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"Were you the one that emailed me?" Shao Xun Han asked as he looked at Mo Xi.

Shao Xun Han and the others were all surprised when they came into the lounge. They didn't expect that the boss of Blue Diamond Entertainment was someone so young. Someone young and yet had very good judgments and had very good morals.


"Thank you," Shao Xun Han said firmly.

"Ms. Mo, if you have anything you need in the future, please tell us!" Guang Zhen Kang said firmly.

"Mm. Thank you. However, I didn't help her with that," Mo Xi said and turned to Guang Xin Yan and Shao Xun Han, "Don't miss each other again. You don't have so many chances in life. You don't have so many twenty years in life. The chance has come, seize the tail of happiness."

Mo Xi then left the lounge and went back to her office to settle something very urgent that she couldn't finish because of Jing Mo Chen yesterday.

Gu Ran Yi stayed in the lounge to help when needed and other workers brought in some refreshments for them.

"Xin Yan… Did you break up with me because you thought you had let me down?" Shao Xun Han asked painfully.

Guang Xin Yan nodded her head and a drop of tear rolled down her face.

"Dummy, did you think that I would leave you because of that?" Shao Xun Han's heart ached as well because he lost his first time that very day that she lost hers. That was why he too felt guilty and accepted the breakup when Guang Xin Yan asked to.

"Aren't you angry that I lost my first already?"

"You should be angry at me instead because I accepted the breakup back then as I lost my first that night as well…"

"You… What?"

"That night when we gathered, my food was drugged as well. However, when I woke up, I couldn't find the person that I slept with… I lost my first time to another woman when you are already my fiancé, so I accepted the breakup when you asked to…"

"That must be Rong Zhong's schemes!" Guang Xin Yan cried out.

"Perhaps… I'm sorry…"

"No, there's nothing to be sorry about, it wasn't your fault," Guang Xin Yan shook her head as she said that.

"It wasn't your fault as well, so why did you leave me?"

"Because… I thought that I was dirty, and I am no longer compatible with you… Even if you lost your first, you are a man, the public would only think that I am dirty and not you…"

"We don't have to care what the others say…"

"But I care… That was why I was never able to sleep with him after that time…"

"Xin Yan, let's get married right after you get a divorce! Like what Ms. Mo said we shouldn't miss out on each other again!" Shao Xun Han said as he hugged Guang Xin Yan.

Guang Xin Yan thought for a moment and said resolutely, "Mm! This time, I will never run away, and I will never let you go again!"

On the other side.

Mo Xi was tapping on her keyboard rapidly as she tried to recover a badly broken file. Yan Chu had sent her all the doc.u.ments and videos that she needed, but there was one important video that was broken.

After some time, the video that she tried to recover was finally done. She looked at the video and a smile formed on her lips.

She sent the files that she got from Yan Chu and video to Gu Ran Yi. She then went into the bedroom in her office to catch up on some sleep and she fell asleep very quickly.

Back to the lounge room.

Gu Ran Yi was there listening, and her eyes were welling up with tears as well. Her phone suddenly notified her that there was a message from Mo Xi.

Gu Ran Yi looked at the message and her eyes went wide, and she smiled.

"Boss has a present for the two of you."

Everyone in the room looked at Gu Ran Yi questioningly.

Gu Ran Yi took out her laptop and played a video for them.

After watching the video, Shao Xun Han and Guang Xin Yan were shocked, their eyes were filled with happiness and confusion.

"Apparently, Luo Mei Huan didn't want her man to be tainted, so upon knowing Rong Zhong's plan, she had instead drugged CEO Shao and placed him with Mdm Guang. Rong Zhong drugged himself as he wanted to be sure that he could accomplish his goals, but Luo Mei Huan got people to add a little sleeping pill in his wine, hence he fell asleep right after he carried Mdm Guang into the hotel room. Luo Mei Huan then got people to carry Guang Xin Yan into CEO Shao's hotel room and Luo Mei Huan was the one that Rong Zhong slept that night. Rong Zhong didn't know about Luo Mei Huan's doing and had thought that his plans in sleeping Mdm Guang succeeded after he brought her to the hotel room. When everything was done, she then got people to switch CEO Shao and Rong Zhong. This means that both of your first time is with each other!" Gu Ran Yi said slightly excited.

"Is that true?"


Guang Xin Yan and Shao Xun Han asked anxiously.

"Yes, these videos contain the testimonies of the people that helped Luo Mei Huan in carrying CEO Shao and Rong Zhong."

After listening to all the testimonies, Guang Xin Yan and Shao Xun Han were in tears.

"That's great!" Guang Xin Yan's parents and Guang Zhen Kang said happily.

"We have to thank Ms. Mo for her help!" Father Guang said excitedly.

"That's right!" Mother Guang added.

Shao Xun Han and Guang Xin Yan then pulled back from one another and looked at one another with tearful eyes.

Guang Xin Yan then turned to Gu Ran Yi, "Can we meet Xi now? I want to thank her for all the help that she has given us!"

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