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Chapter 14 You Want Her to Live Outside

"Chuck, who allowed you to transfer my mom to the hospital in C Country?" Although Chuck and she would go get the marriage certificate tomorrow, she didn't intend to come to C Country after they got married.

Chuck opened the medical record and said without raising his head, "After we get married, you'll be my wife. There is no need to use someone else's money to pay for the medical expenses of my mother-in-law." He knew that Harry still paid for the medical expenses of her mom.

"What does this have to do with the hospitalization of my mom?" Failing to calm herself down, she rushed to pound the desk with both hands.

With this loud voice, Chuck finally raised his head and looked at her, "If you continue to live in A Country after we get married, why do I marry you?" His grandpa would beat him with his crutch.

Daisy sneered. Even if they got the marriage certificate, it was still a nameless marriage. Why did he care so much?

"And, you suffer serious mysophobia, so you don't allow me to live with you. Why do you care about where I live?" As Chuck forced her to accept his rules by special means, she wanted to kill him with his scalpel.

She had a hunch that if they lived together later, she would kill him with Taekwondo, or he would kill her with his scalpel!

"Of course I care. You must live next to me and wait for me to sleep with you at any time." As a grown man, he had normal needs. Since they got married, he could sleep with her for free.

Her fist was stopped by his palm the moment before she reached him. He took her fist with great strength, making her body lean forward.

They were so close that he could see a little freckle on her face without makeup. She could also see that the skin on his face was so smooth that even she felt jealous.

"You'll suffer afterwards if you resort to force at will." He threatened her coldly.

Daisy struggled, but didn't escape his control. "Chuck, you like someone else, right? Is it interesting to force me to marry you?" It would be a tragedy to force two people who didn't love each other to get married.

"The girl I like has already been married and enjoys a happy life. You are just a tool for me, so I don't care whether it's interesting." Chuck admitted that he liked someone else straightforwardly.

His words made Daisy overwhelmed with shame and rage. She got rid of his palm, "Chuck, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" As soon as she stopped, a cough came from the door.

At the entrance stood a thin elderly man with long mustache and a crutch.

At this moment, with a smile, he was staring at the man and the woman in the office.

At the sight of him, Chuck pulled a long face and said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "Grandpa, how idle you are."

Grandpa? As the elderly man came in, Daisy immediately took a deep breath, put away her anger, and stood aside.

Edward ignored Chuck and looked at Daisy nicely, "You are Daisy, right?"

Daisy raised her head immediately and asked confusingly, "You know me?" But she never met him before.

Edward sat on the couch beside with a smile, "I'm Chuck's grandpa. I'll be your grandpa from tomorrow on, so you can call me 'grandpa' from now on as well." She looked exactly the same as the photo. It was said that she worked as a stand-in and her family was poor. However, it didn't matter.

Chuck gave his grandpa an angry stare, "I have to start my work. Go out." He bluntly drove them away.

What a nice grandpa! "Grandpa." Daisy called him respectfully. Her grandparents died long ago. Her father got remarried several years after her mother became a vegetable.

Her mother had been in a coma in recent years, and her younger sister, who was still a student, lived with her grandmother. So, she almost never enjoyed any familial affection...

Edward nodded with satisfaction and said without asking for Chuck's approval, "You just came to C Country, right? Go, I'll take you to Chuck's house to take a break." Then, with the support of his crutch, Edward stood up from the couch.

Chuck knocked on the desk with a pen and said with dissatisfaction, "Grandpa, have you asked me for my permission?" How could she live in his place? There were so many hotels!

"Daisy is your wife. You want her to live outside?" Edward knocked on the ground with his crutch to express his dissatisfaction.

Daisy? Chuck raised his eyebrows. How could his grandpa call her name in such an amiable way?

"Go to the hotel!" He answered lightly.

Daisy talked back, "You want me to continue to live in the hotel after we get married?" This man had gone too far!

"Yes, of course!" Chuck hadn't been fully prepared to live with a woman in his apartment.

Since he was unwilling, she turned against him on purpose. She smiled and looked at Edward, "Grandpa, I'll go to his place with you."

As she agreed, Edward left directly with Daisy without talking to Chuck.

Looking at their backs, Chuck held his anger back. They totally ignored him! He would vent his anger to Daisy…

At the request of Samuel, Ella lived in the hospital for five days.

On the day of the hospital discharge, Melody was very reluctant to leave Ella and her great-grandson, but for their future, she allowed them to go to Samuel's apartment.

Mrs. Qi who had been taking care of Ella also went there.

Since then, there were many women's products and baby products in Samuel's apartment. He could smell the thick milk flavor every day he was back.

However, Samuel and Ella lived in separate rooms. Jerry was still young, so he slept with Ella every day.

In fact, the big bed in the room was enough for them three, but Samuel never slept in her room.

One day before Jerry was one month old, Eason appeared in Samuel's apartment after a long journey.

At the sight of Samuel, he gave Samuel a punch, and Samuel didn't fight back.

Ella screamed, put down Jerry, and pulled away the angry Eason.

"Eason, what are you doing?"

Eason straightened his clothes. Samuel had witnessed his fury once. At that time when two hooligans bullied Ella, he went sullen and broke several ribs of the two hooligans.

"Samuel, you are my brother-in-law and I take you as my real brother. Don't forget your ident.i.ty!"

Samuel rubbed the painful corners of his mouth. Maybe it would be bruised.

"Eason, Samuel is nice to me. Don't be so impulsive." Ella looked at the blood at the corners of Samuel's mouth worryingly and didn't know what to do.

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