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Chapter 50: You're Still Quite Young

Song Fengwan used to think that Old Madam Fu was gentle and kind, so she couldn't believe that she gave birth to someone as devious as Fu Chen. But seeing this now…

Third Master Fu is definitely her biological son.

Old Madam Fu narrowed her eyes and yawned. “Since Miss Jiang's eyes are uncomfortable, I won't keep you any longer.”

When Song Fengwan saw Jiang Fengya's face turn pale out of anger, she almost laughed out loud.

Even if she didn't know the cause and effect, she knew that Jiang Fengya was lying when she said that she cried due to the wind.

Even so, Old Madam Fu unpredictably went with the flow and was chasing her away.

“Grandma, you…” Fu Yuxiu wasn't a fool. Just as he was about to speak, Old Madam Fu spoke again.

“Yuxiu, what are you waiting for? Hurry and send Miss Jiang out.”

“Your grandfather is coming down soon. We'll have dinner when your third uncle arrives later. Don't make everyone wait too long.” This sentence mentioned two heavyweights, and it was a disguised warning.

She was so devious.

After she finished speaking, she turned around and entered the house. She pa.s.sed by Song Fengwan and smiled kindly at her.

Jiang Fengya was so angry that her body was trembling, but she couldn't flare up, and her tears kept falling.

“Fengya, Grandma might just be in a bad mood. Don't take her words to heart. Don't cry anymore.” Fu Yuxiu pulled her into his arms, looking full of concern.

Every word Old Madam Fu said had pierced her heart.

She was indeed impressive!

She was lying in Fu Yuxiu's arms when she saw Song Fengwan at the corner of her eye.

She was still looking down on her from above with the cold look of a spectator.

“I don't want to stay here.” Jiang Fengya sobbed.

“Let's talk outside.” Fu Yuxiu hugged her as they walked out.

Song Fengwan took a sip of tea and smiled silently. They even jogged over just now. What was the hurry? Were they that desperate for this to happen?

Not long after Song Fengwan entered the house and before she saw Old Master Fu, she heard him berate, “How dare that rascal Yuxiu come over! It'd still be fine if he came alone, but how dare he bring that person here…”

Halfway through his sentence, he suddenly saw Song Fengwan in the living room. His mouth twitched, and he swallowed his words.

“Wanwan, you're here.” The corners of Old Master Fu's mouth curved into a smile.

“h.e.l.lo, Grandpa Fu.” Song Fengwan stood up and greeted him.

“Old man, come help me taste the soup.” Old Madam Fu frowned and glared at him unhappily, signaling him to follow her into the kitchen.

The two of them had something to say about Fu Yuxiu, but it was inconvenient with Song Fengwan around.

“Grandpa Fu, Grandma Fu, I think Third Master will be arriving soon. I'll bring Fu Xinhan out to welcome him,” Song Fengwan said as she put the dog leash on Fu Xinhan.

Fu Xinhan stayed on the ground and refused to leave.

He had just returned from a walk and didn't want to go out again.

“Hurry up! Be obedient!” Song Fengwan practically pulled him out forcibly.

Fu Xinhan wanted to cry.

Why are so many people forcing me to go on a walk?

It's so inhumane. There's no way to live like this.

Song Fengwan held Fu Xinhan's leash and walked around the courtyard. She didn't let Qian Jiang follow her because she felt uncomfortable with a big tan man following and watching her all the time.

Fu Xinhan was actually pretty well-behaved, but he would occasionally sniff around.

All of the sudden, he smelled something and sprinted into a thick patch of gra.s.s.

It was Song Fengwan's first time walking a dog, and she was inexperienced. She didn't hold on tightly to the leash, so it slipped out of her palm, and Fu Xinhan disappeared in an instant.

Her face immediately paled in fright.

Third Master would definitely not forgive her if she lost his dog.

“Fu Xinhan—!” Song Fengwan walked around for a long time. Her surroundings were silent and dark. She wasn't familiar with this place and didn't know where to start looking.

She had no choice but to go back and seek help.

She had only been to this place once, and she had always arrived in cars, so she didn't know her way around at all. Coupled with the fact that she had been looking for the dog for a while, she couldn't even distinguish directions now, so she could only walk toward a place with light.

She had not taken more than two steps when she heard human voices. She took a closer look.

Why is it them?

The two people hid under a tree near a street light and were hugging each other tightly.

Song Fengwan shivered in disgust. These two people are really bold. They're so close to the roadside, yet they actually dared to…

Moreover, they hadn't left the compound yet, but they weren't worried about being seen.

She was now set on returning to the Fu family residence to find someone to help look for Fu Xinhan, so she couldn't be bothered with them. She turned around and prepared to leave quietly.

When she turned around, she was scared out of her wits and was just about to scream when her mouth was covered.

How did he approach so silently?

There was slight pressure on her mouth, and it was slightly ambiguous.

“Mm—” Song Fengwan's voice came out m.u.f.fled from between his fingers.

She was still in shock. Her hands grabbed his clothes, and her beautiful phoenix eyes were glistening.

When had she ever been so close to the opposite s.e.x?

“Shh—” His voice was soft.

She nodded hastily, and he withdrew his hand.

Fu Chen smiled and said in a slightly ambiguous deep voice, “You're still looking at that? You're still quite young, yet you have a thing for peeping at others being intimate?”

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