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Weeds had swallowed up one side of the muddy road. And the undeveloped woodland was on the other side.

"Sir, NO. 1 locked on the black target."

"Sir, NO. 2 locked on the white target."

"Sir, NO. 3 locked on...."

"Sir, five male targets acquired. Snipers, await for your orders!"

"Sir, the raid unit awaits your orders!"

In the police car hidden behind the trees not far from the van, Officer Lin listened to the headset and asked, "How about the drone's mapping?"

"Officer Lin, the drone shows five men with no weapons. And one is Long Qiang. Initially speculation is that the hostage is hidden in the van."

Lin Feng nodded and touched the screen, "Attention please! Weapons may be in the car! Please be ready for the rescue! And be sure to put the hostage's safety first!"

"Don't worry, Officer Lin, we are all equipped with low-speed rubber bullets," said a policeman.

Officer Lin took a deep breath, put on the bullet proof coat, and hid in Zhou Zihao's car with him.

This SUV was enough for the two to hide. Then Officer Lin whispered, "Mr. Zhou, if you see any weapons, please get down at the first instance."

"Yes, yes." Zhou Zihao nervously took a deep breath.

Officer Lin thought for a while and suddenly pulled one grenade out, "Take this, just in case."


"Stun grenade, non-lethal object. But it can blind people. It's very easy to use, just pull it and throw it out, but remember to protect your eyes and cover your ears."

Zhou Zihao calmed himself down and gently took it.

Lin Feng now sternly said, "Then, move out!"

"Sir, why have we still not seen that man? Can we trust a wh.o.r.e's fiancé? Well, should I call the workers to check if the cement is done?"

"You ask me, I ask who?" Qiang Zi fanned himself with his hand, "Well, you'd better ask the workers… Oh, a car is coming!"

Long Qiang waved his hand and his men who were sitting on the roadside all stood up.

A black SUV came to them and stopped at three meters away from the van. Then a refined young man got off.

"Sir, what a nice car this gigolo has!" A man whispered, "His clothes look good… Maybe he is kept by that woman …"

"Sh*t, good-for-nothing gigolos!" One man spat.

"Come on! It's none of your business!" Long Qiang knocked at the heads of this two men and walked towards Zhou Zihao, but noticed Zhou Zihao nervously retreating…

Long Qiang frowned and asked, "Are you that guy who just called us?"

Zhou Zihao lightly said, "Yes, I am... Where's Xiaman? I want to see her!"

Long Qiang waved his hand and said, "Don't worry, where's my petrol?"

"In, in the car." Zhou Zihao said, "But... Let me see Xiaman first, then I'll give you."

"d.a.m.n it! Don't mention that b*tch!" Long Qiang suddenly scolded.

Zhou Zihao was frightened, "What... What did you do to her?"

"You should ask what she did to me!" Long Qiang pointed to his ear, "She bit me! s.h.i.t! I'm not a fan of SM… If not for the fact my boss wanted her, I would have never taken her!"

Officer Lin listened in the car and whispered, "Boss? They have a boss... Attention, everybody! The leader could be in the car."

"Yes, sir!"

But Zhou Zihao got angry---he fiercely seized Long Qiang's collar and said, "You! What did you say? You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What you did to her!!!"

"Mr. Zhou, please keep calm!" Lin Feng hurriedly reminded through the headset.

But Zhou Zihao yelled and pulled the grenade, "Go to the h.e.l.l! Ah!!!!!!!!!"

Bang -!!! Long Qiang and his men fainted by the road.

Lin Feng bit his teeth, "The situation changed! Raid unit, go!"

"Yes, sir!"

At the same time, Lin Feng kicked the door open and slowly came to the van with guns, eight raid unit members with LS2 a.s.sault rifles also followed him and were well prepared.

A policeman hurriedly took Zhou Zihao away, and another three raid unit members aimed at Long Qiang and his men with guns.

When Long Qiang gradually recovered from the dizziness---He patted his head and said, "Oh, sh*t! Is this a movie?"

However, the dark gun barrels scared the utter h.e.l.l out of him. Let alone watching those raid unit members armed to the teeth.

Why did the situation change after just hearing a bang?

"Sh*t! What happened? Have I... come to another world? How ridiculous!"

At this point, a raid unit member suddenly opened the door of the van and said, "Officer Lin, it's empty. No man, no weapons!"

"Empty?" Lin Feng was surprised.

Luo Qiu now looked at the beach.

"What was that sound just now?" Lao Feng nervously looked at the boss and asked.

He didn't know how he came here from his home in just a moment. Just like before, when he was transported out of the prison. however, he never doubted the boss's ability.

Boss Luo shook his head with dislike and lightly said, "Nothing, just a joke."

He suddenly pointed to the front, "Your daughter is there, behind that stone."

Lao Feng was overjoyed; he hurriedly went to the stone and saw the fainted Tao Xiaman leaning against the stone.

She was soaked, with half her body submerged in the water.  

"Xiaman! Xiaman!" Old Feng hastily pulled his daughter up and anxiously cried, "What happened to my daughter?!"

"Miss Xiaman just fell down and fainted." Luo Qiu pointed to a slope near the river, "The current brought her here. Don't worry, she's not in danger, she just fainted."

Old Feng was relieved. He was about to say something, but the scene in front of him suddenly changed with a wave of the club boss's hand.

This place seemed to be a cave.

He subconsciously looked around and felt calm when he saw his daughter was still here. Puzzled, he asked, "Why did you bring us here?"

Luo Qiu slowly said, "Well, Mr. Feng, I'm going to deal with some things. Now, you can just take a rest and have a good talk with your daughter… It's a really rare chance."

At this moment, Old Feng clearly felt Tao Xiaman was going to wake up. He quickly said, "No, no! I can't let her know about me now!"

"Don't worry! Miss Xiaman can't see anything for the time being."

"What do you mean?"

Boss Luo was leaving, "Mr. Feng, sorry for causing trouble for you and your daughter… We've made a mistake and this is our compensation."

Then, he vanished.

Old Feng was shocked. Then he heard Tao Xiaman weakly and alarmingly cried, "Who... Who's there... My eyes! It's so dark here..."

Old Feng subconsciously waved his hand in front of Tao Xiaman---This cave was dark, but it wasn't that dim until one couldn't see anything.

Was she temporarily blinded?

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