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Chapter 32: Wanwan Being Followed, A Fierce Dog at Home

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Song Fengwan had just left the cla.s.sroom when a few boys rushed in.

“F*ck, Brother Tian, lost your touch?”


“It looks like it won't be easy to pursue her. I thought that you would be able to get her in a few minutes.”

“She's a girl. They all like to pretend. Especially the ones from small towns, they tend to be a little self-righteous. Just give her a few gifts, and she'll fall right into your arms.”


While the others were laughing and discussing, Cheng Tianyi's expression turned ugly. He left the crowd and ran downstairs.

The food at Beijing Second High School was not bad. As long as Song Fengwan could solve something herself, she would definitely not trouble Fu Chen. After eating in the cafeteria, she left for the atelier.

The atelier was only a five-minute walk from the school. There were no street vendors near the school's entrance, so it wasn't crowded. Song Fengwan and Qiao Xiyan had already gone to the atelier beforehand to familiarize themselves with the way there. She followed the road signs to reach her destination.

She didn't notice that someone was tailing her.

Yuncheng was in the south, and the climate there was humid. It was completely different from Beijing. When she spoke, it was inevitable for her speech to carry her Suzhou dialect, and her voice was unbelievably soft and gentle.

She tilted her head to look for the road sign, revealing the fair and tender neck under her sweater…

Unlike the pale white that other girls looked like after applying makeup, she had a natural tinge of red on her fair skin. Her skin was so tender that it seemed like water could be squeezed out of it.

Cheng Tianyi stared at Song Fengwan as she entered the atelier. His lips curled into a smirk before he turned to leave.


Little did he know that while he was following Song Fengwan, another group of people was also following behind him.

This group of people looked at each other. Is Young Master Cheng courting death?

If he was tailing someone, then he must have some sort of ulterior motive. He was also a well-known prodigal scion in the circle, and he was most famous for drag racing with someone and almost killing them.

He also played around with a lot of girls. But since he was still not eighteen years old and had some money at home, it was easy for him to get away with it when something happened.

Third Master didn't even show mercy to his own nephew, let alone him.

If he really targeted Song Fengwan, Third Master would probably kill him.

Song Fengwan was oblivious. By the time she entered the atelier, many people were already here. They were chatting about all sorts of topics. It was the first day of cla.s.s, and everyone gathered together to chat. When they saw her entering the room, they stared at the Beijing Second High School emblem on her school uniform, and their gazes became increasingly different.

This place was a pre-examination last-minute tutoring cla.s.s.

“Everyone, quiet down.” The person in charge of their cla.s.s was a pretty female teacher in her thirties, and she looked like she had a good temperament. “My name is Gao Xue. I will be in charge of your sketching cla.s.s before the art examination.

“I have very strict professional requirements, so everyone will definitely have a hard time during this period.

“Let's not waste any more time. In order to better gauge everyone's standards, we will start with a small test. You can choose any person you want to be the subject of your sketch. The time limit is three hours. You may begin now.”

Everyone was stunned. They were still happily chatting a moment ago, but now they were all listless. As students, what they were most afraid of was exams.

… Especially this kind of sudden exam, where they were caught off guard with no preparations.

Song Fengwan placed a blank sketch paper on the top left corner of the easel and thought about who to draw. The people she was most familiar with were her parents and family. But she didn't want to recall the things that had happened at home. Now, the person she interacted the most with was Fu Chen…

I'd better sketch Cousin.

These three hours were very crucial for her. This was already her weak point. But when the time was up, she didn't submit a complete sketch.

Gao Xue walked to her side, took a look, and recorded something in her notebook. “It's okay. There's still time. Just learn well.”

Gao Xue caught a glimpse of her school uniform. Beijing Second High School. Her sweater is even a name-brand one. Such a student doesn't have money to hire a private tutor?

“Okay.” Song Fengwan saw from the corner of her eye that the students beside her had all finished most of their sketch and felt even more upset.

