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Tommy has been very gratifying in the recent period: during the day he accompanied Thea through the city and at night he and Laurel did a vigorous physical exercise. And he had no energy to have fun at the club bar.

Laurel may have started her own sister because of Oliver’s interaction with himself. Then, in the revenge mindset, Tommy quickly became involved in Tommy’s work.

Strangers have no friends and wives can not be intimidated. You did not look at the original black man, the dark, hard-working brother of Green Arrow’s unconditional companion, Dage, who loved his brother and asked him to go deep. After his brother died, he almost caught himself. Brother? I almost told my relatives to call me! At that time, the Arrow hero did not realize that there was something wrong with that. He was still rooting for his comrades, so although Tommy was sad about the death of a friend but there was no pressure to take on his wife and, Laurel was the future black canary, crazy blonde, and not very good! Some days of Tommy’s wild extraction, the whole person lost a circle.

Thea probably understands the pa.s.sing of the incident, but deeply despise the act of tearing the photo of the dead friend, holding the woman in the arms of the dead friend, so I do not have to look at Tommy and continue to pull him through the city. Strolling, and trying to get Malcolm while there is an eye on the city, he will know!

Today, Thea replaced the woman’s outfit and wore a sleeveless vest. No way, the weather is getting warmer. It is still acceptable to the arms.

Looking at the swellings in the chest, a cruel fact is in front of me, is that I can no longer be a man! Fortunately, this body itself is not the agitated type. At the moment, it only reaches the level of B. Although it is bigger in the future, but as long as the scale is still within the normal range, it will not let others bleed, which is very good! If she grows up in two big basketb.a.l.l.s, she can only give up the way of studying martial arts.

“Toc Toc Toc”

I heard someone knock on the door, thinking about opening the door and accidentally, I see a middle-aged man standing in the doorway.

“Hey, Thea, it seems that you are recovering well!” The middle-aged man, although serious, still smiled.

I’m going, great boss you’re finally here! Thea is tired of walking with Tommy for a few days, but she made no move. Sometimes she wonders if Malcolm is not going home!

I have practiced in particular for many times in this scene today. I’m tranquil and calm and I say, “Uncle Merlyn, early.”

This label is often in full conformity with their past experience, Malcolm did not say much, smiled and nodded. Thea aside to let him enter the house.

The multi-day plan will be seen today, pretending to watch TV. After seeing him come in through his mother’s door, Thea immediately picked up a cup of tea. Because I do not know the level of martial arts in the world, I do not know what level Malcolm trained in the ninja master, afraid of being noticed. So I took off my shoes and sneaked it in the footsteps.

“Hey, Moira, you look beautiful.” Hearing Malcolm’s tone, he knew he was in a good mood. This person has not been happy for a day since his wife died. Is the limits to being able to speak so lightly.

“Mr. Merlyn, what are you doing here?” Every time the two contacted each other, they went to the top of the mountain on a small road. It is rare to visit such a bright and beautiful door.

“Oh oh” Malcolm did not answer directly, just smiled and poured himself a gla.s.s of wine.

“You know me Moira, except for my wife, you’re the few women in the world who can make me try.” “I originally intended to marry you.” “I did not expect … Haha, I found something interesting!”

Moira seems to have never heard anything to marry her, staring at Malcolm “What happened? Our agreement has been completed, you can no longer interfere with my life!”

“What do you think of Tommy and Thea? How do you see it? You only have one daughter and I only have one son! We have no obstacles in the road a head! Merlyn Group and Queen Group can establish closer ties!”

Outside the door, Thea immediately knew that Malcolm didn’t understand the truth. Moira didn’t tell him the truth. Sure enough, a pretty woman would lie, and this cheap old lady would be a fool. It seems to be confused in this respect. It's always a man, and more sinister men are useless!

This proposal got into Moira’s ear and let it explode on the spot. “No, absolutely not!”

Such a strong reaction to tell the truth is a little beyond Malcolm’s expectation. In addition to the ninja master who scared his pants for so many years, no one can talk to himself with such a high decibel, with his former character, if the bow and arrow are in hand, maybe I shot it with an arrow.

Moira also realized that her voice was a bit big, but she still glared and said, “No, I don’t agree.”

“My request can’t be refused, Moira Queen”. The idea of what a favorite woman besides his wife is still going to the sky. The game is blind and Malcolm has never been afraid.

Outside the door, Thea knows the good move is about to begin, and the cup of tea is high. This is a cla.s.sic clip in the TV series. When the truth is white, I will drop a teacup outside the door! I don’t know if foreigners in this world have seen this TV series? Unfortunately, the ground is a wooden floor, the effect is a bit worse. I hope Malcolm can hear when he’s shocked.

“You listen to me,” Moira also feared that Malcolm, who was wide-eyed, was impotent that I took a sip of the bottle and thinking how to explain.

Observing his anomalous behavior, Malcolm also noted that something was wrong. He could withdraw from the ninja master who lived for 782 years, and he was able to withdraw from the body. The ability to observe was high and was not anxious, sat down slowly, ready to listen to his explanation.

Moira left to think about it and did not think of any good reason to stop this incident. Her husband and son were silently sent to death, and it was unr easonable to resist the daughter's marriage. If he does not agree that he will definitely start with Thea, it is a tragedy.

Repeatedly, this secret was known to two people before, and her husband became his own unique secret after death. Now truthfully speaking, it is only from the secret of one person to the secret of two people. You can accept it as long as Thea himself does not know that everything will be fine!

“Thea is your daughter.” Speaking softly, closing his eyes, the whole person was unloading a heavy burden and deeply sinking into the sofa.

Outside the door, Thea couldn’t see Malcolm’s expression, a little afraid that he was too irritated to affect the hearing, but the arrow had to be sent of the string, and quickly dropped the teacup on the ground. “popping” a m.u.f.fled sound, no way, wooden floor Too much effect!

I believe he will not be sober, and push the height of the gla.s.s by the force of gravity on the floor when the gla.s.s falls to the floor. After all, this is the generation of the black arrow is not a generation of students of death.

Hearing the abnormal sound outside the door, Malcolm is the best graduate in southern Darbart. Although her mind is still a little dizzy, her body has already answered and she quickly ran to the door, opened the door and watched. Thea, which is monotone, is so strange that the boss-level character is so weird, and I do not know what to say.

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