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Chapter 105 Ella and Jerry in France

Ella was so frustrated that she was in no mood to do anything. Then she decided that she couldn't be the only miserable one in the room, and so she turned to Eason and said, "Brother, how could you still hang around like this when Anna is about to be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by others?"

"By whom?" Eason paused for a second and stared back at Ella.

Ella was actually bluffing. To prevent her brother saw through her, Ella looked down at the magazine in her hands and replied as casually as she could, "There was a CEO of some company. He was chasing after Anna as I recalled. He asked her out for dates for a few times, having dinner or something. But it's not your business since you don't care about Anna anyway."

Ella was really anxious for her brother. Either he liked Anna or he didn't. What's the dawdling all about?

Eason, however, was obviously not pleased with what he just heard. How dare Anna go out with other men behind his back? "Well. I see." Reclining on the couch, Eason mumbled and went back to play with his nephew.

"Seriously, Eason. I don't understand how can you be even more troublesome than I am. Go for her if you really like her. Otherwise don't blame her for having blind dates with other men."

Blind date? Very well. That's another one on top of her other crimes.

"Who told you I like her?" Eason was the one who had always been chased by women. He was too proud to admit that he had fallen in love with someone.

Besides, Anna had never said that she liked him. So why should he be the one to express his love first?

"Well, maybe she really likes you. You know what? She even told others that you were her finance last time in the mall. Such a shame. It's all her own wishful thinking!"

Eason sprang up immediately from the couch and leaned closer to Ella with Jerry still in his arms. And he asked eagerly, "Did she really say that? Who did she tell?"

Ella was absorbed in the collections designed by Eason. The clothes were absolutely stunning!

She looked at Eason. He looked cheerful and eager to know. But she said, "Didn't you just say you don't like her? Then why do you care?" He was such a liar.

Eason didn't ask further, but he had secretly come up with a plan.

He turned to Jerry and muttered, "Now Jerry, how about I find you an auntie? How's that, huh?" Eason remembered those days when his mother was alive. She actually devoted herself to urging him to find a wife and get married. And he also remembered how annoying he felt she was. And now she was not there anymore and there was no one who would ever push him again like his mother did. Somehow Eason felt something had gone forever from his life with his mother, and he was quite not used to the situation all of a sudden.

He knew how much his mother was fond of Anna when she was alive. So Eason smoothly took it as an excuse to persuade himself into what he was about to do. In order to complete his mother's last wish, Eason had decided that he would find a way to work things out between him and Anna!

In the days that followed, Eason was busy designing various styles of clothes for his nephew.

And Ella was indulging herself in her brother's collections as well.

Eason's company in France was quite large, but not as large as his personal studio. There were at least hundreds of sample garments designed by Eason himself.

Ella could try on whatever she liked in the studio. And it helped her to recover from what happened earlier.

She chose a midnight blue dress while Eason was taking care of her son. There were many ta.s.sels and hallow-carved elements on the dress. Putting on a black hat, Ella suddenly felt like a supermodel who was about to rock the ramp.

Feeling good about the whole package, Ella took a few selfies and then took Jerry over from Eason to take another one with both of them.

Eason was actually kind of camershy. Unless for the promotion of his work, he seldom took any photos, let alone such silly selfies.

Anyway, the photo Ella posted on Weibo later turned out to be quite lovely.

Ella was making a face while holding Jerry in her arms. And the little one was showing the camera his shiny little white teeth. Standing beside them, Eason was caressing Jerry's head and smiling. He was also indicating that it was Ella who forced him into this.

Eason then downloaded the photo and edited it with Photoshop. He cut Ella away from the picture and added some words saying, "Jerry, now where's mother?"

Immediately, a fan commented with the original picture posted by Ella and said, "Ella is here!".

The three of them were having a really good time in France. Samuel meanwhile was smoking one cigarette after another gloomily in his office after seeing her post.

He was all alone by himself in C Country.

And his wife and son were having fun abroad without him!

Staring at her big smile on the screen for a while, Samuel's lips slightly quirked up. He came up with something that might irritate her...

He still remembered her last post. There was a picture of her diamond ring and her son. And she wrote as "They're both great".

It was not long ago, and they had clearly become not great at all! He had never seen Ella wearing her ring since then.

Then he thought of that night and what Sum had said to her. Would she change her mind and give up on him?

Samuel then swore to himself that he would dig her heart out and change it back if necessary!

With the cigarette in his mouth, Samuel clicked Ella's post and reposted it with a comment, "Husband alone by himself. Miss you both so much. Come home to me soon, my sweeties."

His comment had obviously created another round of blast in the commenting area. And the rumors of them feuding with each other were scotched once again.

Samuel's comment had become the hottest one when Ella finally saw it hours later.

At first, she decided to ignore it. But when she read his comment again, she typed, "Say it directly if you miss your son. Don't involve me."

Samuel soon replied, "Don't you know how much I've been missing you, honey?"

"Not a clue. With all the pretty dolls around, how could Mr. Shao ever care about an old lady like me?"

Soon after Ella had sent the reply, her phone rang.

Jerry was in sound sleep next to her. Ella hurried to turn off the ringtone.

After that, she looked down at the number of the incoming call in surprise and picked up, "I just got this number after I landed in France. How on earth did you find out about this number?" Then she realized that it must be Eason who had betrayed her!

"What's it to you?" Samuel answered in an extremely cold voice.

Ella gulped. She took a few deep breathes and said calmly, "Well, it's nothing to me. Goodbye!"

"Ella! How could you be so skittish and take it for granted?"

Ella put her phone away from her ear to keep Samuel's shout distant from her ear. And seconds later, she put it back again.

"Well, Mr. Shao. Do you think a skittish woman like me is good enough for you? Or your clan? Certainly I'm not. So how about you just sign our divorce paper?" He never liked her. He didn't trust her, and he didn't even bother to come home for her even for just one night. Fine, she understood. And she chose to let him go. Is that what he always wanted?

"Sign the paper?" Samuel repeated her words slowly, and Ella felt her heart was suddenly pounding fast.

None of them said anything. The only noise Ella could hear from the other end was the click of his lighter.

He lit the lighter and extinguished it. He lit it again and then extinguished it again...

Ella felt like a prisoner waiting for her sentence desperately.

Samuel didn't respond. Ella then pushed him forward, "Aren't you mad at me for what I've done to keep you?"

The guiltiness in her tone stopped Samuel from playing with his lighter at once.

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