“Alright, I have a rough gauge of everyone's level. Our cla.s.s usually starts at two in the afternoon. There is a half an hour break at five-thirty for everyone to eat, and then cla.s.s will resume from six to ten. There are no cla.s.ses on the weekends. If there are any special circ.u.mstances, we will inform you.”

After a brief explanation of the cla.s.s requirements, it was time for dinner.

Many people brought their own food. A piece of bread and a bottle of mineral water were enough for a meal. The lessons were tightly packed, and there was no time for people to be distracted.

After cla.s.s ended, Song Fengwan stayed in the atelier for a while longer. When she left, it was already ten-thirty in the evening. On the streets, there were only the blurry lights from the street lamps, swaying in the night.

The atelier was very close to Yunjin Prime Manor, where Fu Chen lived. She hadn't asked for a ride, and Fu Chen hadn't asked if she needed one either.

After walking for a while, she realized that something was amiss. Why does it feel like someone is following me?

Cheng Tianyi had never tailed anyone before, so it didn't take long before he exposed himself.

Under the dim lights, his 1.8 meters height and iconic buzz cut were particularly eye-catching.

Song Fengwan's fingers tightened around the strap of her art portfolio bag. She wasn't stupid. She knew what he wanted to do.

If he was an ordinary pursuer, it would be fine. But this person had a bad reputation. During cla.s.s, the people in the back row had mocked her with bad intentions. What good could come from him targeting her?

Cheng Tianyi definitely wanted to teach her a lesson when she was alone.

He had done it quite a lot, and he had always managed to get away with it cleanly afterward.

How could there be girls who would dare to publicize what had happened to them? He just had to give them some money, and they would have to drop the issue.

There were plenty of girls who acted pure and innocent for him. But when they got into his bed, weren't they all at his mercy?


At this moment, there was hardly anyone on the streets. Song Fengwan knew that if she confronted him, it wouldn't end well. So she quickened her pace and took out her phone to call her mother.

“I was just about to call you too. Have you finished school? How are you feeling today?” Qiao Aiyun wasn't aware of what was happening on the other end of the call.

“I'm doing pretty well. I'm walking back now…” She deliberately raised her voice to deter him.

Cheng Tianyi had no intention of taking action tonight and only wanted to scare her a bit.

At this moment, in Yunjin Prime Manor…

Fu Chen was sitting in the living room, watching the drama Song Feng had watched the other day.

The people of the Fu family were dumbfounded.

Third Master is watching a Korean drama?

This was even more terrifying than a meteor hitting Earth.

Fu Xinhan lay curled up by his feet, already dozing off.

Someone from the side walked over and said in a low voice, “Third Master, Miss Song will be home soon.”

“Oh.” Fu Chen immediately switched to a news channel.


“Cheng Tianyi…” The man hesitated for two seconds. “He's following her, but he hasn't done anything.”

Fu Chen suddenly moved his leg. Fu Xinhan jumped up and looked at him innocently.

“Go out and pick her up.” His voice was deep and cold.

Fu Xinhan ran toward the door.

The moment he came out, he saw Song Fengwan.

“Woof!” Fu Xinhan barked and broke the silence as he ran over to her.

Song Fengwan finally felt at ease. “Mom, I've arrived. I'm hanging up now.”

But Fu Xinhan didn't run to her. Instead, he ran past her while madly barking.


Cheng Tianyi was stunned.

He ran.

Holy s.h.i.t!

d.a.m.n it, how could I forget there's a vicious dog in Fu Chen's house?

What the h.e.l.l. Why is it chasing me?


Song Fengwan burst out laughing, and all her apprehension instantly vanished. But on second thought, Cheng Tianyi probably wouldn't let it go so easily. She had to think of a way to solve this hidden danger.

When she entered the house and saw Fu Chen, she narrowed her eyes and smiled slyly like a cunning little fox.

Fu Chen's expression didn't change, and he pretended not to see it.

Why is this little girl smiling at me?

Is she scheming something?

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