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Chapter 8 Hugh

Sophia swallowed the food in her mouth before speaking, "Mom, I have a contract signing tomorrow. I won't be home for dinner. It's a pity because I really love your food."

"Sign a contract? Where? At a hotel?"

"Yes." 'With my ex, ' thought Sophia.

"It's okay. I'll have it delivered to the company when it's ready."

Sophia, "... Mom, please don't worry so much. How about the day after tomorrow?" She wanted to cry. 'What should I do?'

Sophia felt so fortunate to have such a kind mother-in-law! Wendy was much kinder than her own mother!

"You don't have to wait until the day after tomorrow. I'll bring it to you tomorrow. That way, I can visit the company!" Wendy had been to SL in A Country but not to SL's branch at Z Country. She was curious about where her son and daughter-in-law worked.

"Ah? Mom, please, please don't. How about I ask for a leave and come back tomorrow afternoon for lunch?" At the company, n.o.body knew of her relationship with Colin. If Wendy visited, she would probably find out everything they were hiding from her.

"Why not?" Wendy hit the nail on the head.

Out of guilt, Sophia stammered, "To...tomorrow... I...I...will go to the...the cooperative company... for...for some work. Maybe...maybe... it will be very late when I return. I'm worried you'll have a wasted trip."

They were so busy talking that they didn't notice Colin was standing behind them.

Colin leaned against the door with arms folded, thoughtfully looking at Sophia.

What had this woman done to his mother? Why was his mother so nice to her?

What's more, why didn't he know about her trip to the cooperative company tomorrow?

"Mom, don't you understand? She doesn't want to eat your fish."

The two women were taken by surprise when they heard Colin. At his statement, both women turned to look at him.

"Why?" Wendy was looking at her son curiously.

Sophia's heart missed a beat, 'Didn't he agree not to make a scene in front of mom?'

"Mom, Colin was just kidding! I do want to eat any food you make."

"Oh." Wendy believed Sophia.

Colin mockingly glanced at Sophia, and then left the kitchen.

"Colin, have you had dinner yet?" Wendy stopped him as Colin was about to leave.

Colin turned around, "Didn't enjoy it. I don't mind eating more."

"Well, wash your hands and wait a moment. Dinner will be ready soon." Sophia and Wendy continued to speak while cooking. "I knew he didn't eat well outside. You should wait with Colin now. That way I'll finish faster. I'll teach you how to cook another day."

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