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Chu Yang arrived at the thatched room again.

Chu Yang's heart calmed down for some unknown reasons, and at this moment, he thought of something. He said to the sword spirit, "It's really strange. This elder is at the peak of the fifth stage Saint level, while this Bai Wuji is at the sixth stage Saint level. But the feeling that the elder gives me is completely different from Bai Wuji."

The sword spirit smiled, "Oh?"

"Bai Wuji gives me the feeling that he is deep, n.o.ble and unrivaled, like a towering and unmovable mountain. But the feeling that I have towards the elder is illusory with a sense of realism. It's simply impossible to fathom what that feeling really is."

Chu Yang pondered for a while and said, "If one compares the capability of the two of them, I think that the elder is far above Bai Wuji! Why is it so?"

The sword spirit smiled a little derisively, "How can Bai Wuji compare with Chu Xiaoxin? Taking a comparison between the two is a big mistake!"

Chu Yang asked, "Why?"

"Firstly, speaking of their cultivations alone, Bai Wuji's is as towering as a mountain, while Chu Xiaoxin's is as deep as the ocean. One is still, while the other is moving; one is high, while the other low. And their starting points are different too. There's a bound to a mountain, but oceans are boundless. So they are completely incomparable."

"Secondly, speaking of their level of cultivation, Bai Wuji is a sixth stage Martial Saint, and while Chu Xiaoxin is a fifth stage Martial Saint, he has suppressed his cultivation to be at this stage, and his spiritual cultivation has already exceeded to that of a Supreme Martial Artist. Now, he has at least a spiritual cultivation of stage two Supreme level. So I said just now that… even if you leave here, and something happens here, as long as he's willing to break through, the Chu clan will be foolproof! Other than the nine great clans who have Supreme Martial Artists overlooking the clan, I'm afraid that there's only your Chu clan."

"Thirdly, while Bai Wuji is a sixth stage Martial Saint, he has been a subject all along. While Chu Xiaoxin takes great control and is the greatest authority of the Chu clan! How can their forms and mentalities be compared?? You must know that one's mentality decides his form, and his form determines his vigor."

The sword spirit educated Chu Yang patiently.

And Chu Yang learned humbly.

He knew that it was only from this moment on did he really receive the education on 'what is a real expert' or the sort.

"And there's another point. Bai Wuji cultivates by following the path of heartlessness, while Chu Xiaoxin, the path of sentiments; They are completely different ways of cultivation!"

"So, in this entire South-East region, other than the people of the Xiao clan, the real number one expert is Chu Xiaoxin! Even though the current Huang clan is powerful, I'm afraid that none of their experts can beat Chu Xiaoxin!"

The sword spirit said heavily, "When you have the opportunity to meet a Supreme Martial Artist, you will understand what the real form of what a Supreme Martial Artist is like. It's useless to talk about it now."

"I see," Chu Yang finally understood.

Now, he was standing in front of the mottled door. He calmed down and gently knocked on the door.

A whisper came from inside, "Why are you here again?"

Chu Yang smiled sheepishly and said, "I've come to greet you."

Chu Xiaoxin's voice appeared to be a little dissatisfied, "There's definitely nothing good when you come to look for me! Say, do you want my Starwood?"

Chu Yang's heart jerked. This elder indeed had a prophetic eye. But after thinking about it, other than this stuff, the elder had really nothing more good possessions…

Chu Yang laughed, "May you allow me to go in first?"

Chu Xiaoxin sighed, "Sure enough."

Then he made no sound.

After a long time, the door opened automatically. That courtyard, which was full of withered gra.s.s, presented in front of Chu Yang's eyes again.

Chu Yang carefully stepped into it while remembering what the elder had spoken last time: Step on the green gra.s.s and don't step on my withered gra.s.s. He approached the thatched hut step by step.

The sword spirit muttered in the Nine Tribulations s.p.a.ce: This old guy is really a difficult person and extremely stingy. Last time, you want some tea leaves from him, which he refused. This time you actually ask him for Starwood… it's not surprising if he cut your legs.

The process of negotiation made the sword spirit feel stunned.

The conversation was extremely short and clean.

"What do you want it for?"

"To improve the cultivation of the clan."


"I only need a bit of powder. I'll sc.r.a.pe it from the outermost layer and will definitely not damage the inside."


"I really only need a little bit…"

"Did I say I don't allow you to sc.r.a.pe?"

The conversation ended here.

Then Chu Xiaoxin took out a small knife and slowly started to sc.r.a.pe down the powder of the Starwood; Chu Xiaoxin watched aside, his face full of agony.

But as he watched, he became surprised, "What knife is this? It can even cut Starwood!"

Chu Yang laughed, "If I don't have this knife, I won't even dare to think of playing with your Starwood. If I let you sc.r.a.pe it personally, I'm afraid that there's no way."

Chu Xiaoxin scolded smilingly, "Little punk! You really understand me!"

Chu Yang laughed and started to sc.r.a.pe faster.

The sword spirit's jaw dropped, and he said, "He's not willing to even give you a few tea leaves, but he actually allows you to randomly sc.r.a.pe such priceless Starwood!"

