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Chapter 13: Third Master: Good Taste [Little Drama Theater]

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The lights in the bar were dim, and the dazzling lights made everything around look l.u.s.trous and unusual.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes as he looked at the little girl walking in the crowd. His fingers rubbing the prayer beads paused for a moment. The colorful lights swept past his face, but it didn't make him seem vulgar. Instead, it added a hint of asceticism to him.


It made him look even more inviolable.

“How is it? Isn't this place just right?” The man beside him pushed Fu Chen's arm again. “It looks like it's your first time here.”

Song Fengwan was wearing a short black dress that hugged her slender waist, exposing and accentuating her fair and slender legs. Her soft and fluffy waist-length hair and her slightly upturned phoenix eyes gave her a charming aura.

Because it was her first time here, even if she pretended to be calm, her eyes still revealed her timidness.

She was dressed maturely, but she couldn't hide the immature aura in her bones.

People like her who were clean to the bone were the most lacking in a place like this. This was why the man beside Fu Chen had spotted Song Fengwan at first glance.

“I'm serious, Fu Chen. That girl looks good and clean.” The man laughed softly.

Fu Chen didn't say anything.

“I really don't know what type of girls you like. If you don't like her, I'll give it a try. Who knows, tonight we might even…”

“Impossible,” Fu Chen interrupted.

“Just based on my face, she will be falling for me within minutes.”

“Don't even think about it.”

“What do you mean? You like her?” The man suddenly laughed. “If you like her, I definitely won't compete with you for her.”


“Then what do you mean? You don't want her, but you won't allow me to go get her?”

“She's still a minor.” Fu Chen's voice was clear and seemed to be flowing in the noisy bar.


“Huh?” The man frowned.

“Seducing a minor and having s.e.x with her…” Fu Chen glanced sideways at him. His tone became increasingly apathetic, and his gaze was still indifferent. “… is illegal.”


The man choked. d.a.m.n it. He was just joking. Why was he looking at him so seriously?

“I was just saying. Don't stare at me like that…” He took a sip of water and avoided Fu Chen's gaze.


“Didn't you come to Yuncheng this time to deal with your nephew's matter? What's the background of the Song family for you to come personally? How much prestige do they have…”

He tried to change the topic, but he failed. Fu Chen was still staring at him, making him feel uneasy.

“Fu Chen, can you stop staring at me? I just said it casually. Do I look like the kind of person who would hit on underage girls? We've known each other for so long. Don't you know how I am?”

Fu Chen frowned and seemed to be thinking.

“F*ck, you still need to think about this? Am I that despicable in your heart? Would I lay my hands on a minor? Am I that much of a beast?”


Fu Chen nodded solemnly. “I'm only warning you seriously because I know you too well.”

The man's face turned white out of anger. “What the h.e.l.l…” He gulped a mouthful of water. Fu Chen's mouth was so venomous. “Wait a minute. Something's not right. How do you know she's a minor…”


It was impossible to tell whether she was an adult or not with just his eyes.

Fu Chen suddenly raised his hand, motioning him to stop talking and look to the side.

The man turned his head and saw Song Fengwan and her friends being led by a waiter to the room beside them.

There was only a colorful screen between them. If they talked loudly, they would be able to hear clearly.

The man narrowed his eyes. Something was wrong.

If it was an irrelevant person, Fu Chen wouldn't even have cared at all. The number of times he came to Yuncheng could be counted on one hand, but now he knew that a young girl was underage?

There was definitely something going on.

His eyes glimmered. Fu Chen was never interested in other people's matters.

At first, there was no movement on the other side. It wasn't until half an hour later that some sounds came intermittently…

Song Fengwan did indeed feel sad about the matter with Fu Yuxiu. After all, the two of them had been getting along well. Although they weren't that close, she still felt uncomfortable that he had dumped her for another woman. But this matter didn't affect her as much as the one concerning Jiang Fengya did.

In her heart, nothing was more important than her family.

She had never experienced this before, and she had never thought that this would happen in her family.

Her heart was full of anxiety, and she didn't know what to do. Her studies were very busy, so she wanted to come out to relax.

“I've seen that woman before. She looks very plain and isn't really good-looking. She doesn't look like much of a threat.”

“These kinds of people are the scariest. She pretended to be innocent but secretly seduced someone else's fiancé. I think she did it on purpose. She s.n.a.t.c.hed Fengwan's fiancé, and now she wants to enter the Song Family. How can there be such a coincidence? She's so despicable.”

“Why don't I find some people to put her in her place? Who gave her the d.a.m.n right to do that?”

“Do you think Fu Yuxiu is blind? How could he fall for someone like that?”

“I think he's blinded by love.”

In the room next door, the man happily listening to the gossip almost spat out a mouthful of water when he heard Fu Yuxiu's name. He stared at Fu Chen in disbelief and gave him a questioning look.

“Is she the one from the Song Family?” He lowered his voice.

Fu Chen specifically came to Yuncheng to deal with the engagement between the Fu family and the Song family. He would have definitely investigated beforehand. So if that girl was from the Song Family, it wouldn't be strange if he knew her.

He didn't say anything, meaning he tacitly agreed.

Next door, they had already started denouncing Fu Yuxiu.

“… I heard that the person Fu Yuxiu fears the most is the third master of the Fu Family. If we can contact him and report this to him, Fu Yuxiu will definitely be scared to death.”

“Who is Third Master Fu? It's hard for even Fu Yuxiu to contact him. How could it be possible for us to contact him?”

“Heh, what's the big deal about scaring him to death? I'm going to step on him for the rest of my life.” Song Fengwan had been drinking all this while. At this moment, she was so drunk that she couldn't even speak clearly.

“Step on him? How is that possible? Unless the Fu family…” They looked at each other. “Forget it. There's no way you can do that. If that woman really marries the Fu family, you'll always be at a disadvantage with his family backing her. ”

Song Fengwan smiled. “Why isn't there a way? If I sleep with the third master of the Fu Family, who he fears the most, I can hold him down for the rest of my life. Anyways, Third Master Fu isn't married.”

Everyone was shocked. “Fengwan, you're drunk! Don't spout nonsense…” Someone covered her mouth, afraid that the walls had ears.

If this were to spread to the Fu Family, it would be disastrous.


The man next door was laughing like crazy.


The dazzling light flashed past Fu Chen's face. He pursed his lips slightly and looked extremely cold.

This little girl is quite bold.

“Third Fu, did you hear that? That girl said she wants to sleep with you. She's so daring. Haha…”

“She's ambitious. I appreciate it.”

“Being a human being, you still have to have your dreams. Who knows when they will come true, right?” He looked at Fu Chen teasingly.

The person in question rubbed the prayer beads on his wrist with a calm expression, as if it had nothing to do with him.

“Third Fu, she almost became your niece-in-law. Say something!” The man leaned over.

Fu Chen's eyes were dark, and his tone was indifferent. “Good taste.”


The man's mouth twitched as he cursed inwardly. d.a.m.n, he's so shameless.


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