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Chapter 51 Mammy Rong

Angela stopped Nancy immediately and sheltered her. "She is my sister, why can't she express her opinion?" Angela asked Ellie in a serious tone.

Ellie was annoyed and secretly tipped Randal a wink.

Randal was angry too because he had never been so humiliated before. "Go out please and I will explain to you in another day, Angela." Randal caught her hand.

"Explain? Explain what? Explain how you cheated on me?" Angela released herself from Randal's hand. In her eyes, Randal was such a cool and handsome man before, but she only felt sick seeing him now.

"Shut up! Go with me, Angela!" Randal decided to take the trouble maker away first. Otherwise, he would lose more of his face!

He grasped Angela's hand to walk towards the door.

"Release my hand!" Seeing her hand being held tightly, Angela warned him.

Randal didn't care about her words. He didn't expect that Angela gave him an overarm throw and he fell on the floor heavily while others were in shock.

Seeing her brother beat by Angela, Ellie lost her temper. "How can you beat him?" She asked Angela with her face full of anger.

'Yes, I beat him, so what? I have showed mercy for not beating him to death!'

"I have showed mercy to punish this jerk in this way!" Angela cleared the dust on her hands and replied.

"Excuse me, ladies and gentleman. What you did just now has influenced other guests, please obey the rules of the restaurant. Thank you!" A waiter saw what happened and tried to get rid of the disorder.

"Take the mad woman away right now!" Randal commanded the waiter after he was lifted up by Ellie and Susie.

The waiter gave a scornful glimpse to the cowardly man and politely asked Angela, "h.e.l.lo madam, whether you want to have dinner or..."

Angela cast a glance to the dishes they ordered. Then she throw all of them to the dustbin. Finally, she clapped her hands as the three people were still in shock. "I'm sorry to have given you so much trouble. I'm leaving right now!" she said to the waiter.

"Stop, Angela!" Randal was annoyed. How could such an evil woman exist in the world?

"Why should I listen to your order? Mammy Rong, Randal and Susie, don't forget to pay the bill!"

Then Angela walked towards the door with Nancy.

Later on, Ellie suddenly realized that the "Mammy Rong" was referred to her.

Angela didn't expect that Randal would follow her to require her to pay the bill.

"Pay the bill before you go, Angela!"

"Why should I pay for you?" Angela removed Randal's hands on her arm and walked towards the exit. Randal followed her.

"Because you threw all the dishes before we ate, you deserve to pay the bill."

Angela turned around and glanced at Randal. All her good impression for this man had disappeared instantly. She got rid of Randal and went back to the restaurant.

When Angela got inside, she took Ellie's purse under the public gaze.

"What are you going to do with my purse, Angela?" Ellie shouted in surprise.

'What I'm going to do with it?' Angela cast a glimpse at Ellie, then she opened the purse and poured all the things inside it on the table.

The cosmetics, wallet, cellphone and other things fell out from the purse and a lipstick fell on the ground.

Angela took the empty purse to another table. "Hi, girls! The purse in my hand is the new product of Chanel from the last season and it hasn't been out of style yet. It cost more than two hundred thousand dollars and it's still new. Is there anyone who wants to buy it at the price of twenty thousand dollars?" She asked the three woman at the table who were staring at her in shock.

Because the purse is too expensive, Ellie hardly uses it and it still looks like a new one.

The three women exchanged their glance and one of them inquired, "Is it an authentic Chanel purse? And you want to sell it at a price of only twenty thousand dollars? I don't believe it!"

"I have seen it before. There is no doubt that it is Chanel's new purse of last season. Is it yours, lady?" There is one girl who knew the value of the purse. She asked Angela with a puzzled look.

In an attempt to get it back, Ellie tried to pounce on the purse and persuaded Angela with a sweet talk, "Angela, don't do this. We can have a talk. Now that you have given it to me, it's my possession now. How can you give it to others? Angela..."

"I sent it to you because I was blind back then! I was kind enough to take you as a good person and I even gave you such an expensive purse! Now, I have the right to take it back. Hey, girls! Do you want it?"

Angela was so decisive which made the three girls began to hesitate. "I want it, but I am not sure whether your purse is authentic or not, " one girl exclaimed.

... Angela, who was unable to speak, cast a glance at the girls. However, she was suddenly excited when she saw a man. She pointed at the man and said, "Look! That is Arvin, the deputy director of Yao Hospital! He can testify for me! If you have found this fake after buying it, you could find me through Arvin because I work in that hospital too!"

Arvin, who was in a black suit, stood at the gate of a luxurious room not far away. There was also a beautiful woman in a pink-purple dress standing beside him and watching them.

Nita was about to tell Arvin that all the people had already left except them. However, Angela found Arvin.

Nita disliked that loud little girl.

Instantly, half of the people inside the restaurant looked at Arvin and the three girls began to shout excitedly, "Wow! What a handsome guy!"

"Yes, Arvin is the most handsome vice director in Yao City! He is my dream lover!"

"Gosh! He is so cool... n.o.body can compete with him! Oh! My heart..."

At the table behind Angela, a woman took out her camera and took photos of Arvin at once. "That's the most handsome man of Yao Hospital, I can't miss the chance! I'm so lucky to take the camera with me!"


Therefore, the man who was low-key and ready to leave the restaurant has drawn many people's attention because of Angela.

"Doctor Gu, is she an employee of your hospital?" A woman stood up and asked Arvin bravely.

Arvin gave a cold glimpse at Angela who had brought him so much trouble, then he said nothing.

Not only Angela, but also all the women who were fascinated by him were terrified of his cold stare.

Arvin strode towards the door but Angela stopped him. "You are the one who asked me to come here, so you need to help me!" Angela whispered to him.

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