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Chapter 39: Touching My Person? Is He Provoking Me?

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

In a private room in the theater…

Old Madam Fu didn't have any other hobbies other than watching opera. It was well-known that every time there was a performance at the Pear Garden, she would always be the first to book a private room.


On the stage, the performers were singing ‘The Fourth Son Visiting His Mother'. Old Madam Fu was about to cry from listening to it, but she didn't expect her mood to be spoiled by someone.


“Why is Mr. Cheng in the mood to come and watch the performance today?” Old Madam Fu took a sip of hot tea with a calm expression.

A few characters wearing heavy make-up, cloud-shaped collar wraps, and long sleeves were singing on the stage.

“I had no choice but to disturb you.” Cheng Guofu wiped the thin layer of sweat off his forehead.

When he saw Song Fengwan that night, he was certain that she had something to do with it. But she was at the police station at that time. If he went up to stop her and alarmed the police, they would definitely have accused him of hara.s.sing the victim if she was unwilling to cooperate.

After some investigation, he found out that the person who had beaten up his son that night was Fu Chen.

His back immediately turned cold. Luckily, he hadn't stopped her. Otherwise…

He would probably be in the hospital now too.

Because this matter involved two minors, the police kept it a secret, and not many people knew about it.

He had originally thought that since Cheng Tianyi was underage, the punishment he would receive would be limited. But he didn't expect Fu Chen to use his influence and wanted to send Cheng Tianyi to a juvenile detention center.


There was nothing he could do about Fu Chen, and there were only a few people who could make Fu Chen give in. He had no way of contacting them, so he could only target the old couple of the Fu family.

Old Master Fu rarely left the compound, and he couldn't enter, so he could only come to the opera theater to meet Old Madam Fu.

“Old Madam, you must help me call the shots on this matter. Third Master has really gone overboard this time.”

Old Madam Fu hadn't been involved in worldly affairs for many years and couldn't be bothered with him at all. But when she heard that it was about Fu Chen, her fingers holding the teacup paused for a few seconds. “Our third son? What happened?”

“About this, I have to mention my disappointing son. It was just that he fell for a little girl, and those children were playing around. But Third Master misunderstood and beat him up. Now, he's still lying in the hospital.

“You know how Third Master does things. We didn't dare to say much, but now he still wants to send my son to a juvenile detention center.

“It wasn't a big deal at first. We can accept him being beaten up, but isn't Third Master being too much of a bully?”

Old Madam Fu's expression didn't change. She lowered her head and sipped her tea. “Such a thing happened?”


“Old Madam, I have no choice but to beg you for help because there's nothing I can do on Third Master's side. I only have this one son. He is in the wrong, so I can accept that he was beaten up.” As Cheng Guofu spoke, his eyes had turned red.

“But he's still a child after all. If he goes in there, that record will be with him for the rest of his life.

“Does Third Master want to ruin his life?”

The few people who followed Old Madam Fu looked at each other.

To be honest, the boy from the Cheng Family was famous for being a scoundrel, and Third Master was famous for not being a busybody. This time, he had probably provoked Third Master, so whatever he wanted to do…

Not to mention Old Madam Fu, even the G.o.ds couldn't stop him.

“Old Madam, you must help me on this matter. Our Cheng family only has this one heir…” He spoke emotionally, but Old Madam Fu remained calm from start to end.

“Tianyi is so young. Why must Third Master be so ruthless?

“Moreover, both our families are friends. If Third Master really does this, I'm afraid…”

Old Madam Fu raised her eyebrows. Before she could speak, she heard a familiar clear voice.

“Mr. Cheng, are you threatening my mother?”

Cheng Guofu turned around and saw Fu Chen walking over with two people.

He wore a black long robe, held Buddhist prayer beads in his hand, and had clear eyes. He looked like an immortal but resembled a demon.

Cheng Guofu's heart skipped a beat. He didn't expect Fu Chen to arrive so soon.

