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Chapter 133: Stepping Over For Advancement

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du thought he had seen an illusion but when he retracted the little bug, he suddenly felt extremely fatigued. He then knew that it was not an illusion.

The little bug had absorbed the time in the sculpture and had grown two hind legs. It also developed a new ability, which was to see something’s history.

He deduced this quickly, and to test this point, he found a very simple oak chair to experiment with when he entered the next storage unit.

The little bug flew to the chair. Li Du wanted to know this chair’s history. After he had this thought, the scene appeared:

Pieces of oak appeared, and two old men who were working with a chisel and cutter…

The scenes changed fast, just like that of a slideshow. The chair was later sold, and the scene of it being sat on appeared next…

Li Du inhaled a breath of cold air, the little bug’s new ability was too powerful!

However, it had exhausted its energy severely. It only used it twice and was already drained, just like the beginning when he first started using it.

After sitting on the ground for a rest, Li Du dusted his rear end and then left.

He was not able to view the few storage units at the back. He would go back and get some sleep first. Tomorrow, he would just view them at the very last minute.

Anyway, as long as he did not use this time reversal ability and only used the little bug as per normal, he would not use up too much energy.

On this trip to Sedona, Li Du’s reward was immense. It was more significant than having successfully bid for storage worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The little bug’s new ability delighted him beyond words.

In the future, even if he were to return home, he could use the little bug to make big bucks. This could include helping people to a.s.sess the authenticity of jewelry and antiques. As long as he could go back to the source, no fakes would be able to be concealed.

Upon noticing his tired look, Hans threw away his cigarette b.u.t.t and asked, "How was it?"

Li Du said, "Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Very tired today—could not really see much."

Indicating with his hand, Hans said, "Okay, go back and rest first."

Although Sedona did not have many residents, it had plenty of tourists and storage units. This time, the auction was for ten storage units, and so it attracted many treasure hunters.

After sleeping all day and night, Li Du was filled with energy. Hans brought them to a sumptuous breakfast, and then they went to Jungle Path Storage Company.

As he was anxious to look at the condition of the storage units, he did not observe his surroundings. Now that he was at the storage company early, Li Du took a good look at the surrounding area and thought the environment here was good.

The storage company was located in the northern region of the city, along Highway 89A. Next to it was the famous Oak Creek Canyon. A river with clear water flowed through it, the trees on the banks were lush and colorful flowers were abound.

Whipping out his mobile phone to capture a few shots, Li Du said, "The scenery here is really nice."

Hans said listlessly, "Then later you can hang around here. Everywhere in Sedona has nice scenery."

At nine o’clock, as the sun rose, the weather became warmer a

nd the number of people increased.

Li Du did a quick count; there were 145 people attending this auction. Evidently, the compet.i.tion today would be intense.

The auctioneer was quite young. He walked out, looking alert and said, "Could everyone follow me closely and examine the storage units quickly? There are too many of you today. We will need four people to a group. There are also many storage units and so you will only have half a minute to view…"

On hearing this, the treasure hunters made displeased comments:

"What can we see in half a minute? Might as well leave it shut and let us bid blindly!"

"Is that how Sedona treats its guests? This is not friendly, buddy!"

"Forget it, there are too many people. Let’s go, since we are unlikely to get any storage units."

There was much grumbling, but the actual number of people who left was very small.

The auctioneer was unfazed; he opened up the first storage unit, and said, "Come, everyone queue up and start. Listen to me, I say queue up. Otherwise, you can go back to where you came from."

Li Du had seen this storage unit. Hans spoke as he used his handheld torch to shine inwards; "This storage is not worth much, but if it could be bought for under 500 dollars, there could be some profit. There are many bicycle parts in there, probably enough to build two bicycles…

"Hey, look at that, is that a safe? No, doesn’t look like it. But usually drawers could contain valuables, it’s worth a gamble…

"Do those bags contain hammocks? If so, we can estimate the cost to be about 1,000 dollars. Department stores like hammocks."

The auctioneer raised his hand to start the bidding, "Come, come, come, guys, you have seen this storage unit and have a price in mind, right? Let’s start with 200 dollars, 200 dollars, 200 dollars…"

Hans was going to raise his hand, but the other treasure hunters beat him to it.


"Two hundred fifty!"

"Three hundred!"

"Five hundred!"

"Six hundred!"

"Eight hundred!"

"I want this unit for 1,000!"

Hans raised his hand at this time and the auctioneer pointed at him. On seeing that, he retracted his hand and said with embarra.s.sment, "Sh*t, has everyone gone crazy?"

"Are you bidding? If not, buddy, do not raise your hand." The auctioneer frowned as he gave him a warning.

Hans stepped back, shaking his head. They would bow out from competing for this storage. The bids from the treasure hunters were too crazy. In a matter of seconds, their offers were higher than their best price.

A treasure hunter noticed him shaking his head and stepping backwards, and said with displeasure, "Are you here to stir trouble or what? Raising your hand and then putting it down again? Or are you a rookie?"

Hans glared at the man, and said, "Freddy, you know fully-well I am not a rookie. This is not a good place for conflict, so you better keep your mouth shut!"

Freddy was a black youth with a head full of small braids. He was muscular and his white tee-shirt was stretched out tightly on his body.

On hearing what Hans said, he smiled fiercely. "I am not your father—how would I even know if you had a d*ck? But I heard that you like the limelight. Looking at you earlier, it did not seem to be that way though."

Hans flashed him the middle finger and said, "Devil be gone, get lost."

By this time, the price for the storage unit had reached 1,500 dollars. Li Du shook his head and said, "Did the American government give out money to people? Suddenly everyone has become very rich."

Hans said, "There are too many people. No one wanted to make a wasted trip and so everyone started bidding compet.i.tively."

Freddy had been staring at the both of them, and hearing this, he said, "Hey, Big Fox, do you not like fierce compet.i.tion? Come, let’s fight and not hide like b*tches!"

Hans could not be bothered with him, and still used his middle finger to respond.

Li Du frowned and said, "Does this guy have persecutory delusion disorder? Or have you previously offended him? Why is he targeting us?"

Hans smiled icily, "I did not offend him—why would I offend a dog? This guy is trying to make use of us to get famous since we are now in the limelight."

This storage unit was eventually sold for 2,000 dollars to a husband and wife pair.

Li Du kept shaking his head. The cost of this storage unit was too high; not much beyond 2,000 dollars could be earned.

The second storage unit was opened up and many stone sculptures were revealed. On seeing these, many people perked up and started to examine the unit.

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