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Chapter 97 Getting Closer

Colin's phone was connected to the car's Bluetooth. When Sophia called, the call automatically connected to the speakers. Everyone in the car could hear their conversation.

"I'll go back home and take you to the hospital." Colin ended the call and pulled over.

Leila remained quiet. Colin turned to her as she unbuckled her seatbelt. "Leila, you have to go without me. You can call a taxi. I'll ask Mr. Ji to meet you there and accompany you."

"Colin, is Sophia upset with me?" Leila held her handbag so tight, her knuckles turned white.

Colin snorted. "Of course not. Why would you ask that? Wait here, I'll get a cab for you."

Colin got off the car. Standing by the side of the road, he made a quick phone call to Wade.

After hailing a cab for Leila, Colin watched her enter and took a picture of the license plate number. He paid the driver in advance and waved goodbye as he watched the car drive away.

He got into his car, and drove back to the villa.

In the villa, Sophia was pretending to be ill in bed. When the door opened, she swiftly turned and saw Colin.

He came back alone.

Since Leila didn't come back with him, there was no need for her to pretend to be sick.

Getting off the bed, she asked sarcastically, "Why didn't you bring your little sister with you?"

Colin lay down next to her in bed. "I don't want to see you burn with jealousy."

Sophia glared at him. What an egotistical man, she wasn't jealous at all!

"I did you a favor, Mr. Li. What's my reward?" She sat in front of the computer and got ready to work.

"You want a reward? You can have me all night." Colin replied, twirling the car keys around his finger.

Sophia looked to him with feigned horror. "I dare not! I don't want to upset your childhood sweetheart!"

Colin's face instantly turned dark. But Sophia wasn't afraid of him. Rolling her eyes, she said, "Go back to your own room!"


Colin was impressed. Sophia had become bolder since they first met. But that was a good sign, it meant that they were getting closer.

Colin didn't go away. He walked up to her with a grin on his face. Sophia jumped off the chair when she saw him approach. "Colin, I'm warning you! Don't come near me!"

"Warning me?" Colin stood before her, lifting her chin with his fingers and looking down at her.

"Yes! I'm warning you! What if your childhood sweetheart comes back and sees us? What if she bursts into tears?"

"What the h.e.l.l are you talking about?" Colin let go of her, and went out the bedroom with his hands in pockets.


Was Colin angry again?

Just as Sophia sat in front of her computer and prepared to type, her bedroom door opened again and Colin entered.

"Come with me."


"Why are you asking? Just come with me!" Colin's patience ran out. He took her coat and dragged her out.

"Wait! my phone!" Sophia pointed at her phone on the desk.

Colin didn't stop. "Why do you need your phone while you're with me? Give me your full attention."

Sophia didn't give up. "Then you shouldn't bring yours, either! Why won't you give me your full attention?"

"We're different. I get calls from important business partners all the time."

Sophia was speechless. He had a point.

Downstairs in the living room, Colin put the coat on Sophia, who watched him as he dressed her with a smile.

The car stopped at the underground parking lot of a shopping mall. Getting off the car, they took the elevator to the first floor.

Besides the jewelry section, the ground floor also had clothing stores, boutiques, dessert shops, and the like.

Colin took her hand. "Let's have a look around."

He nodded to a clothing store. Sophia stopped him. "You've bought too many clothes for me already."

Colin glared at her. "The spring festival is coming. You need new clothes."

Despite her protests, he pulled her into the shop.

"Welcome!" The shop had good customer service, and offered a shopping guide to each customer. When they entered, a chorus of greetings welcomed them.

The store manager approached them when she saw Colin. With a smile on her face, she greeted them. "Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Li!"

"Thank you." Colin nodded to the manager, and Sophia gave a polite smile.

"What are you looking for, Mr. and Mrs. Li?" The manager took the couple to the high-end collection and began recommending items for them.

Colin took a look at the clothes and said, "Everything that suits my wife."

Sophia wanted to roll her eyes. Who would buy clothes like that?

The manager was very proactive. Before she could refuse, the manager started choosing clothes for her. She called another two attendants to show them the clothes.

Colin chose an azure fur coat, a long black down coat, a short white down jacket, and a long red woollen coat.

Sophia reluctantly tried the clothes on. She was wearing a black sweater and a burgundy skinny skirt beneath her coat. She could just try the coats on without changing her clothes.

She took off her coat, and tried on the long down jacket.

Colin's eyes darkened at her curves, visible with her fitted attire.

Suddenly feeling thirsty, he picked up the water on the table and drank it in one gulp.

If only they also offered beds to the VIP customers...

The calf-length black down coat looked loose on Sophia, but because of the color, it suited her well.

The fur collar also looked very warm.

Colin stood up from the sofa and walked up to Sophia to put the hood on her. Although only a small part of her lower face was visible, she looked beautiful.

"This will do. Try another one."

Sophia was confused why he had to put the hood on for her. She complied and removed the black coat.

The manager quietly offered other clothes to them. She knew that as the CEO of the SL Group, Colin must think highly of his own opinion. It was unnecessary for her to give her any input.

She didn't even introduce the merits of these items. Colin didn't care about money, and every item here was of high quality.

The only thing important to him was that it looked good on Sophia.

When Sophia tried the azure fur coat on, she looked a little chubby in it. But she also looked very cute.

Colin smiled. He also liked a chubby Sophia.

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