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Chapter 568: Undoes the Knot in His Heart, and Breaks Through!

The Sword Spirit heaved a long sigh. "There are many paths in one's life. And, you follow one of those possible paths in that dream of yours. So, you meet certain people, and certain things happen. Then, you wake up, and figured that this path is wrong. Will you still walk on that path?"

"I won't."

"Yes. Therefore, you change your path. Consequently, the end point and the course of events will be different even though your starting point is the same." Sword Spirit deeply said, "This is the difference between the paths.

"This is the reason why the people you come across are also going through different course of events.

"This is the reason why Beyond the Heaven Sect got destroyed in your previous life. And, Meng Chao Ran and Wu Yun Liang died. But, these two haven't died in this life. Moreover, Beyond the Heaven Sect has also become the number-one sect in the Lower Three Heavens.

"This is the reason why Wu Qian Qian agreed to Shi Qian Shan's marriage proposal and sacrificed herself for the Beyond the Heaven Sect in your previous life. But, she didn't do this in this life.

"This is the reason why Tie Bu Tian would've died in the previous life, and Diwu Qing Rou would've won. But, things are a lot different in this life.

"Gu Du Xing and the others would've become famous in the previous life. In fact, they would've become as famous as the Dark Bamboo some ten to twenty years later. But, things are a little too far ahead of time in this life.

"There are many things that didn't happen in the Middle Three Heavens in that life. But, they've happened in this life.

"Mo Qing Wu died in the dream. But, she has become a shared apprentice of two Supreme Level Experts in reality!

"You must know that these changes have occurred because of you!" Sword Spirit solemnly said, "It is because you had such a strange dream!

"Both of your lives aren't that different… The only difference is you! This life is still your previous life! So, your previous life does exist. But, it only exists in your dream."

Chu Yang had been carefully listening in silence. He had also been pondering deeply. But, he hadn't said a word.

"I only want to ask if this life's Mo Qing Wu is the Mo Qing Wu from my previous life…" Chu Yang asked in low and deep voice.

"You shouldn't ask this question," the Sword Spirit said, "Let me ask you one thing. Wouldn't Mo Qing Wu have died if you hadn't done anything different in this life, and had instead followed the path of your previous life by continuing

to practice the same old 'ruthless sword way'?

"What would have become of Mo Qing Wu if you hadn't made those efforts in this life? Would she have been so lively and adorable? Would Mo Qing Wu have had any bright colours in her life if she hadn't got the 'Dreaming of a Gentle Dance' Saber in Iron Cloud? She would have become that depressed Mo Qing Wu from the previous life! Then, she would have met you at a certain point in time, and would've died again! Tell me… why did you go to Iron Cloud in this life? Had you gone there in your previous life?"

Sword Spirit snorted and continued, "Let's count from now… you should've met Mo Qing Wu after eight-and-half years later in your previous life! Have you ever thought of these things?"

Chu Yang remained silent for a long while. Then, he suddenly exposed a smiling expression on his face and said, "So that's how it is. So, I had indulged myself in a flight of fancy. But, it wasn't that big of a deal to begin with.

"The sky is still the same, the ground is still the ground, and Qing Wu is still Qing Wu! Nothing's changed… except for me!" Chu Yang softly said.

His heart suddenly felt relaxed as he spoke these words.

Sword Spirit gently smiled and said, "Right. Regarding your previous life and this life… or regarding dream or anything else… You will obviously know what the matter is in the future… You asked me one question, and I gave you so many answers. Now, can I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead," Chu Yang's mood had become excellent. So, he straightforwardly replied.

"Um, you always keep Mo Qing Wu in your mind. There is only Mo Qing Wu in your heart. In fact, you didn't hesitate to hide your appearance in the Lower Three Heavens because you didn't wish to make contact with any other woman. Even Wu Qian Qian had affection as deep as ocean towards you, but you maintained a respectable distance from her as well…"

Sword Spirit slowly asked, "You obviously think that whatever you do or have… is for Mo Qing Wu. The true love in your heart is only for Mo Qing Wu. But, would you still keep her in your mind with such determination in this life of yours if she hadn't died in your previous life, and the two of you had continued to live together?"

"What has more weight in your heart – Your guilt towards Mo Qing Wu… or your love towards her?"

Sword Spirit had asked slowly.

However, this had left Chu Yang startled!

In fact, he had been struck dumb!

He remained startled

startled for a long while, and didn't say anything in reply. [Love? Guilt? Do I feel guilty because I love her? Or do I love her because I feel guilty?]

An adorable image of this life's Mo Qing Wu started to slide before his eyes…

"Elder Brother Chu Yang, I really miss you…"

"Elder Brother Chu Yang… will you wait for me?"

"Elder Brother Chu Yang… I am finally getting to meet you…"

"Elder Brother Chu Yang… it feels very good when you hold me."

A red silhouette floated over in his thoughts; it seemed as mesmerizing as a sunset. There was a faint grief and slight worry on the face of that shadow. Her whole body was graceful and elegant. She seemed gentle and soft from head to toe. Deep feelings of 'no regrets' were filled in her eyes. She was looking at him with an expression of 'foolish love' in her eyes.

"A lifetime without gentle dance is unbearable. But, to dance is to fall in love. And, love incurs a lifetime of bitterness…"

Chu Yang exclaimed out loud in grief!

Then, he found that his Divine Spirit had left the Nine Tribulations s.p.a.ce, and had returned to his body. He had fiercely sat up and his whole body was streaming with cold sweat. In fact, he was panting heavily.

Chu Yang kept thinking about this issue for a long time. Gradually, his mind regained tranquillity. And, he smiled softly.

