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Chapter 1373: The Song Couple (101)

After receiving her promise, Jing was still a little hesitant, unsure if she should tell her.

After all, ordinary ghosts did not dare to provoke that person. She was afraid that if the person in front of her could not get rid of him, they would be the ones to suffer in the end.

Song Yiyan saw through her thoughts and comforted her. “Don’t worry, I won’t let him escape and find trouble with you.”

Only then did Jing tell them the exact location of the person behind her. She couldn’t leave this mountain and go too far, she had to take care of the other children and couldn’t go with them.

She sent Song Yiyan and the rest to the cave opposite and said, “His powers are very strong. The nearby spirits are afraid of him and have to listen to him, be careful.”

Song Yiyan nodded at her. “I’ll be back by tomorrow morning at the latest.”

Jing watched as they walked to the entrance of the cave and stopped them. She made up her mind. “Master, the road over there is not easy to find. Let Nannan bring you there, he is near Nannan’s village. Let her lead the way.”

Song Yiyan looked at the little girl who was like a marionette, st.i.tched with red threads. It was unbearable to look at, but the little girl seemed to be smiling at her happily.

Jing patted Nan Nan’s head and reminded her gently, “Don’t run around when you reach the place. You must listen to that beautiful sister, understand?”

Nan Nan nodded her head, feeling very happy.

Sister Jing had never allowed her to go home with her sister. She wanted to go home and see her parents, grandparents, and younger brothers.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her,” Song Yiyan promised.

Only then did Jing heave a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”

Song Yiyan left with Nan Nan.

After quietly watching them leave, she turned around and returned to the cave.

Song Yiyan and Ji Xing were going to look for the culprit who was responsible for Chen Shan’s ghost fetus, so the women who were unable to come to worship G.o.d left the mountain.

The women were all waiting for them. When they saw the two of them come out, their eyes lit up. It was as if they had seen hope.

Song Yiyan nodded at them, squatted down, grabbed Liu San’s chin, and stuffed a round black object into his mouth.

Liu San was already half-dead from the beating, he choked for a moment before swallowing it. He stopped being fierce to her and shivered in fear. “Madam, what did you make me eat?”

He was someone who bullied the weak and feared the strong, he was afraid of being beaten up if she was unhappy. The pain in his body was unbearable, and he could not be beaten up again.

“Poison.” Song Yiyan kicked him and pointed at the women. “Take them out of the mountain. Wait for me in the pavilion at the foot of the mountain. I’ll give you the antidote tomorrow. If you dare to escape, you’ll die tomorrow.”

Liu San knew that she was not a simple person. He nodded in fear. “I understand, Master. If I don’t lead the way, how are you going to get out?”

Song Yiyan glared at him.

Liu San was trembling in fear and did not dare say a word. He lowered his head and whispered, “Master, if you want me to lead the way, you have to untie me!”

Song Yiyan knew that Liu San was a dog who bullied the weak and feared the strong. He didn’t have much ability, so she knew that he wouldn’t dare to run away.

Moreover, she really gave him something that could kill him if he didn’t take the antidote.

The women didn’t dare to untie him. They looked at Song Yiyan and saw her nod, so they ran over to let Liu San go.

Song Yiyan looked at these women, it was fate for them to meet. Moreover, they had gone through so much together, so she gave each of them a fertility talisman.

As for how they would choose their lives after returning, she did not care.

The women accepted the talisman gratefully and placed it on their bodies like it was a treasure. They looked at her with reverence.

When they reached the fork in the road, Song Yiyan and Ji Xing separated from them and took another path.

It was evening when they entered the mountain and the sun had set.

It was already past midnight, so there were many spirits and wild ghosts hiding in the mountains. However, they were afraid of Song Yiyan and Ji Xing’s aura and did not dare to go near them.

Nan Nan was very happy. She was floating quite fast.

Nian Chenchen was older than her and treated her as her younger sister. He held her hand and walked together.

Song Yiyan looked at the child cautiously.

Jing said that she didn’t know that her parents had deliberately killed her, but she didn’t think so. She knew that she had been killed by her parents and was just deceiving herself and refusing to admit it.

A four-year-old child should be in kindergarten or middle school cla.s.s. The two sisters had been sensible since they were young and were more mature than their peers, how could they not know anything?

Ji Xing walked to her and patted his back.

Song Yiyan didn’t stand on ceremony, she jumped on him and hooked her arms around his neck. She even asked symbolically, “Aren’t you tired?”

Ji Xing shook his head, his voice low and s.e.xy. “I’m not tired. I can fight eight hundred rounds now.”

Song Yiyan bit his ear in anger. “Nonsense!”

Yang Juan, who was walking at the front, saw that Nan Nan and Nian Chenchen were about to turn around and look. She patted Nian Chenchen’s head and said, “Watch the road, be careful not to fall.”

Song Yiyan looked at the two children in front of her and cleared her throat. She stopped teasing Ji Xing.

After all, it was not good for children to see this. Ji Xing pursed his lips and smiled without saying anything.

Song Yiyan thought that it would be very far from Nan Nan’s house. She did not expect to see the village within an hour.

The village was filled with solar street lamps. They could see rows of them standing on the mountain.

They were walking on a small path. If not for Nan Nan leading the way, it would have taken them some time.

Nan Nan said that when she came to the mountains with her sister to pick mushrooms, she often took this path.

There were all kinds of mushrooms in the mountains all year round. Wild mushrooms could be used to sell for money to supplement their household income.

“Sister, we have a lot of mushrooms in our house. I told Sister Jing to bring them home for you to eat.” Nan Nan smiled brightly at her.

“Okay.” Song Yiyan looked at the child. Her face was sewn shut, but when she smiled, she didn’t look strange. Instead, she looked sweet and sad.

“Sister, I’ll wait for you under this big tree.” Nan Nan pointed at a big pine tree nearby.

In the midsummer season, the pavilion was like a cover. It was facing the wind, and with a good view, they could see all the houses in the village.

“Wait here. Don’t run around, okay?” After speaking, Song Yiyan left a trace of her aura on her so that it was easier to find her.

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