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Chapter 42: Third Master Flirts, Wanwan Escapes

Model? Song Fengwan's fingers, which were stroking the dog's fur, paused. The teacher had requested that the model be someone she was familiar with, so she was also worried about it.

“Yes, but I don't know if Uncle Nian…” She didn't dare to look for Fu Chen to be her model and immediately shifted her gaze to Uncle Nian.

Uncle Nian smiled calmly. “Don't tease me. My old arms and legs hurt just by standing for a while. How can I be your model? Third Master has nothing to do every day. Why don't you look for him?”

“I…” Song Fengwan looked around her. There were a few people in the room just now, but now, they had all disappeared.

They were not fools.

If they didn't leave now, they would be dead meat if Song Fengwan chose one of them to be her model.

She glanced at Fu Chen. “Third Master, you should be quite busy usually. I'll go find someone else.”

“I'm not busy these days.” Fu Chen's tone was very calm. “When are you going to start drawing?”

“Tomorrow night.”

“Then I'll wait for you at home.” Fu Chen settled the matter directly.

Song Fengwan felt a little dizzy. Everything got settled so quickly. When did she decide to let Fu Chen be her model?

But Third Master was actually not as aloof as she had thought. He was very warm-hearted and glad to help out.

In that case, Fu Chen would be justified in waiting for her to come home every night, and the two of them could also be alone for a while.

Song Fengwan said, “I'll try my best to be fast and not take up too much of your time.”

“I have plenty of time. There's no hurry.”

“Alright, come drink the soup. If you don't drink it soon, the chicken soup will turn cold.” Uncle Nian called Song Fengwan over. “Third Master, there's a lot of soup. Have a bowl too.”

In the past, Fu Chen was the only one eating at the dining table. Now, there was someone else. With the two white porcelain bowls placed together and the two of them sitting together, the entire house was full of life.

They didn't talk much and just drank their soup quietly.

Fu Chen didn't have the habit of eating supper, nor did he like drinking chicken soup.

Whenever someone in his family got pregnant, his mother always loved to make chicken soup. She would feed him any unfinished soup, so Fu Chen became afraid of drinking it.

After taking two sips, he kept staring at Song Fengwan from the corner of his eye.

Fu Xinhan had been lying quietly by the side with his eyes wide open as he stared at the interaction between the two. He seemed to have noticed something…

Fu Chen glared at him coldly.

He shuddered and quickly moved closer to Song Fengwan. She pet him with her free hand, and he immediately grinned and shook his head.

Fu Chen lowered his gaze. Stupid dog.

The chicken soup was very fragrant, and Fu Xinhan had long wanted to eat it. But he didn't dare to look for Fu Chen and could only pester Song Fengwan.

“Stop messing around!” Song Fengwan couldn't drink the soup in peace at all. When she held the spoon to her mouth, he jumped up and grabbed her sleeve. The spoon brushed past her mouth, and the chicken soup spilled out of it.

“Fu Xinhan!” Fu Chen said deeply. “Go stand outside as punishment!”

“Woof…” He certainly didn't want to go.

Song Fengwan was wiping the spilled soup with a piece of tissue and didn't pay attention to him.

Fu Xinhan also knew that he had done something wrong and walked out with his head drooping.

“Miss Song, are you alright? The soup didn't get on you, did it? Fu Xinhan is very gluttonous. When you're eating, he will pester you for food if you've played with him,” Uncle Nian explained.

“I'm alright.” Song Fengwan lowered her head to check if any soup had splashed onto her.

“Let me take a look.” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows.

When Song Fengwan looked up again, her pupils constricted slightly. When did he get so close to me?

His fingers were long and slender. When he reached out his fingers, Song Fengwan couldn't dodge away in time. He lifted her chin, and his breathing was so close…

… and so hot that she felt her skin burning.

“I don't think you got scalded.” His scent was faint. His lips were thin, and the shape of his lips was so d.a.m.n good-looking.

At this distance, his scent was everywhere, lingering around her and making her heart tremble.

He said every word in a slow tone. And every time his breath landed on her face, it felt like it was smashing on her chest, suffocating her.

His eyes seemed to glow under the light. They were deep and intense and capable of drowning people in them.

Song Fengwan shrank back and pulled away from his hands.

“It's nothing much. I'm done drinking the soup. I'll head upstairs first.” Song Fengwan got up and walked upstairs in a flurry.

Fu Chen stared at her back and only lowered his head to rub his fingers when he knew that she had disappeared from his sight…

The feeling when touching her just now…

… very smooth and very tender.

And her face…

… was a little hot.

He gave a m.u.f.fled laugh.

“You don't need to keep the soup. Have an early night,” Fu Chen said to Uncle Nian and then went straight to his room.

Uncle Nian smiled in relief. He would finally be able to see Fu Chen get married and have children in his lifetime.

The group of people hiding in the dark were completely dumbfounded. This chicken soup is really f*cking poisonous.

Everyone went back to their rooms to rest, completely forgetting the dog still standing outside the door as punishment.

Fu Xinhan sneezed a few times and shrunk his neck while leaning against the wall. The autumn wind is so cold. It's going to freeze me to death.

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