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Chapter 16 We Will Have a Little Reunion

He walked out of the bedroom of Ella and Jerry immediately, rushed back into his room, and took a cold shower.

Ella smiled too when she fed Jerry, thinking about what just happened.

Was that a huge improvement from where she started? If a man is willing to kiss a woman, does it mean that he is already interested in her?

Ella felt even happier when she thought about that. Her face radiated sweet happiness.

The next morning Samuel got up early to defend a criminal case in court.

Half in a dream, Ella seemingly saw Samuel come into her room and kiss their sleeping son beside her.

Then he gave Ella a kiss on the cheek too, and left the apartment in a hurry.

She grinned stupidly, and kissed Jerry on the cheek. She was so happy now!

At noon, Melody came over. She had come here more often since Jerry was born.

"Ella, is he awake now?" She couldn't wait to rush into the room after changing into slippers.

Ella put her shoes in order, "Granma, slow down! He is awake now. He is playing by himself." Ella watched Melody jogging towards Jerry, thinking that she should send Jerry to the Shao's family house when he grew older, and she would go out to work too.

That way, Jerry could spend more time with Melody, and bring her family more happiness.

Melody picked up her dear great-grandson who was waving and stretching to her, and kissed him again and again, "My dear, great-granma missed you so much."

At this time, Ella's phone started to ring. A stranger was calling. She picked it up and went out of the bedroom, "h.e.l.lo?"

"Ella!" A familiar male voice sounded from the other end, but she couldn't recall who it was.

"Who is that?" Her phone barely rang since she quit the entertainment industry.

The voice softly chuckled, "It's me, Sum."

Sum! Ella cried in delight, "Sum, long time no see! Where have you been?" Sum was one of her college cla.s.smates. He once wooed her but failed to win her.

Then they became good friends. Sum even saved her from trouble several times.

But in the recent years he disappeared. He was said to be abroad according to other cla.s.smates. All of his contact information became invalid, and no one had got in touch with him since then.

"I went abroad for a few years, and came back some time ago to start my own company. He spoke briefly.

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