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Chapter 20: Master of Acting, Third Master Fu, Threatening Wanwan

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

It was already dusk.

The light of the setting sun landed on his black long robe, and his entire body seemed to be surrounded with a faint golden halo. The lights and shadows overlapped as he flicked the prayer beads in his hand, causing the ta.s.sel to sway, setting a tantalizing, romantic atmosphere.


His gaze landed on the little girl in the house as if he was looking down at her from above and scrutinizing her.

His expression was so indifferent that it seemed as though they had never met before.

“Third Son, let's go in.” Old Madam Fu smiled and entered the house. Song Fengwan stood there neither servile nor arrogant as she carefully sized up Old Madam Fu.

She heard that Old Madam Fu was already 80 years old this year and two years older than Old Master Fu. She had silver hair and was wearing a dark purple cheongsam.


She was already old, and her skin was already sagging and aging. But the elegance exuded from her bones had never faded even with the pa.s.sage of time. Instead, it had settled down and made her look increasingly graceful and elegant.

“Wanwan?” Old Madam Fu didn't put on any airs and walked toward Song Fengwan.

Song Fengwan smiled and nodded. There was only one sentence in her mind. Time will never defeat beauty.

“Old Madam,” Qiao Xiyan said respectfully.

“When I asked you to come see me before, you would make all sorts of excuses. Now that I let you send Wanwan over, you're really diligent.” Old Madam Fu's voice had a hint of the pleasant-sounding Suzhou dialect. Song Fengwan listened carefully. Is she from the south?

“I've been quite busy.”

Old Madam Fu harrumphed softly and didn't even look at him. She pulled Song Fengwan to sit down and didn't forget to turn around to remind her son, “Third Son, why are you standing at the door? Come over and sit.”

Fu Chen had very sharp instincts, so he was able to figure out what was going on in just a few seconds.

No wonder his mother had been holding back her words in front of him all this time. He originally thought that Old Madam Fu was preparing to arrange a blind date for him and concocting some sort of big plan. Now, it seemed that the ‘The Jewel Purse' show today was arranged entirely for Song Fengwan.

Fu Chen indifferently sat on a single-seater sofa at the side and glanced at Qiao Xiyan.

The two of them stared at each other, sizing the other up.

Sparks seemed to be flashing when their gazes met.

“Third Son, you already know Wanwan. This is Qiao Xiyan, your Grandpa Qiao's grandson.” Old Master Fu lowered his head to drink his tea, but his eyes were fixed on his son and subtly sizing him up.


He couldn't see what his son was thinking at all.

“Oh,” Fu Chen responded and considered this a greeting.


Qiao Xiyan's eyebrows twitched. Fu Chen really is hard to get close to.

“Don't just stand there. Come over and eat.” Old Madam Fu smiled.

“I'll go out for a while.” Fu Chen got up and started to walk out with a slightly displeased expression.

“Third Son!” Old Master Fu frowned, and his tone somewhat threateningly. Is this rascal planning to leave the guests and leave on his own? He isn't giving them any respect.

“I'm just going to make a phone call,” Fu Chen said as he strode out.

“He's so troublesome. Let's not bother with him and eat.” Old Master Fu snorted coldly. How dare he use that att.i.tude toward guests?

In any case, Old Master Fu had already made up his mind to let Fu Chen take care of Song Fengwan. He had no choice whether to obey or not…

… because he had to obey.


Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu were usually the only ones eating here, but the dining table was long enough to seat six people. Old Master Fu sat at the head of the table, and Old Madam Fu naturally sat beside him.

“Xiyan, come over and sit with me. I haven't seen you in a while. What have you been busy with recently?” Old Madam Fu said in the Suzhou dialect.

“Just the usual things,” Qiao Xiyan replied respectfully to the elder and obediently sat beside her. So Song Fengwan could only sit alone on the other side.

