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Chapter 216: Legend 1st
Momo highly doubted the boss’s work efficiency in this shop… he hadn’t brought the person to this place after 1 hour.

Because of his miraculous skill, he wouldn’t worry about the source of his income. The successor of Dragon Tiger Mountain sometimes might even rob the rich and a.s.sist the poor occasionally.

But at the same time he also knew that time was money, thus he lost the patience to continue waiting here.

When he was about to leave, the middle-aged boss came, wearing a disgusting smile.

"Sir, I found the person you want!" the boss wiped his forehead, "I have a hard time inviting the aunt to come here! But don’t worry, she used to be famous when she was young… Hey hey, to be honest, I’ve tried her before when I was young!"

‘What’s this guy talking about?’ Momo looked at him astoundingly. He just wanted to find an old person. Since she came, he didn’t give much thoughts of this guy’s the words, "OK, bring her in!"

The boss revealed a cunning smile, "You’ll satisfy her! She hasn’t left her home since long ago. So it took her a little more time to dress up. Aunt Golden Flower, come in please!"

Momo watched the boss bringing an aunt in. He was almost scared to death at first glance.

b.l.o.o.d.y red blusher was applied on both of her wrinkled cheeks. Colorful lipstick was painted on her shriveled lips, a yellow flower was stuck in her coiling grey hair… it was probably a fresh flower.

The aunt wore old-fashioned cheong-sam but it couldn’t hide her swollen figure… Anyway, she was pinching a scarf, walking closer leisurely.

The boss closed the door with a smile, "Have fun… don’t worry! No one will come to bother you."

Momo’s lips moved.

He had very good listening ability. After the boss had left, he could still hear his whispering vaguely.

"I don’t understand the taste of these people from the city… quite heavy. Apparently, they want some special flavor, different from their daily life."

The aunt sat near him, ogling and using her body to touch him slightly, Momo couldn’t help shivering.

He knew what the middle-aged man had misunderstood.

The aunt grabbed Momo’s hands at this moment, casting amorous glances at him and smiling, "What a young boy. How old are you?"

"Let me wipe out this evildoer!!"

The successor of Taoist Master Momo gathered his power. A feeling of imperatorial was revealed on his peaceful face!

The sound of wind and thunder was heard in the air.

However, years gone by had deteriorated this aunt‘s hearing. She didn’t even know she was in danger.

She stood up, squinting and opening her mouth that had no teeth, "Let’s get started, honey! It’s late. Be gentle!"

Momo took a deep breath, reaching the state where his mind nearly collapsed. He stretched his hands to p.r.i.c.k her forehead with force, murmuring some incantation.

Then, the aunt stopped.

Momo acted like a statue enshrined in the Taoist temple, showing an impressive and a dignified manner. Both of his eyes flashed with golden light, bellowing in a low voice furiously.

That aunt’s body quivered faintly, shaking and looking at Momo with fear.

"Listen! I’m the current successor of Taoist Master of Dragon Tiger Mountain. I’m coming now to get rid of the evil demons! And the purpose of why I look for you is to hear about the matter of the sea monster, you’d better behave!"

The aunt was scared. Looking at Momo’s awe-inspiring righteousness, she knelt down immediately. She didn’t understand technology or advance civilization but after encountering bizarre matters since young and worshiping deities on the first day and the fifth day of every month, she thought she met a living G.o.d now.

"Oh, dear immort

al. This old aunt feels sorry for offending immortal!"

Momo sat down, forming a sword shape and pointing at her, "Let me ask you. Do you know the matter about the sea monster dozens of years ago in this area?"

The aunt nodded hurriedly, "Yeah, I know that. I can never forget that!"

"Tell me the details!" Momo yelled in a low voice, awing her mind with mysterious methods of Taoism, "Don’t try to hide something or some bloodshed might happen to you."

"Yeah yeah yeah! I know that!" the aunt’s body shivered but dared not to stand up. She said while lowering her head, "That was a matter of 40 years ago."

40 years ago, a horrifying matter happened in Lui Village.

Since then, the whole Lui Village was stirred into a tempest. Everyone was scared, hiding in their own house, and seldom walked out.

The aunt sighed, "I still remember that day as if it was last night. A sudden rainstorm came and a boat was capsized at the bank. A loud thunder was heard, the lightning cleaved the rock of Hear-The-Sea Cliff, and a huge rock dropped into the sea…"

"This is Hear-The-Sea Cliff."

Lui Yiyun pointed to the front cliff and a silvery voice was heard in the wind, "This mountain road was paved 10 years ago to develop tourism. During my childhood, we had to spend more than half a day to climb the mountain."

They drove along the mountain road. Luo Qiu asked with a strong interest while looking at the delicate edges, "Why does it seem like an edge of the cliff was gone?"

Lui Yiyun said, "I heard a thunderbolt cleaved it long long ago."

"Cleaved?" Ren Ziling gaped.

Lui Yiyun nodded.

Right then, Lizi screamed suddenly, "Look! Is there someone standing on the top of the cliff?"

All of them looked over. Lui Yiyun then cried with fear, "That’s my dad!!"

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