil' Rick was just mumbling about nonsensical stuff. There was nothing useful. This went on for half an hour and nothing was mentioned in regards to the trap.

Li Du had to turn off the camera remotely as there wasn't much battery left. They needed to save some electricity as they hadn't gotten anything useful.

Just as they were running out of patience, they heard sounds of the door opening.

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