Chu Yang sighed, "Sword spirit, I don't know how you spent your time with the previous sword masters. Maybe their mercilessness had impacts on you… So, for 90,000 years, you're only a sword spirit, but not a human spirit. Humans have feelings and worries. My elder didn't give me tea leaves because they were made by his late wife; The tea leaves are his support to not forget his wife and his brothers. This is love!"

"But now, he allows me to sc.r.a.pe the Starwood because he is worried about his descendants. This is also love."

Chu Yang said, "Sword spirit, you know all the skills and all the realms of cultivation, and the difference between the law of martial arts and the law of nature! In my eyes, you are impotent, but you're only lacking love!"

The sword spirit quietened down and muttered, "Love…"

"Every living thing on Earth has spirits, but humans are the master of everything! Regardless of Three Stars Divine Clan or Dragon and Spirit races, their final path was to transform into humans, and to use their human forms to ascend to the peak…"

"Because only when they are in human form can they comprehend emotions and desires, and to perfect their spiritual cultivations, so that they can finally transform into a complete divine spirit. This explains the importance of 'human'."

Chu Yang said deeply, "Sword spirit, you should also have your own path of cultivation. Unless you exceed the boundaries of the sword, I'm afraid you can never reach the peak."

This time, the sword spirit became completely silent.

The previous nine masters of Nine Tribulations Sword all put in all their efforts to tap the power of the sword spirit to help them achieve big things. But which of them had ever cared about the sword spirit?

Chu Yang's remarks had come from his inspiration. But for the sword spirit, it's tantamount to sudden enlightenment to himself.

The sword spirit was faintly touched.

Chu Yang finally finished sc.r.a.ping the Starwood powder. He only got a little bit. After roughly wrapping them up, they only formed a walnut's size.

"Enough?" Chu Xiaoxin was a little surprised.

"Enough," Chu Yang straightened his back.

"Why did you get this little?" Chu Xiaoxin asked as he frowned and looked at Chu Yang a little inquiringly.

"There are a lot of things in the world that deserve to be cherished. Starwood isn't the most valuable thing on Earth. The most valuable thing is always the awe and respect in every human's heart," Chu Yang said a little seriously, "Starwood is just a container; the tea leaves within it only represents how much you cherish the memories of foremother. But the heart you have towards her is what we should cherish the most."

Chu Xiaoxin jerked. He gazed at Chu Yang and didn't speak for a long time. Then he revealed a sense of gratification in his eyes and said, "I'm… so relieved, to have a descendant like you in the Chu clan!"

Chu Yang bowed, "Elder, you're flattering me."

Chu Xiaoxin looked very contented. He waved his hands and said, "Come, have some tea with me."

Tea was already. It was still served in the original five cups.

The fragrance of tea overwhelmed the air.

Chu Xiaoxin sat straightly and looked at the steam evaporating from the cups, saying, "That day, when you're dealing with Chu Feilong, I was just outside the house. I saw with my own eyes that you drove a wedge between them, led that b.a.s.t.a.r.d from the Ye clan to kill Chu Feilong, and then shifted the blame to Seventh Master Xiao!"

Chu Yang was taken aback, "What?"

Chu Xiaoxin was also there that day?

Chu Yang now really understood the problem that the sword spirit mentioned about Chu Xiaoxin's capability: Han Xiaoran was also there that day! But he obviously didn't realize the existence of Chu Xiaoxin!

"You don't need to worry. I won't blame you!" Chu Xiaoxin said as he smiled softly, "I also heard the conversation between Chu Feilong and his two sons. So I also went there. Since you can handle the problem yourself, naturally I won't intervene."

"I'm very happy as to how you managed the issue," Chu Xiaoxin said.

Chu Feilong responded and said, "You know all the conspiracies that Chu Feilong had plotted?"

Chu Xiaoxin nodded and sighed, "Yes."

"But you didn't stop him," Chu Yang was somewhat dissatisfied.

"Of course I can stop him! But if I stop… for how long can I stop him? I'm old after all… The clan has to be inherited on. If I meddle too much, once I die, the Chu clan will also be exterminated!" Chu Xiaoxin let out a long sigh and said, "If you can't resolve the crisis yourselves, the future clan master of the Chu clan will be Chu Feilong!"

Chu Xiaoxin said, "From your perspective, Chu Xiaoxin is evil! But did you ever know, Chu Feilong had only done something that juniors of big clans normally does! Nothing more!"

"If a clan wants to develop, strengthen and rise, it never needs a heroic figure like your father! Your father is too straight. Although such kind of person is respectable, if he takes full power, it's easy for him to lead the whole family to a dead end. There are too many conspiracies that heroic figures can't handle."

"I let your grandfather be a clan master then because he's stupid! He's stupid and he can't see through some things. But he shows respect to other people and this can instead keep the clan safe."

"For a clan to develop and rise, it needs a ruthless and ambitious person like Chu Feilong! Only evil and an unscrupulous person is a candidate of a successful leader!"

Chu Xiaoxin said, "Chu Feilong died well! But it's a pity that he died."

He turned around to look at Chu Yang, saying, "But you're a very strange kid. You're not a hero, but neither you're a ruthless or ambitious person. You're between the two. You're more heroic than your father, yet more sinister and cunning than your uncle. Your sensitiveness in thinking can also be on par with a woman. I've never seen such a person like you in my life… You're really … eccentric!"


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