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Chapter 286: Then, Goodbye
Finally, the hairy tail disappeared from Vera's body--- it might be the last sign.

There was no needless hair left except those on her head and eyebrows; her surface turned extraordinarily smooth.

Vera curled up on the cold floor, where it was soaked by her sweat.

At this time, Luo Qiu looked around this room and found there were some weaving cracks left on the wall and the floor. Some of them were even as large as fishing nets.

"Is it a werewolf?"

Luo Qiu was very interested, viewing this kind of thing for the first time. He behaved with a studious expression, just looking like the first time he saw a monster.

Luo Qiu felt it a little odd before he left the manor--- that was when Vera jumped out of the window and met those wolf-dogs raised in the manor.

Although these wolves gathered around Ver-- they didn't bark from the beginning to the end; instead, they bared their teeth and tightened their body, as if encountering an enemy.

As for the result where Vera compromised with him later, she'd rather think 'it was better for her' instead of 'she was afraid of him'.

Even though she was calm after the auction... However, since Boss Luo met dozens of jerks recently, he could easily see through a ray of vexation hiding in the handsome female magician's eyes.

Along with a slight pale color on her lips.

The servant girl arms folded her arms across her chest and thought, "Vera• Toktahonov... many Russians use it as their surnames, but according to Ms. Vera's change, there can probably be only one family."

You Ye looked at Luo Qiu, whispering, "Master, I

think this Miss Vera should be the daughter of the Toktahonov's Family---the most powerful Mafia."

Luo Qiu walked back and forth in the room... and raised his head after walking around Vera on the ground, "You mean a werewolf family?"

"It can be considered an ancient branch, but the amount of the existing werewolves are very rare. The family of Miss Vera might be the unique one." You Ye said softly, "The Toktahonov Family belongs to the descendants of the ancient Turkic ethnic groups, and they adored the wolf totem."

Although You Ye was only 300 years old and acted as a servant girl, in Luo Qiu's view, she was like a living dictionary.

Luo Qiu was very happy with the discovery of one more good advantage from You Ye. He nodded, "She said she'll feel better by taking some medicine. Can a werewolf's transformation be controlled by drugs?"

You Ye thought for a while, "No, an adult purebred werewolf can control its transformation by itself even in the case of a full moon. At that period they'll become very irritable and may be out of control by little cases, but at least the transformation could be controlled.".

You Ye looked at Vera on the floor, speaking indifferently, "But she looks to be in a lot of pain, I think there may be something is wrong with her lineage... and the so-called medicine should help her suppress the abnormal change during nights with a moon. However, the side effects may be very serious, so she would rather suffer pain than take more. But..."

You Ye meditated for a while, stretching out her fingers to touch Vera's forehead, before saying slowly, "The body will hit its limit and collapse in

in a short time."

Luo Qiu nodded, and then waved his hand to have the curled-up Vera float from the ground to the bed, as well as tucking herself in the quilt.

Afterwards, Luo Qiu stretched out his hand once again. The air-conditioner remote flew back to his hand.

Opening the air-conditioner, and changing it to automatic mode, Luo Qiu looked at You Ye and smiled, "Do you know some good place for strolling about in the evening?"

"How about the riverside?"

Luo Qiu smiled.

Before leaving, Boss Luo gently placed a black card by Vera's pillow.

Just as Anna had said to Urey, Efim was throwing gla.s.ses in his own 'fortress'.

Many, many gla.s.ses had been broken up into gla.s.s shards.

The elevator door suddenly opened at this time. His follower walked nervously to Demon Efim while seeing the gla.s.s shards, "Boss, Miss Anna is back."

"Anna?" Efim turned round. He was not that friendly with his arms on his waist, "Really... let her come up."

When the elevator door was opened, Anna looked around both sides as usual. However, she didn't see the usual people do a security scan on her.

She walked in... The broken gla.s.s on the floor startled her.

Anna frowned while watching Efim, who kept silent and stood in front of the gla.s.s curtain wall with a gla.s.s of wine, "What happened?"

"You came back?" Efim said calmly, "How dare you?"

Anna said with discontent, "I've been arrested by the Typica Family and I seized the chance to escape. What do you mean? Are you blaming me for your screwed-up auction?"

"Escape?" Efim sneered, "Then tell me how did you manage

you manage to escape?"

Anna said indifferently, "Efim, it's not the key point! The key point is, I found something! That day when I was on the platform, I didn't kill Urey, and somehow, he became a member of the Typica's Family! He destroyed the painting that day in the hotel and later he sold a new one that was totally the same with that... Do you know how much he sold it for?"

"How much?"Efim turned his eyes and asked curiously.

Anna heaved a sigh and ma.s.saged her eyebrows, "260 million Euros! Some moron paid 260 million Euros to buy a fake painting. I have to admit that Urey is really a genius in counterfeiting. Efim, now we should think about how to recoup the loss. I know you are angry, but now is not the time to be angry."

Efim nodded, "I admit that... Oh, let me show you something. Come with me."

Anna was stunned, following Efim to the back of the room. They stopped in front of an easel. Then, Efim opened the white cloth on the shelf.

"The Nameless Maiden?" Anna frowned, "How did you get out the real one? What's your plan?"

"No, this is a counterfeit, too," Efim said slowly as looking at Anna.

"How could it be! The fake one should have been damaged in the hotel ..." But Anna stopped talking at once; she seemed to be aware of something.

But it was too late.

Because at this moment, Efim suddenly grabbed Anna's hair by one hand, forcefully pulling her body to the wall, and squeezing her throat.

He looked Anna's horrified look, and face closed to hers with a sneer, "Why not? Why is it not possible? it not possible? Because the guy you talked about, is me!!!"

Anna grabbed Efim's arm painfully---The man had terrible physical power though he was fat.

This huge body pressed her body against the wall, which prevented her from moving---her neck had been squeezed, so she could neither talk nor feel her breath!

Efim looked at Anna hideously. He opened his mouth as if being about to swallow her, "I don't know why Urey inexplicably went with the Typica Family, and I don't want to know that! Moreover, I'm not interested in what intentions a s.l.u.t have to come back to me for! But, I can tell you honestly, that you are dead meat! You even dared to betray me!! And looted 260 million Euros with Urey from me!! Even revealed my ident.i.ty to everyone in the auction!!"

Anna struck the wall painfully, less and less oxygen was entering her body; Soon, she could hear her body begging as her sight turned dimmer... and the feeling which her throat could be crushed at any time.

It let her thought of the conversation with Urey before she left the manor.

He didn't tell her the buyer was Efim.

He even said to her, 'Then, goodbye'.

It turned out what she encountered was the real meaning of 'goodbye'.

"Boss? What's the matter?"

Efim was now sitting quietly, sipping a mouthful of wine; he did nothing except pointing at the corner---Anna had fallen down there motionlessly. Her body had even turned cold.

"Boss, I got it, I will handle her properly." His henchman nodded.

Suddenly, he got a phone call.

"Boss, a police car arrived, and they said they had to see you…"

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