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Upon hearing the underlying meaning in Boss's words, the three young men were curious. "What does that tattoo symbolize?"

Frank was about to answer when he b.u.mped into the waiting Carl and Rambis.

On seeing four black men, Rambis asked hurriedly, "h.e.l.lo, friends. You acted very quickly—how did you manage to deal with them in such a short amount of time?"

Carl also had doubts in his mind, but he didn't want to openly confront the four strong men. He came up with a strategy to avoid the subject. "Shut up, Rambis. Collison, naturally, has his own way—he is a ruthless one."

Rambis said excitedly, "Right, right, right—Boss Collison is definitely formidable. But I bet you guys gave those two sons of b*tches a bashing. Maybe you left your marks on their faces using knives?"

As he said this, he made the throat-cutting gesture in front of the face of Frank, who looked at him with narrowed eyes and an icy glare.

Seeing this, the white-haired black man became furious; he shoved Rambis, and hollered, "F*ck, stay away from me you stupid pig! Tell me, are you fooling around with us? A country b.u.mpkin and a Chinaman, huh? Only them two, huh?"

"What do you mean?" asked Carl, shocked.

Frank looked at him, hatred emitting from his core. "Is it fun to fool around with us? Pretend! Keep pretending! Are the two of you trying to dupe us?"

"Of course not, this—" Carl started to speak, but Rambis, who was pushed away, interrupted him:

"Sh*t, why did you push me?"

"Push you? I not only want to push you, I want to punch you!" Frank waved his fists fiercely. "Attack, punch this d*mn fatty who dared to deceive us by telling us they are country b.u.mpkins, and not from the Mexican mafia!"

The white-haired black man delivered a blow to Rambis's abdomen while the other two men charged up with flying kicks and caused him to tumble onto the ground. Then the three of them surrounded him and took turns to kick him repeatedly, bashing Rambis to the point where he was crying out pitifully non-stop like a plump pig on the chopping board.

Carl's mustache was quivering, as he asked in a panic, "Collison, what are you all doing?"

"Doing what? D*mn you two sons of b*tches!" Frank also kicked Rambis's shoulder, as he screamed, "The two of you have the nerve to deceive me? Let me teach you a lesson!"

Realizing that the situation was not in their favor, Carl hurriedly ran toward the hotel. Frank did not beat him up—afterall, Carl still had a network in Phoenix. They beat Rambis, who they had not met before, instead, as a warning to Carl.

After another two rounds of quickly roughing up the plump Rambis, the four black men drove off in anger.

With the help of their four friends, Li Du and the other two fixed up the room. They were about to rest when Ah Meow's ears perked up and it jumped to the window to peer out.

Li Du listened carefully, and said, "I think I hear someone howling."

Hans closed the window and said, "It is not our business. This is Phoenix, a chaotic place. To stay alive, one should not be nosy."

Having stayed another day at Steampunk Hotel, they woke up early, and had their breakfast, before driving to Memorial Storage Company to attend the auction.

"We need some gains, guys. We have to get some—otherwise, we are going to be broke!" Hans said solemnly as he got out of the car.

G.o.dzilla touched his nose wordlessly. He had eaten eight burgers and a twelve-inch pizza at breakfast.

Phoenix was a huge city. Every time there was a storage auction, many people would attend, and this auction was no exception.

When the three of them arrived, there were about twenty people waiting already. After them, more than fifty people gradually came. By the time the auction started, there were almost eighty people waiting.

"Shouldn't it be starting?" Mr Li looked at his mobile phone and asked.

Hans said, "Four storage units and eighty people. Not too bad—not too fierce a compet.i.tion this time. Hey, look, that dumba.s.s Lucas is here as well."

As he said that, the burly Mexican Lucas, whom Li Du had taught a lesson to, also saw them. He said sarcastically, "Oh my G.o.d, who is this? The country b.u.mpkin gold-hunting team from Flagstaff? It is such an honor seeing you here in Phoenix."

Hans said, "I can make you feel even more honored. When the auction is over, I can give you a chance to buy us a drink, on your tab."

Hearing this, some treasure hunters laughed: the news of Li Du out-drinking Lucas at the wine table had long been pa.s.sed around the treasure hunting circuit.

Lucas glared at them fiercely, and said, "I do not have time to go drinking with you. When the auction is over, I have to go through my units. Don't think I do not know why you guys are here, and don't think you have a chance at that prize!"

Li Du said faintly, "You really do not know why we are here."

Lucas smiled icily. "I know that I am going to destroy your illusion. You guys are here for the LED advertising screen!"

As he said this, he grew more arrogant and told everyone, "Guys, I'll let you in on a secret. I think some people know that the main highlight of this storage auction is an LED advertising screen. But, you do not know where it is, and I, Lucas, know where it is!"

"Where is it?" someone asked. The treasure hunters had become quickly agitated.

Some others had blank looks on their faces. "There is an advertising screen somewhere in the storage this time? What size and brand? Can it be used?"

Lucas pointed toward storage unit 31, and said, "You guys are lucky to have met a generous person like me. Get ready to fight for it. This time, the most valuable storage unit is right there! What we want most is in there!"

The crowd swelled, and went to gather around the entrance to storage unit 31.

Lucas walked arrogantly in front of both of them and said, "You also know the advertising screen is in there, right? But sorry, buddies, you will not be able to get it."

Hans plugged his nose and said, "Did you not brush your teeth this morning? The smell of your breath is too strong."

"He might have brushed his teeth? But he could have just eaten dog s.h.i.t," Li Du said.

Lucas smiled, not minding them, and said, "You can take advantage of me with your words. I don't care. But the biggest winner at this auction will be me. Everyone will get to know me—that I, Lucas, have the widest network and news channels for treasure hunters."

Li Du said, "You wish. Actually, the most valuable storage unit is not number 31."

Hearing this, the treasure hunters hesitated. Someone asked, "Then which storage unit is the most valuable?"

Lucas pointed at storage unit 31 and said, "Don't listen to his bullsh*t, this guy is jealous that I have an accurate source of news."

Li Du said confidently, "The most valuable items are in another three storage units."

"What news did you get?" a treasure hunter with a beard asked.

Li Di shrugged and laughed, "What kind of news indeed? It's just that I have learned probability theory."

On hearing this, Lucas laughed out loud, "You are such an adorable fool; did you not know that probability qualifications are disregarded in storage auctions?"

Then it was time. The auctioneer walked out and said, "Everyone queue up to view the storage. The same rules apply, no entering and no touching. Now open the doors!"

The doors to the storage opened and a huge advertising screen that was placed near the door appeared before the crowd.

Lucas was elated, "What was that? Everyone, who has the most accurate news? Country b.u.mpkin, your probability theory does not work here!"

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