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Chapter 51: Third Master, So Handsome He Makes One's Scalp Tingle

The two of them were so close to each other. Song Fengwan held her breath, afraid that her breath would accidentally fall on his face.

The surroundings were very dark, and she couldn't even see Fu Chen's face clearly. She only felt the hand on her waist becoming increasingly hot, and her head started to feel dizzy.

The two people on the other side were still whispering and flirting, and they occasionally made sounds that made one's face turn red and heart race.

“Let's hurry up. You still have to go back for dinner later. Don't make them wait for you.” Jiang Fengya's voice was coy.

“Even at this time, you're still being considerate to me…”

The two of them cuddled for a while before Song Fengwan heard the sound of footsteps leaving.

Fu Chen tightened his grip slightly and moved her half an inch to the side so that they leaned against each other in a more natural posture.

She subconsciously placed her fingers on his chest, wanting to put some distance between them.

“Don't move. You'll be seen.” As he spoke, his scorching breath landed on her ear, making it hot. It felt as if her ear was wrapped in warmth…

Song Fengwan's heart skipped a beat, and her body went limp.

He's really too close.

It was not until the rustling on the other side was gone that Song Fengwan said with a trembling voice, “Third Master…”

Isn't it time to let go?

“Mother said that you came out to welcome me. Didn't you go look for me? Why are you here peeping?” Fu Chen released his fingers and straightened his body. Song Fengwan suddenly realized that Fu Chen was so tall.

“It was an accident.” Song Fengwan was finally able to breathe and adjusted her breathing.

“If they saw you, they might have thought that you followed them. They might even think that you still have feelings for Yuxiu…” Fu Chen said casually.

“How is that possible? Even if such a sc.u.mbag gave himself to me, I would find him dirty too. How could I possibly…” she instinctively retorted. She only realized halfway through that regardless of how much of a sc.u.mbag Fu Yuxiu was, he was Fu Chen's nephew, so she swallowed her words.

Fu Chen's lips curled up, and he naturally distanced himself from her. “Let's go back.”

Only then did Song Fengwan suddenly remember that Fu Xinhan was gone. She gritted her teeth and said, “Third Master, there's something else…”

“Huh?” Fu Chen's voice was low and magnetic in the night, so pleasant that it made one's heart tremble.

“Fu Xinhan is gone. I can't find him, but he shouldn't have left the compound.”

Fu Chen's expression remained unchanged. “I'll get someone to look for him.” With that, he walked toward the other side.

Song Fengwan hurriedly followed him. When she thought of their intimacy just now, her palms became sweaty.

She had lost Fu Chen's dog and had been looking for him the entire time, so she didn't dare to look at Fu Chen at all.

When they had reached the entrance of the old residence, Fu Chen stopped to change his shoes before entering the house. She was caught off guard and almost b.u.mped into him.

She was obviously absent-minded.

Fu Chen lowered his gaze and said gently, “Watch where you're going.”

“Okay.” Song Fengwan's voice was very soft, and she felt very guilty.

“Wanwan, where did you go? You and Fu Xinhan went out to look for Third Son together, but he's already home.” Old Madam Fu smiled.

“Fu Xinhan is back?” Song Fengwan looked up in surprise.

“I was afraid you would get lost, so I asked Third Son to go find you.” Old Madam Fu sized her up. “Are you alright?”

Song Fengwan looked around and saw Fu Xinhan gnawing on a furball. Her worries finally settled down.

“I've never seen anyone walk a dog, and then the dog comes back, but the person themselves gets lost,” Fu Chen teased.

Song Fengwan's face flushed red. She recalled her cousin's advice not to talk back to Fu Chen and could only endure it.

“Third Son, you have to be gentle when talking to girls!” Old Madam Fu frowned, looking displeased.

Sure enough, I can't expect too much from him. He's still the same old person as before.

“You can't blame Wanwan. Actually, there are a lot of people in the compound who raise dogs.” Old Madam Fu was afraid that Song Fengwan would feel uncomfortable, so she held her hand and comforted her. “There are a lot of retired people living in this area. Usually, we have nothing to do, so we raise pets as a pastime.

“Fu Xinhan used to live with me for some time, and he has quite a number of old girlfriends in the compound. When he smells the scent of other dogs, he'll run over to it.

“He's familiar with the courtyard, so he can come back on his own.”

Song Fengwan's mouth twitched. Old girlfriends?

Shi Fang leaned to the side calmly. Old Madam, how could you know that Third Master just hugged and touched this young lady, taking full advantage of her.

He had heard from the little brats back home before, but it was his first time seeing Third Master flirt with her.

d.a.m.n it!

It almost blinded my t.i.tanium dog eyes[1].

Old Madam Fu pulled Song Fengwan to sit down while Fu Chen walked to Fu Xinhan and kicked his b.u.t.t.

“Woof—” Fu Xinhan was just having fun and turned around to look at him innocently.

Song Fengwan heard the noise and looked over. Only then did she notice that Fu Chen was wearing a suit today.

The suit was dark blue and tailored to perfection. He had an exquisite tie clip and nacre cufflinks. Every inch of the suit was exquisite and refined, complementing him to look even more restrained and cold.

He took off his suit jacket and hung it on his arm. Then his fingers casually tugged at his tie.

“Where is that brat Yuxiu? Why isn't he back yet?” Old Master Fu was sitting on the sofa and looked calm, but he had an angry undertone to his expression.

“He should be back soon.” Old Madam Fu looked at the grandfather clock.

“He actually dares to come back! Old Zhong, go to my study and bring me my ferrule!” The moment Old Master Fu said this, the atmosphere in the room changed.

Even Fu Chen glanced toward the sofa. But he suddenly met Song Fengwan's 'sizing up' gaze. She seemed to see the corner of Fu Chen's lips slowly curve up.

He was quiet and elegant, handsome yet distant.

He was so handsome he made her scalp tingle.

Song Fengwan looked away hurriedly, and her ears once again felt hot.

Leaning against the wall, Shi Fang lowered his head to stuff two pieces of xylitol gum into his mouth. He sighed silently.

F*ck, these two people are flirting again!

And they're so blatant!

[1] Referring to yourself as a dog is a popular phrase (单身狗 – single dog) for single people

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