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Chapter 5 Was she threatening him

After a long time, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number, "What's going on? Why haven't you moved out yet?"

"Wow, what a temper, Mr. Li! Are you frustrated?"

The taunting nature of the comment increased Colin's irritability.

"Herring, I don't mind telling your ugly stories to your family!"

Herring was surprised at the threat. "What terrible rotten luck! I did pa.s.s through a period of supreme test with you!"

"That's your honor!" Colin leaned against the seat. He conjured up an image of Sophia with her expressionless face, "Less of your nonsense. Seduce my wife and give me evidence of her behavior!"

Colin intended to show it to Wendy to be free again!

"It's just that I was called back to A Country by my grandfather. This is not what I wanted. That old man keeps a fairly close watch on me!" He did not know that his grandson, a rake, a playboy in his eyes, had become a great gang boss.

However, the case of the Huo clan was similar to that of the Li clan. Except Herring's mother, father, grandfather, and grandmother had all served in the military! Even his younger sister, Hayley, was also in the military! She was a famous Navy Lieutenant.

If they, the enforcers of justice, knew that Herring was in a gang, they would knock the living daylights out of him! And then throw him out of the country.

"I will call grandpa Huo. You should come to my company and work as my private investment counselor, so you will have opportunities to meet her!" Colin was determined to attain his goal.

On hearing that, Herring almost choked on his own greed!

"Work as your investment counselor? Do you think that old Harry is stupid? Oh my G.o.d. No one but Daniel is fit enough to be your private investment counselor!" Herring lay idly in the sun on a lounge chair on the balcony of his room at home. He had been watching hot girls on the display screen.

"Perhaps you could be a love investment counselor?"

Herring thought about it for a moment. "That's good. Absolutely ok with me!" said Herring, giving a thumbs-up sign!

After ending the call, Colin got out of his car, and walked to the President's exclusive elevator.

He pressed the b.u.t.ton for Conference Room on F22.

Colin walked into the morning meeting room with a file folder in his hand. He was followed by Jamie, his private secretary.

The male colleagues inside the meeting room fixed their eyes on Jamie. She was a pretty girl with an enviable figure.

Jamie liked getting this attention from men. She enjoyed the feeling of power; of knowing that they wanted her but couldn't get her!

In fact, all of them knew that Jamie's ultimate goal was their president, Colin!

Jamie had fallen in love with Colin at first sight on the day of her interview. This had been just a few months after SL Group had been established in Z Country!

In order to get closer to Colin, Jamie had an affair with the Manager of the Human Resources Department.

"Morning all! Let's begin our meeting. Miss Wen of the Design Department, please explain the design drawing finished yesterday."

"Ok, Sir." Winnie took out a USB flash disk and inserted it into the computer; then she displayed it on a projector.

At that moment, the door opened slightly. Sophia Lo arrived hastily.

Seeing Miss Wen playing the slideshow, she knew that she was late.

"Miss Lo, you are late by five minutes. Are you ignoring the President?"

What a bad name! Sophia Lo had planned to slip to her seat along the wall corner, but someone wanted to embarra.s.s her.

In fact he spoke so loudly that no one could miss her.

Sophia Lo stood up straight and said, "Sorry, Mr. Li, this will never happen again!"

She spoke in a dry voice, and her face paled even more than before. It was not hard to see that she was sick.

Colin lifted his eyes and took a quick glance at her, "What's wrong?"

"I am unwell. I just had some medicine."

"Why didn't you take your medicine before you left for work? Why are you late for the meeting?

Are you seeking special treatment?"

Hearing him ask these question, Sophia Lo said indifferently, "I will accept your punishment, Mr. Li!"

"Hmm, clean the bathroom on this floor, after the meeting!"

After Colin said this, the meeting room was almost in an uproar.

Sophia Lo, a 24-year-old girl, was ordered to clean the bathroom just because she was late for a meeting!

When did the gentle Mr. Li become so mean?

Hearing Colin's punishment, Sophia Lo took a deep breath. Colin, you'll pay for your wickedness!

"Mr. Li, I am present for work despite being unwell. You would know that as we came to work together."

…… Everyone in the meeting room were looking at each other in dismay. What was wrong?

There was a look of defiance in Colin's eyes. Was she threatening him?

"Absolutely not." He denied the truth!

Sophia Lo flashed an indignant glance at Colin. She had never thought that he would be so shameless!

Jamie stood up from her seat and pursed her rose red lips, "Miss Lo, just because you brought Mr. Li to work doesn't mean you can be disrespectful to him. Isn't that what a secretary is supposed to do? Just go to clean the bathroom quietly after the meeting. Why do you resist now with your defiant look?"

Ignoring the President, defiant... Sophia Lo darted an angry glance at Jamie. Why was she defending Colin? Sophia wished Jamie would be quiet.

"Mr. Li, if you want to..." She was interrupted by Colin before she could add, "avenge me on this excuse."

"It's ok if you don't want to. You can quit your job and leave Z Country!"

He almost said she could divorce him!

The senior leaders around them began whispering. What was wrong with Mr. Li? Miss Lo was late by a few minutes, and he wanted to throw her out of Z Country.

Something must be wrong!

Although others could not understand the situation, Sophia Lo knew what he meant.

She breathed deeply and squashed her urge to question him in front of others. Why did it make him so happy to humiliate her, an insignificant employee?

She clenched her hands, "Mr. Li, I will go now."

She was about to leave the room when she heard Colin speak again. "I have changed my mind. Go make coffee for all present for the meeting now!"

…… Sophia Lo turned back, "Ok, Mr. Li, please give me a minute."

On her way to the coffee room, Sophia Lo made an approximate guess that there were about thirty people present at the meeting.

If Colin and Jamie were counted as well, that would make it thirty two people.

She took out the adequate number of cups from the cabinet and made coffee, cup by cup. Then she began to take them carefully into the meeting room.

During her fifth round to the meeting room, Sofia's arms began feeling weak.

But she could do nothing except finish her punishment.

On her last trip to the meeting room with a tray of coffee, a person walked out quickly just as she had opened the door.

Sophia Lo did not notice and ran into the person. Four cups of coffee spilled on the ground, and on her.

The other person reacted quickly and stepped aside up on seeing the coffee spill. No coffee was spilled on her.

"Miss Lo, what are you doing?" Jamie burst out without giving her a chance to speak.

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