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Seeing G.o.dzilla, who was like a ferocious beast in front of them, only a few people could stand their ground. Lucas was apparently not one of these people.

Li Du saw him fall to the ground with his face as white as a sheet. Knowing that there was no more commotion to watch, he said, "See ya, city boy. Seems like you couldn't fulfill your promise. The most valuable storage unit in Phoenix will be taken by us."

Hans snickered and said, "What did you say we were here for just now? Cleaners for clearing up the trash here, right? Now it seems that you're actually the one cleaning up the trash. Maybe some Chinese people are working as cleaners, but we also do know, that there are more Mexicans working as nannies. See ya, Mr. Nanny.

G.o.dzilla said unhappily, "Big Fox, I'm Mexican too."

"Be you're not a nanny, You're our boss."

"Our brother here is the boss," G.o.dzilla said, pointing to Li Du.

Li Du laughed and said, "Alright fellas, stop quarreling. We need to get back to work. Also, Big Fox, you were in the wrong just now. You've hurt our G.o.dzilla."

Hans said, "Sorry man. I'll treat you to a feast tonight."

G.o.dzilla lightly punched him. "You can only harm me once a day."

Hans almost flew into the air from the punch!

The treasure hunters that were watching the commotion shifted to their storage entrance, and watched them move the sewing machine.

These industrial-use sewing machines were bulky and heavy, with each up to 6.5 feet long, and 3.3 feet high. Fully made with steel, they were each almost 440 pounds.

Li Du and Hans prepared themselves to lift them out, but G.o.dzilla shook his head and went to lift them out as if it were a student lifting his desk. His two hands grabbed onto the sides of the sewing machine and he carried them out by himself.

"Sh*t, that guy has a lot of strength!" one of the treasure hunters immediately exclaimed.

G.o.dzilla didn't just have strength, he had endurance as well. He managed to bring out 20 of the sewing machines.

Afterward, Hans packed up the denim and examined the machines. Almost immediately, he exclaimed, "G.o.dzilla, come over here—f*ck, look at what I've found!"

The crowd craned their necks in to see. G.o.dzilla brought out the remaining five machines.

These five sewing machines were unopened, almost completely brand-new. They were worth almost twice as much as those machines outside. If a second-hand machine could sell for 1,000, then a brand-new one could sell for 2,000.

Seeing those brand-new sewing machines, the treasure hunters stirred with envy.

"Sh*t, are these guys blessed by G.o.d? What luck!"

"I knew that Li and Big Fox wouldn't buy anything that they won't make money from!"

"Hey, actually, this is the most valuable storage unit, right? Poor Lucas, he screwed up badly this time!"

Besides the machine, the denim in the storage unit could also sell for some money. Half-finished denim clothes could also sell for some cash. Hans estimated that, in total, they could sell for about 1,000 dollars.

Unit 48 had lots of denim. G.o.dzilla carried it onto the truck. Even after multiple trips, he didn't seem to be tired. Li Du and Hans were liberated from the labor.

The treasure hunters saw that this unit only had denim, so they lost their interest and left in groups.

Li Du bought some beer and came back, saying, "G.o.dzilla, come over for a beer or two."

G.o.dzilla said, "You guys drink, I'll drive. Oh, what's this?"

Hans walked in with his ice-cold beer, and said, "A bottle of ice-cold beer in this weather, sh*t, it's just—F*ck! I must be hallucinating from the alcohol!"

Li Du knew that they had found the water jet cutter, but he didn't expect Hans to be able to identify it at first sight.

He pretended to not understand the situation, and asked, "What's up?"

Hans threw the bottle of beer away, and sprawled onto the smooth cutting platform of the water jet cutter. He shouted excitedly, "Look at what we've found, look at what we've found! A cold cutting machine!"

Li Du asked, "This is worth a lot, right? When I examined the units previously, I found that this was the most valuable unit."

Hans nodded his head like a woodp.e.c.k.e.r. "Yes, yes, they are very valuable. This is one of those super powerful industrial cutting machines—it can even cut artillery sh.e.l.ls! If it works, then who cares how much Lucas's—that idiot's—advertis.e.m.e.nt screen could sell for? It's not worth as much as this anyway!"

Li Du said, "If so, then what are we waiting for? Let's try and see if it works."

This kind of cold cutting machine was meant for coal, natural gases, chemical industries and military industries. When using one, the process didn't produce high heat and didn't have much danger, and so it was a popular machine.

It was also called a "water jet cutter" because the machine utilized the pressure from special liquids and executed the cutting of various materials. Since water was primarily used, it was safe and eco-friendly.

Li Du found a bucket at the side, and in it was some mixture of liquids.

"Is this water?" he asked, puzzled.

Hans shook the water bucket and said, "Right, this is a special kind of water for the water jet cutter. It's just water that's added with large amounts of quartz fragments and some metallic particles. If just normal water were used, the cutting strength would be weaker."

Plugging in the power and pouring in half a bucket of the special water, he grabbed an airbrush. Then, the machine started adding pressure and making a voom, voom sound.

Li Du took a piece of denim and said, "Want to try to cut it?"

"It's too easy to cut these," Hans said, shaking his head.

He picked up a metal stick that was as thick as his finger and placed it on the cutting platform. He carefully pulled the trigger, and a thin stream of water shot out immediately.

Hans moved the metal stick through the stream, slowly from one end to the other, and then asked, "See how powerful it is?"

Li Du reached out his hand to grab it, but when he touched the metal stick, it separated cleanly down the center, falling on the platform with a pa-tink! sound. The cut surface was as smooth as gla.s.s!

"Oh sh*t!" Mr. Li was taken aback, "This thing is too sharp!"

Hans said, "Of course, that's why it's so expensive. A water jet cutter uses high-pressure water streams as its cutting technology. The early use of this technology was in aviation and military industries. With enough pressure, and strong enough quartz particles, even the metal-alloy plates of planes can be cut!"

Li Du said with precaution, "Let us be even more careful, then, if this thing was to cut flesh…"

There was no need to finish the sentence. Even the G.o.dzilla that seemed to fear nothing looked disturbed.

After clearing up the two storage units, the three of them drove back in their truck.

Li Du stashed the water jet cutter in the back seat, as he feared that it would get damaged if it was placed in the compartment in the back. It was something worth tens of thousands of dollars.

When they returned to Flagstaff, it was close to evening. With a great haul, the three were in good moods.

Hans asked, "What shall we have tonight?"

Li Du said, "Let's find a buffet-style barbecue restaurant and have a feast."

G.o.dzilla said apologetically, "Boss, I'm denied."


"Flagstaff's buffet restaurants. I'm denied entry."

They stared at him in silence.

A few minutes later, they were trying to think of another low-budget feast they could eat when one of their phones rang.

Li Du looked and realized that he had a call from Sophie, so he picked it up in high spirits. "Hi…"

"Don't speak, don't speak!" High-pitched screams from the female doctor came instead of a greeting. "For G.o.d's sake, can you guys stop saying these scary things and scaring me! I know where this is: it's the Bones Community. I know that this is the Bones Community!"

The smile on Li Du's face disappeared.

"Please don't hurt me, sirs, I'm a doctor! I'm here to provide free healthcare! If you want money, then I'll leave my purse behind—and leave the clinic—but please don't hurt me, ok?!"

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