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Chapter 1372: The Song Couple (100)

Song Yiyan frowned even more. If it weren’t for the fact that they were clean and hadn’t been stained with blood, she wouldn’t have been so polite to them.

Jing started talking about Nan Nan and Yunyun’s background.

The girl who could walk and was sewed up like a marionette was called Nan Nan while the girl on the bed whose face was st.i.tched up was called Yunyun.

Nan Nan and Yunyun were twins, their home was in the town nearby.

Her parents and grandparents valued boys over girls, so ever since they were born, they had never liked them. If they did anything wrong, they would be beaten or scolded. They would be scolded as good-for-nothings and be threatened to be sold to human traffickers.

In order not to be sold, they had been sensible since they were young. They did not cry or throw a tantrum. They would not look for their parents and would not ask for food and toys.

Every time their mother was scolded by their grandmother, she would come back and vent her anger on them, beat them, and scold them. She would vent all her anger on them and point at their heads, saying that if they were boys, she would not have suffered so much at home.

They gradually found out that their families did not like girls and liked boys. They often reflected on why they were not boys.

If they were boys, they wouldn’t have been beaten up!

When they were four years old, their mother was pregnant again and gave birth to a pair of triplets and three boys.

The sisters were overjoyed, they finally had a little brother at home. Grandpa and Grandma, as well as Mom and Dad, would definitely be very happy. In the future, Grandma wouldn’t scold Mom for not being able to have a boy.

If Grandma didn’t scold Mom, Mom wouldn’t scold them and hit them.

But they were wrong, the happy life they imagined did not arrive. What welcomed them was even more domestic violence, beating and scolding.

Her mother was a full-time housewife and could not earn a single cent.

Her grandparents were farmers. They counted on the crops in the fields every year, but they didn’t sell for much.

His father worked outside and earned less than 3,000 yuan a month. He liked to gamble and borrowed from loan sharks, so he was in deep debt.

Every time their father was chased by someone, he would beat them up when he came home.

Every time their mother was beaten by their father, she would hit them and not give them food. It was useless to raise them, they might as well die. That way, they could save some food for her younger brothers.

They were the punching bags of the entire family.

Thereafter, one day, Mom said she wanted to play hide-and-seek.

Dad said to tell them to hide in the blender.

It was the first time they were playing hide and seek with their parents. They were extremely happy and quietly hid in the blender, waiting for their mother to come looking for them with trepidation and excitement.

They didn’t wait for their mother. Instead, the blender started spinning at high speed. The rumbling sound was the sound of their own bones being crushed.

After speaking, she calmly looked at Song Yiyan and smiled mockingly. “Up until now, they still think that their parents forgot that they were in the blender. That’s why they started the blender.”

Hearing this, Song Yiyan was shocked. What kind of animal would do something so inhumane? Even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs. They were truly inferior to even animals.

In the end, they had experienced a miserable death that caused their body to become like this.

This time, she understood everything. Ever since Yang Juan had taken revenge, her maternal instincts had been heightened. She was crying uncontrollably, her heart ached as she squatted in front of Nan Nan. She looked at the girl and did not dare to hug her, afraid that she would fall apart.

These vicious people can’t be considered human. They could even kill their own flesh and blood, they were not worthy of being called humans.

Jing said it had taken her a long, long time to learn this method from a spirit in the mountains. It was a very evil method, and after using it, she had no way of turning back.

However, when she saw the two sisters in agony with their bodies broken into pieces, she still chose this extreme method.

The women she looked for were all handpicked. They were women who had been oppressed at home for a long time, abused, and degraded. They lived completely without themselves, and day after day, they lived like walking corpses.

Moreover, they shouldn’t have been pregnant in the first place. She had used a special method to force them to be pregnant, the child would be a stillborn.

She made them pregnant so that she could extract what she wanted. She did not want to harm their lives.

“Do you remember the woman who came to look for you six months ago? A very beautiful and fashionable woman?” Song Yiyan herself wasn’t a saint or a righteous person.

She came here to find out what was going on. If it was a criminal, she would kill him.

But the one in front of her made sense. She had seen all those women, especially the one at the hospital. She was really miserable, but most of all, she hated herself for being so disappointing.

“I know. Her name is Chen Shan.” Jing remembered clearly.

That woman was different from the other women. She was very calm and didn’t look like she had been tortured by life. However, she was very stubborn and wanted a child.

Song Yiyan asked, “Did you know that she’s pregnant with a ghost fetus?”

For the first time, Jing looked shocked. She shook her head. “I don’t know. The child they’re carrying won’t survive.”

Song Yiyan sneered and her eyes were murderous. It seemed that she had been careless.

The thing in Chen Shan’s stomach was trying to trick her into coming here!

Jing saw her expression change, and she was scared. She could feel her powerful magic. Even if everyone here worked together, they still wouldn’t be enough to defeat her. She looked at her nervously and explained, “It’s really not me. I didn’t do it, I won’t deny what I did.”

Song Yiyan retracted her murderous aura. “I know. Who did you get your black tadpoles from?”

She definitely didn’t find those creatures herself.

Jing shook her head. “I promised someone I wouldn’t betray him. I won’t tell. You don’t have to ask me.”

Song Yiyan said, “You harmed people by using that method to extract their bloodlines. If you continue like this, you’ll sink deeper and never be able to reincarnate. I can help you repair their souls. Tell me, who gave you those things?”

Jing couldn’t believe it. “Are you serious?”

All she did was to help Nan Nan and the rest. If she really had a way to repair their souls, she would do anything.

Song Yiyan nodded. “I believe you can feel my spiritual power, tell me about that creature. After I settle it, I’ll help them recover when I return.”

If she repaired their bodies now, she would consume a lot of spirit energy.

She did not know how strong the mastermind behind her was. Just in case, she could not exhaust herself too much.

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