Old Madam Fu rubbed her temples. “Third Son, you came just in time. Mr. Cheng said that you are being ruthless to a child. Why don't I know about this?”

“I was giving them some face because of the friendship between our elders, and I didn't want to blow things up. Since Mr. Cheng is here, let's have a good talk.” Fu Chen's voice was very faint, but it was also extremely intimidating.

Their eyes met.

Fu Chen's eyes were gentle yet also cold.

“Mr. Cheng said he has some misunderstanding with you. What do you say?” Old Madam Fu had very sharp instincts. When he mentioned a little girl, she had thought of Song Fengwan.

She had heard about some of the horrible things that Cheng Tianyi had done in the past. She quickly thought of something and felt anger in her heart.

“Misunderstanding?” Fu Chen fiddled with the prayer beads. “Mr. Cheng, I'm afraid you have some misunderstanding about this matter?”

“It's just children fooling around. Third Master, why are you making a mountain out of a molehill? Besides, Tianyi has already been taught a lesson.” Cheng Guofu couldn't see through Fu Chen, so he felt uncertain.

“Mr. Cheng, taking this opportunity, let's make this clear today.” Fu Chen lowered his eyes and frowned. He looked harmless.

“Everything Cheng Tianyi did was recorded by the surveillance cameras on the streets. It's true that he tailed a young lady and tried to do something to her.”

Old Madam Fu thought that Cheng Tianyi had only hara.s.sed Song Fengwan, but he actually tried to do something to her?

The phrase Fu Chen used was really ear-piercing, and her expression changed immediately.

“They were just fooling around. Third Master, your words are too serious.” Cheng Guofu took a deep breath.


“That wasn't the first time he's tailed her. He tailed her once before and even sent someone to tail her. It's clear that he didn't do it on the spur of the moment. But instead, he had planned it for a long time.

“He had vile intentions. If I hadn't happened to walk my dog that night and something had actually happened, would you be planning to spend some money to brush this matter off?

“Besides, the person he touched is staying in my house. How dare he touch my person? Is he provoking me?”

The pressure in Fu Chen's tone pressed down on Cheng Guofu.

“You mean Wanwan?” Old Madam Fu didn't flare up before this because she didn't know what had happened. If she had defended Fu Chen, others would say that she was biased.

“Yes.” Fu Chen didn't deny it. “Because the two of them are still minors, I didn't want to blow things up either. On account of the friendship between the two families' elders, I wanted to leave some face for both parties and secretly let things go.

“But Mr. Cheng came here to distort the truth. Is the purity and reputation of a girl just a small misunderstanding in your eyes?

“Today, I'm going to leave these words here. I'm the one who wants to take action against him. It doesn't matter who pleads for him.”

“You…” Cheng Guofu was furious. Fu Chen's meaning was obvious.

He was directly pressing Cheng Tianyi to death and didn't allow him to object.

“Mr. Cheng, instead of wasting your time here, it's better to think about why your son was so fixated on my person? He doesn't have enough brains, but he shouldn't be that stupid to be used by others.”

Cheng Guofu's heart skipped a beat.

These words. .h.i.t him right in his heart. Third Master Fu was famous for being difficult to deal with, and anyone who dared to provoke him would be asking for it. Even if Cheng Tianyi was unruly, he wouldn't dare to go against Fu Chen.

In the end, Cheng Guofu left dejectedly.

Old Madam Fu narrowed her eyes at Fu Chen. “Third Son, why didn't you tell us something so serious happened? Is Wanwan really fine?”

“Of course, it's better for fewer people to know about this to prevent rumors. You should pretend that you don't know about it too, or else she'll think too much.”

Old Madam Fu nodded. “When did you learn to care for others?”

Fu Chen's expression was normal. “I'm afraid that if anything happens to her, you won't let me off.”

“That's all?” Old Madam Fu was skeptical.


But Fu Chen knowing how to care for others is a good start.

The old man's trick really worked.

He's so concerned about a young lady staying in his house, let alone his wife.


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