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Chapter 52: Heart Is Leaping with Joy, But Looks Calm on the Outside

Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu were so focused on punishing Fu Yuxiu that they didn't notice Fu Chen and Song Fengwan's small, secretive actions.

Seeing that Fu Chen was angry, Fu Xinhan moved over to rub against him, but he was kicked on the b.u.t.t again and whimpered.

“What are you whining about? Wait aside.” Fu Chen lowered his head and glanced at him with narrowed eyes.

The dog immediately ran toward the corner, escaping very quickly.

Not running?

Then his life would be in danger.

At this moment, Old Zhong had already taken the ferule from upstairs. This person was the old man who had picked Song Fengwan up at the entrance of the compound the day she had arrived in the capital. Everyone called him Uncle Zhong.

The ferule was about a foot long, flat, peach wood-colored, and smooth. It was obvious that it was a bit old. Song Fengwan raised her eyebrows. When used to hit someone, this thing would definitely hurt a lot.

About five minutes later, Fu Yuxiu entered the house. He had just bid farewell to Jiang Fengya, and there was still a look of delight on his face.

“Grandpa, Grandma, Third Uncle.” He greeted them one by one and directly ignored Song Fengwan.

“You still have the audacity to come back?!” Old Master Fu pulled the ferule from Uncle Zhong's hands.

Fu Yuxiu's heart thumped. The members of the Fu family were all familiar with this ferule, as Old Master Fu had always used it to punish them whenever they broke the family rules.

In the entire Fu family, except for Fu Chen, everyone, even his father, had been beaten by it. This ferule was very powerful, so if someone was beaten up with it, they would definitely be beaten into a pig's head[1].

“Let's have dinner first. Wanwan must be hungry.” Old Master Fu wished he could kill this punk right now. But since Old Madam Fu spoke up, he restrained his anger first.

“Thank you, Grandma.” Fu Yuxiu felt his scalp tingle with his grandfather looking at him like that.

“Let's eat first. Then we'll slowly talk about you.” Old Master Fu snorted coldly. Did this brat think he's off the hook?

Fu Yuxiu was elated moments ago, but now he was ashen-faced.

Old Master Fu was usually an amiable person. But when he was angry, he looked very formidable. His gaze was cold and sharp, and he had the special prestige of a superior. How could a young fellow like Fu Yuxiu not be afraid?

As soon as Old Madam Fu took two steps toward the kitchen, Fu Yuxiu immediately followed behind her.

“Grandma… please help me out.”

“I never said I would help you,” Old Madam Fu said unhurriedly.

“Didn't you speak up for me just now?”

“I'm just afraid that your grandfather will beat you up now and cause Wanwan not to be in the mood to eat. That girl isn't as heartless and unscrupulous as you. You only went out to send someone off, yet you have lipstick all over your mouth.” Old Madam Fu harrumphed.

How would Song Fengwan be able to sit and eat while they executed the family punishment? Old Madam Fu had everything well-thought-out.

“I…” Fu Yuxiu hurriedly wiped his mouth. There were indeed red stains.

Fu Yuxiu was a man, so he might not have noticed so many details. But how could Jiang Fengya not know that he had lipstick on his lips? Thus, this wasn't just an oversight in Old Madam Fu's eyes.

That girl really isn't easy to deal with. Old Madam Fu had just shown her imposing manner in front of that girl, but that girl was dead set on making her uncomfortable.

“Don't just stand there in a daze. Help me bring the soup out.” Old Madam Fu sighed.

Her second son's family had moved to Yuncheng a long time ago. Every year, apart from Lunar New Year, they rarely came back to the old residence, so Old Madam Fu's impression of Fu Yuxiu had remained the same as when he was young. He used to be smart and obedient, but why was it that when he grew up and fell in love, his brain became lacking?

The elders sat down first. Song Fengwan wanted to sit with Old Madam Fu, but Fu Yuxiu was faster and sat down beside her first.

Fu Yuxiu wasn't stupid. How would he dare to sit beside Fu Chen?

Looking dejected, Song Fengwan could only sit down beside Fu Chen.

“What? You don't want to sit beside me?” Fu Chen's tone was emotionless.

“No, I just wanted to chat with Grandma Fu.” Song Fengwan smiled bitterly.

He continued, “Are you still going to the atelier tonight?”

“No, I'd just be drawing there anyway.”

“It'll be good to go back early too. I heard that you only leave cla.s.s around ten every night. It's not safe to go back so late!” Old Madam Fu knew about the incident with Cheng Tianyi and was inevitably worried.

“The atelier's pretty close to the house, so it'll be fine,” Song Fengwan said with a smile.

“Third Son, you usually don't have anything to do at night. Can't you pick Wanwan up after her cla.s.s ends?”

Fu Chen raised up his head and looked at his mother. Before he could speak, Old Master Fu said, “Is it that difficult to get you to pick someone up?”

He was in a bad mood because of Fu Yuxiu, so he sounded sullen.

“I'll pick her up,” Fu Chen replied.

Song Fengwan blinked. Fu Chen's going to pick me up after cla.s.s ends?


Not far away, Shi Fang leaned over and poked Qian Jiang's arm. He complained in a low voice. “Third Master's acting is too impressive. His heart is definitely leaping with joy, yet he's still pretending to be serious and calm.

“He's pretending to look like he's being forced!

“What a sly old fox!”

Qian Jiang moved half an inch to the side.

Shi Fang became unhappy and moved half an inch closer. “What the h.e.l.l are you doing? I haven't seen you all day. Why are you so distant?”

“You can talk.” Qian Jiang frowned. “But don't be touchy.”

Shi Fang choked. I just poked you a few times! Who the h.e.l.l was being touchy with you!

Outside the compound…

Fu Yuxiu had walked Jiang Fengya to the entrance before leaving reluctantly. She had been standing at the entrance for a long time, staring at the tall iron gates. When she thought of what Old Madam Fu had said, she still trembled with anger.

On another side, in a black car, someone stared at her for a long time.

“Was Fu Yuxiu the one who sent her out just now?”

“It should be.” The driver nodded.

“Then isn't she…” The woman's lips curled into a smile. “Go find out where she lives.”


“Let's go back.”

“Aren't we waiting for Third Master Fu?” The driver looked at Cheng Lan in surprise. It wasn't easy to wait for Fu Chen to leave his house. Knowing that he would be returning to the old residence tonight, they had kept watch here to wait for him, yet now she actually wanted to return just like that?

Isn't she going to plead for the young master anymore?

“Why are you asking so much?!” Cheng Lan looked sullen.

The driver looked awkward and started the car to leave.

Originally, she already didn't want to offend Fu Chen because of her useless brother. Looking for him was just asking to be humiliated. But because of her father, she had no choice but to put on a show. But this hidden danger, Song Fengwan…

… had to be gotten rid of as soon as possible.

[1] Beaten up so badly that one's face is swollen to the point that it resembles a pig's head.

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