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Chapter 12: Reminiscing Memories

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Yuncheng, Song family residence…

It was already 10.30 p.m. when Song Fengwan returned home from the atelier. Song Jingren had gone out for a business social gathering and hadn't returned yet, so the house appeared especially quiet and empty.


“Miss, you're back. There's soup in the kitchen. Let me get you a bowl.” The woman who spoke was in her forties, and everyone called her Aunt Liang. Since Song Fengwan started to remember things, she had always been helping out in the Song family household.


“Thank you, Aunt Liang.” Ever since Song Fengwan entered her senior year of high school, she had to stay up until one or two in the morning before going to bed. Qiao Aiyun was afraid that her body wouldn't be able to take it, so she asked someone to make soup for her every day.

How could there be so many geniuses in this world? It was just that others worked harder than you.


Aunt Liang placed the fragrant white fish soup in front of her while glancing at the jacket on her.

She had lived for so many years. So with one look, she could tell that the workmanship of the jacket was exquisite and extraordinary. Most importantly, it was a man's jacket.

“Oh right, Aunt Liang… Help me take this coat out for dry cleaning tomorrow,” Song Fengwan said.

“Okay.” She nodded while smiling and didn't ask anything.

When Song Fengwan almost finished her soup, Song Jingren returned from the evening social gathering. His secretary was supporting him to get into the house. He reeked of alcohol and squinted at the living room. “Did your cla.s.s just end?”

His body seemed out of control as his footsteps staggered, and his eyes were bloodshot. It was obvious that he had drunk a lot. The Song Group was one of the top corporations in Yuncheng, and no one would dare to force Song Jingren to drink. So, how did he drink to this state?


“Yeah.” Ever since the incident with Jiang Fengya, the relationship between the father and daughter had been lukewarm, and they spoke very politely to each other.

“President Song, I'll take my leave now.” The secretary helped Song Jingren to the sofa, then turned to give Song Fengwan a look before leaving.

“Uncle Zhang, let me see you off.” Song Fengwan immediately understood.

Secretary Zhang only spoke when the two of them had walked to the front of the courtyard.

“Miss, I know that a lot of things have happened at home recently, and you're not feeling great either. Actually, President Song has been having a lot of troubles recently. There are some problems with the company's most important project this year, and his family is also like this…” Secretary Zhang said tactfully. “You should comfort him more when you're free.”


Song Fengwan listened attentively and nodded from time to time.

She knew very well that the company's project was not the root cause of his problems. But rather, the main reason was the Fu family.

In the past, Song Jingren might have thought that it didn't matter who married into the Fu family since they were both his daughters. But he didn't expect the Fu family to dislike Jiang Fengya so much that Third Master Fu came personally.

If he tried to matchmake Jiang Fengya and Fu Yuxiu forcefully, the marriage might not work out, and he might even offend the Fu family. How could he not worry?

“With Miss Jiang's ident.i.ty, it's almost impossible for her to enter the Fu family. President Song hasn't interacted much with her recently, so don't think too much about it. Studying is the most important thing for you now.” Secretary Zhang had been with Song Jingren for a long time and knew his daily activities better than anyone else.

Secretary Zhang's meaning was very clear. Concerned about the Fu family, Song Jingren didn't dare to have too much contact with Jiang Fengya. At least for the time being, this woman would not be able to cause any trouble, so he wanted her to relax.

“Thank you, Uncle Zhang.” Song Fengwan smiled and walked him to the door before turning back into the house.

When Song Fengwan returned to the living room, Song Jingren was drinking honey water in big gulps. His face was flushed, and his tie hung loosely around his neck.

She greeted him and went upstairs straight away.

Although Song Jingren was drunk, he was still conscious. In the past, Song Fengwan would have definitely scolded him for drinking too much. But now, she was so cold.

He smiled sadly and gulped down the remaining half cup of honey water.


When Song Fengwan returned to her bedroom, she put down her bag and turned to look for her pajamas in the closet. She was stunned for a moment when she saw a black dress from the corner of her eye.

She suddenly recalled the scene of her being at a bar for the first time some days ago…

She drank a lot that day and couldn't remember many things. When she woke up in the morning, she was already at home.

Because Jiang Fengya officially came into the house the next day, she didn't think carefully about what happened that night. But now that she suddenly thought of it, there was only one sentence that suddenly popped up in her mind.

Have s.e.x with Third Master Fu.


Song Fengwan's pupils dilated immediately. Gosh, did I really say that?

I'm going to die.


She pulled the dress off the hanger, crumpled it into a ball, and stuffed it into the back of the closet. Then she took her pajamas and ran to the bathroom.

She took off her clothes and turned on the showerhead. The steam was so warm that the entire bathroom was full of mist. It was only then that her thoughts slowly returned to the day she got drunk…

That day was the fifth day that Fu Yuxiu had proposed to break off the engagement. It was also the day that she had found out that Fu Yuxiu had a new lover, and on the same day, she found out that Jiang Fengya was her half-sister.

It was like a melodramatic TV drama. Song Fengwan was completely dumbfounded.

At that moment, she suddenly felt as if her entire world was about to collapse. She had always been well-behaved and restrained, so she had never gone to bars or nightclubs. But on that day, she really wanted to indulge herself. Under the encouragement of a friend, she specially bought a mature black dress and went to a bar for the first time.

Fu Yuxiu's matter was secondary. Although they were engaged, their relationship was ordinary.

But Jiang Fengya's presence could cause her family to disintegrate. In her heart, Song Jingren had always been a loving father. Now that his image was destroyed and her entire family was in danger, how could she not be anxious?

Inside the bar, the lights were flashing, and the music was deafening. It was a completely different world from the outside. Every drum beat made every cell in people's bodies jump.

Song Fengwan regretted it the moment she stepped in.

“Let's go over there.” Some of the people who came with her were regulars of the bar. So when they came in, no one checked Song Fengwan's ident.i.ty.

“You should have fun here tonight. I promise you'll forget everything happening outside.”

“Exactly. Don't think too much about it tonight.”

Song Fengwan smiled bitterly. It was too late for her to go back now.

In another corner, there were a few men in black standing guard around a table, and only two people were sitting at the table.

“Third Fu, you wanted to bring me to a bar before seeing me off, but you won't let me drink?” the man complained with his head lowered while holding a gla.s.s of ice water.

“I'm a Buddhist. I can't drink alcohol.”

The man snorted. “Don't try to fool me with this. Why don't you quit eating meat then?”

Fu Chen lowered his head and rubbed the Buddhist prayer beads in his hand without saying a word. He was sitting upright, and his expression was distant. His arrogance and self-restraint were incompatible with this place.

“Third Fu, you're already so old. Should I look for a few later…” The man leaned over. “To help terminate your vows for you?”

Fu Chen raised his eyebrows. “Have some more to drink. I'll send you off tomorrow.”

“F*ck. Do you know how to talk? I'm going to travel. What do you mean by sending me off? Don't jinx me,” the man complained while smiling. He didn't care about his sharp tongue at all. Suddenly, he lowered his head and pointed somewhere not far away. “Hey, how about that girl? The one in the black dress. She looks quite young.”

Fu Chen looked in the direction he was pointing.

Why is it her?

My ex… niece-in-law.

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