“You can work in your family business for the rest of your life. You don't have to care about such matters now. You can't delay your search for a wife. You must do it early, or else all the good ladies will be s.n.a.t.c.hed away.” Old Madam Fu held his hand and frowned. “Take a look at your hand…”

The Qiao family business required him to hold a knife all day while exerting a lot of strength. It would be abnormal if there were no calluses on his hands.

“Your hands are even rougher than our old man's.” Although Old Madam Fu was vexed, she actually felt more distressed.

“This is normal.” Qiao Xiyan withdrew his hand calmly.

“You have to hurry up with your own matters. What kind of women do you like? Why don't I introduce a few to you later?” When Old Madam Fu talked about introducing someone to him, there was a glint in her eyes.

There was no madam in the Qiao family, and Qiao Xiyan's father was devoted to carving stones and jades and didn't care about such things.

“There's really no need for that.” Qiao Xiyan coughed dryly and lowered his head to drink his tea.

“It's normal to get married and have children. Don't be shy.”


Song Fengwan sat across from him and lowered her head to suppress her laughter. She didn't expect her cousin to have someone he couldn't handle.

She felt a dark shadow approaching her. When she looked up, Fu Chen had already pulled out a chair and sat beside her. His expression was calm and emotionless.

Today was a rare occasion for the Fu family to have guests, so they naturally had to drink some alcohol.

“Wanwan, would you like some?” Old Master Fu held a small white porcelain wine jug. “Someone gave it to me before. It tastes sweet and refreshing, and the alcohol content isn't high. It'll be fine to drink a little bit.”

“It's alright. You can give it to Third Master.” Song Fengwan suddenly recalled the nonsense she had said in the bar and wished she could bury her head under the table.

“Third Son is a vegetarian, and he quit smoking and drinking. This kid is very boring. Xiyan, have a drink with me.” Old Master Fu's tone had a hint of disdain when he mentioned Fu Chen.


Vegetarian? Song Fengwan looked up in surprise at the person beside her.

He sat upright and looked like a winter plum, cold and arrogant. Fu Chen noticed her gaze and looked at her lightly as if he was warning her about something.

Song Fengwan hurriedly lowered her head. Oh no. Do I know something that no one else knows?


“Wanwan, it's a rare occasion that you're here today. Why don't you have a small cup and just have a taste of it? I'm sure you haven't tried this kind of wine before.” Old Master Fu started to persuade her again.

Song Fengwan had no choice but to get up. “Grandpa Fu, I'll do it myself.” How could she dare to let him pour wine for her?

The wine didn't have an alcoholic smell, and it had a greenish-yellow color and a fruity fragrance.

Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu were talking to Qiao Xiyan most of the time, and their conversations mainly revolved around the Qiao family.

Song Fengwan had just taken a sip of the wine, and the sweet aftertaste was still lingering on her tongue. She licked the corner of her lips and carefully held the wine gla.s.s, prepared to take another sip.

Just as the wine gla.s.s touched her lips, she heard a faint voice beside her ear.

“Does it taste good?” The voice was almost pressing against her ear.

It was low and had a cool magnetism to it.

Song Fengwan stiffened. “It's okay.”

“Don't drink too much, lest you say something wrong when you're drunk.”

“I won't spout nonsense.” Song Fengwan bit her lip. Isn't it just the matter of you eating meat?

“Third Son, I have something to tell you.” Old Master Fu saw that it was about time.

“Hm?” Fu Chen straightened his body and looked composed.

“Wanwan will be attending Beijing Second High School. It's in the east of the city, and the place for her advanced cla.s.s is also nearby. Your house is close, so let her stay at your place for the time being.”

“Cough, cough—” Song Fengwan choked on her wine, and her face turned red from the coughing.


Her gaze suddenly met Fu Chen's, and her heart tightened. It felt as if she would be killed and silenced any moment.

Looking increasingly displeased and angry, Fu Chen put down his chopsticks.

Not far away, Fu Chen's subordinates looked at each other.

F*ck, we just went out to call someone to buy some things for Miss Song. Why is he angry now?

Continue with your acting!


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