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Chapter 11: Fu Chen's Threat

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

After the teacher left, Song Fengwan stared at her sketch for a while. The man drawn was as good-looking as the moon and as bright as the stars.

She furrowed her eyebrows. Logically speaking, she shouldn't be involved with Fu Yuxiu's family since he had broken off the engagement with her. She wasn't good at sketching people. When she drew her parents and relatives, and even Fu Yuxiu, previously, they all looked superficial and lifeless.


It was rare that this painting turned out good. After hesitating for a moment, she decided she couldn't bear to throw it away, so she carefully smoothed the creases on the drawing paper and pressed it into the innermost part of her sketch alb.u.m.


“Fengwan.” A girl sitting beside her suddenly poked her arm with a pen.

“What's the matter?” Because the atmosphere of the studio was serene, both of them kept their voices down.

“Are you still going to the capital?”

Song Fengwan was stunned for a few seconds. “Not sure yet.”

“Anyways, your grades are good. If you study hard there for a few months, you'll definitely be able to get into the best art school.” The girl's tone carried a hint of envy. “My dad said that studying there is too expensive, so he wants me to study hard for my cultural cla.s.ses.”

Song Fengwan rubbed the charcoal pen in her hand. Her cultural grades were very good, so there was no need to worry at all. But she was a bit lacking in the art aspect.

There was a cla.s.s in Beijing that taught the process of sketching characters. It was taught by the most famous art instructor in the country. After being taught by this person, the students' art joint examination results were all quite good.

Many foreign students registered for this cla.s.s every year. The cla.s.s started in October and lasted until the week before the joint entrance exam in December. It was a last-minute crash course, which was very suitable for Song Fengwan.

But this cla.s.s wasn't taught online and was far away in the capital, so the Song family was reluctant to let Song Fengwan go. At that time, Fu Yuxiu told them directly. “It's alright. Our family is in the capital. We can definitely take care of her.”

The college entrance exam was a turning point in many people's lives. After several days of discussion, her parents decided to send her there.

The Fu family was very influential in the capital. With their help, nothing bad would happen to Song Fengwan.

Song Fengwan lowered her head and fiddled with her paintbrush. Previously, she was engaged to Fu Yuxiu, so it was normal for the Fu family to take care of her. But now, she could only go there by herself.

She was not afraid of staying in the capital alone. But she was worried that without the Fu family's help, her parents wouldn't let her go there easily. However, her current level of drawing required her to attend the course.

Given the current situation at home, she was really worried about leaving home for nearly two months.

Yuncheng, Fu family mansion…

When Fu Yuxiu returned home, he saw the car with the Beijing license plate in the courtyard. His heart burned with rage as he recalled the strange looks he had received in the restaurant. He parked the car and dashed into the living room in exasperation.

Fu Chen was sitting on the sofa. He wore a black long robe and had a string of brown Buddhist prayer beads around his neck. He was reading a Buddhist scripture and didn't even glance at Fu Yuxiu when he stormed in, inciting Fu Yuxiu's anger.

“Third Uncle! What is the meaning of this?” He took out a few cards from his wallet and threw them onto the table.

“Why did you freeze all my cards?

“All this while, I never dared to go against your word. What more do you want from me? Yes, I did things without consideration and hurt Song Fengwan, but I'm your nephew.”

Fu Yuxiu seemed to be venting all his anger. His face and ears were flushed, and he was trembling with rage.

The butler and servants watching at the side were all shocked. Did Young Master go crazy?

“Young Master Yuxiu…” The people standing beside Fu Chen looked displeased. Who does he think he's talking to?

“It's fine. Let him speak.” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows, put down the Buddhist scripture in his hand, and looked straight at him.


Fu Yuxiu had rushed in and dared to yell at Fu Chen because he was too angry. But when he saw Fu Chen being serious, he was terrified. However, there was no turning back. He could only straighten his back and gulp nervously.

“Third Uncle… I…” The tip of his tongue trembled.

d.a.m.n it!

Did my brain go haywire? I could have endured it until Fu Chen leaves tomorrow. Why couldn't I control my mouth?

“You want an explanation from me?” Fu Chen was not fazed by his anger.

“I… I…” He stammered, unable to say anything else.

“Where's the thing I asked you to investigate?” Fu Chen tilted his head and looked at the person beside him.

A man in black immediately handed over a few pieces of paper respectfully. Fu Chen's gaze swept across the paper. “Ever since you got to know Miss Jiang, you have spent more than a hundred thousand yuan buying gifts. You're quite generous.

“You're taking money from your family and spending it to please women.

“You don't even know how to earn money, yet you spend so much. Fu Yuxiu, is this how your parents raised you?”

Fu Chen's tone was not harsh, but every word he said was on-point. Fu Yuxiu's face turned red in embarra.s.sment.

“Third Uncle, I also worked during the summer break.” The Fu family had strict rules. There was no such thing as someone getting money from their family just by asking. Fu Yuxiu's family lived far away from the capital, so his parents were more lenient with him, and they were also more relaxed when it came to money.

“Your definition of you working was getting a job in a family-owned restaurant. You even caused the restaurant to lose twenty percent of its revenue during the summer when business was supposed to be booming. Were you there to help or to flirt with girls?”


The people behind Fu Chen exchanged glances. Flirting?

Their third master had always used old-fashioned terms. Since when did he know how to use such a modern term?


“I heard everything you said to Song Fengwan today. I asked you to apologize to her. But what were you doing there?” Fu Chen questioned. “Were you going there to apologize or to flaunt your status by bringing that girl to a place where others study?”

“Third Uncle, you didn't see how she was. I think she is never going to forgive me.”

“It's one thing if she decides to forgive you or not. What I want from you is your att.i.tude!” Fu Chen threw the pieces of paper on the table and said in a low voice, “You're already in your twenties. How dare you threaten a minor? Aren't you embarra.s.sed?”


“If I find out that you've hara.s.sed her and embarra.s.sed the Fu family again…” Fu Chen's tone was full of warning.

Fu Yuxiu hung his head low. “I won't do it again.”

What kind of d.a.m.n luck does Song Fengwan have? She actually received Third Uncle's protection twice.

After threatening him, Fu Chen left.

The few people standing behind him quickly followed.

Fu Chen was standing on the moral high ground the entire time. It seemed as though everything he did was for the sake of Fu Yuxiu and the prestige of the Fu family. Little did he know…

He reprimanded someone for threatening a minor, but what would him teasing a minor be considered?


It was not until he was almost at the door did one of the people following closely behind him ask softly, “Third Master, are we still going back to the capital tomorrow as planned?”

They knew that he and Song Fengwan would be having a meal together again, but they weren't sure if Fu Chen would change his schedule because of this.

“Yes,” Fu Chen replied. “That person… you go and settle it. I don't want anyone to dirty our Fu family's place.”

They looked at each other. He's finally taking action against that person.


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