He softly said to himself as he smiled, "Be it 'I love her because I feel guilty', or be it 'I feel guilty because I love her'. What is the difference? Two people must go through many ups-and-downs when they fall in love. But, they still go on together, and deeply love one another.

"The so-called 'true love' must go through worldly torments to determine whether they are truly meant to be together.

"It doesn't matter if the love is there because of the guilt, or the guilt is there because of the love. After all… the present Mo Qing Wu is the Mo Qing Wu of my previous life. I will love her as long as she's Mo Qing Wu. And, that's enough.

"Why do I need to think so much?"

It seemed as if he was answering to the Sword Spirit's question while talking to himself. However, he felt unprecedentedly relaxed and pleased in his heart.

Then, he stood up and walked out.

However, Chu Yang discovered that he seemed to be different from before. But, he couldn't say what exactly this different was. The only thing he could determine was that the touch of his skin was fundamentally different…

He could feel the flow of air in this sealed place now. He even felt the strength

the strength and weakness of the current as the air flowed past his bare skin. In fact, he could clearly sense the spots where it was stronger at, and the places it felt weaker...

This was something he hadn't been able to feel in the past!

It felt as if some damaged nerves of his body had slowly been healed… as if it was slowly exuding vitality…

Chu Yang's body suddenly emitted an aura of breakthrough. And, the aura densely scattered-about! He suddenly broke through to the fifth grade of Sword King Level at this moment! Moreover, this breakthrough didn't have that tearing feeling of breaking through from a bottleneck!

It seemed as if he had broken through by some process of nature...

[Bathing in the Soul Quenching Spring also has such an incredible effect?]

Chu Yang was overjoyed!

He suddenly became eager to see the result after one month. [What would be my cultivation when that time comes...? Such a heightened sensitivity of touch would be greatly useful… while walking in Jianghu and facing enemies!]

[Because, I can feel every subtle detail in the surroundings! No hidden killer moves could be concealed away from me if I can make full use of this sensitivity...]

[There would be no enemy who could hide from my senses!]

[This is a supreme magical weapon that would help me control and defeat the enemy.]

[The magical effect of the Divine Spirit is very powerful!]

He felt pleasantly surprised as he walked out with quick steps.

[How long has it been since I arrived here? Master and Tan Tan… must be very worried.]

Meng Chao Ran was indeed anxious…

It had been eight days since Chu Yang had gone into that mountain. And, there had been no sound of activity since then. So, how could Meng Chao Ran be not worried? In fact, he was so worried that he had been pacing back-and-forth in a hysterical manner. Moreover, he had been wishing that he could just burst-in and have a look…

However, Meng Chao Ran would get even more worried whenever he'd feel like bursting-in.

It was because Tan Tan had again developed a certain condition!

 And, the condition was even more bizarre this time around…

Tan Tan didn't like eating food anymore. In fact, he started to like eating some strange things! Moreover, he had developed an incomparable yearning for those bizarre things!

It started when it had been six days after Chu Yang had gone in. Meng Chao Ran had sent Tan Tan to hunt for three snow chicken that day. Meng Chao Ran would barbecue it after Tan Tan would come back. Then, they'd get to eat a hearty meal.

However, he suddenly found that Tan Tan was somewhat absent-minded when he was roasting the chicken. roasting the chicken. Tan Tan didn't have that look of greedy in his eyes which he used to upon seeing food. Instead, he burped as if he was bored…

[What's going on? Is it still that little disciple of mine who turns into a starving beast whenever he sees food?]

He called Tan Tan to take a few bites. But, Tan Tan couldn't even swallow one bite properly. This made Meng Chao Ran even more flabbergasted.

"What's wrong?" He touched his disciple's head, but it wasn't feverish.

"I don't want to eat this." Tan Tan was also depressed. [Why do I not want to eat meal? I am already hungry for a meal.] He clearly felt hungry in his stomach, but he burped as soon as he looked at the snow chicken.

This was too strange!

Tan Tan eventually sat on the baggage in a depressing manner, and groped his luggage. There were inner cores of spirit beasts in there. Tan Tan had collected them like some money-grubbing-maniac.

In fact, there were a hundred or so of them.

Tan Tan hadn't even realized that his eyes had suddenly emitted a green light of greed! In fact, this green light was similar to that of a pervert who had been thirsty for decades, and had finally gotten to see a naked beauty…

Then, Tan Tan impatiently turned his luggage over.

Meng Chao Ran had clutched the entire head of a snow chicken while eating the meat. He was looking at his disciple while being in a daze. He then saw him stuffing a fist-sized inner core of a spirit beast in his mouth…

Then, his disciple exposed a look of satisfaction on his face...

Meng Chao Ran's hand trembled as he looked at Tan Tan's neck. It had bulged like a small snake that was trying to gulp down an egg. So, Meng Chao Ran inadvertently stuffed that big head of the chicken whole in this state of daze. He unconsciously stretched his neck, and subconsciously attempted to swallow his saliva…

And, thus befell the tragedy of Master Meng – this snow chicken's head got stuck in his throat…

He tried to swallow it, but couldn't. He tried to spit it out, but couldn't. Then, his throat issued a cluck-cluck sound…

Tan Tan felt that his hunger had somewhat reduced. He was about to gulp down another piece, but he suddenly heard the sound of something… And, this sound was similar to the one which comes after a hen lays eggs…

He suddenly turned his head in amazement to see. And, he saw that Meng Chao Ran was looking at him with his mouth wide open. Moreover, there was a complete head of a chicken in his mouth.

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