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Chapter 597: After Bidding. The Suspicions of the Inner City Families

“A perfect demiG.o.d weapon. Spear. Fire attribute.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire place fell silent!

Even Bolen of the Elizabeth family suddenly turned his head, staring towards VIP room number five, where no one had ever bid before!

Bolen’s forehead was gloomy. He had never imagined that someone would actually be willing to pay such a high price for this resplendent gem!

Although the Elizabeth family coveted this resplendent gemstone, the price of paying an undamaged demiG.o.d artifact to a family that was ranked in the top few places in the inner city was far too great.

A sinister look flashed through Bolen’s eyes. He waved his hand, and an old housekeeper immediately understood and hurriedly walked up.

“What is it, Young Master Bolen?”

Bolen frowned slightly, as he slowly looked at the outer wall of VIP Room 5, and spoke indifferently.

“It should be impossible to directly spend money to bid for that resplendent gemstone. Who exactly is this madman in VIP Room 5? Quickly help me investigate his background.”

“I want to let him know that he will have to pay a heavy price for robbing our Elizabeth family.”

Bolen snorted coldly.

“Understood, Young Master Bolen. I’ll go investigate right away.”

The old butler nodded, then immediately disappeared from his original spot.

This old butler hadn’t revealed any aura at all, no different from an ordinary old man without any magical energy. But now, the magical energy which had suddenly burst forth from his teleportation had reached a terrifying deity level.

And he was at the peak of the deity-level!

Just how many experts had been gathered in such a small auction house?

No one knew.

Just as the discussions of the Elizabeth family in VIP room number one were finished, within VIP room number two, the Glenn family’s Amys spoke out as well.

“A perfectly good demiG.o.d artifact…”

“Is this guy crazy? Or is a demiG.o.d artifact so worthless in his eyes?”

Amys was puzzled. It must be understood that if a perfectly good demiG.o.d artifact was offered as a reward, most likely all of the experts in the underground city would flock to it.

But right now, the other party hadn’t done so. Instead, he had chosen to directly compete with them in the auction.

This person couldn’t be a fool, right…

This thought couldn’t be controlled in Amys’s mind.

After all, the auction in the auction house was just a pity for the big families in the inner city towards the outer city.

It was a kind of charity for the upper cla.s.s to exploit the poor lower cla.s.s.

Right now, they were using a peaceful method to compete for this resplendent gem.

But if the big families in the inner city didn’t come to an agreement on who would get the resplendent gem, they would probably have to engage in a battle of force.

However, Amys didn’t intend to partic.i.p.ate in this fight. She didn’t care about such a low-level battle.

“It seems that we won’t be able to get the resplendent gemstone by auction.”

Amys said indifferently. She slowly took off the ring in her hand and handed it to the maidservant behind her.

“Go. There’s something the master gave me. The first plan has failed. Carry out the second plan.”

The two maids behind him nodded and did not say anything, immediately leaving the room.

However, the moment the two maids left the room, their clothes changed from maid attire to tight-fitting black nightwear.

As for Briz of the Navarro family, who was in VIP Room 3, he happily poured himself another gla.s.s of wine.

Behind him, the middle-aged man in a suit had already returned. In his hand was a small box, which contained the dragon scales that Joelson had given to Mustache.

Joelson did not lack these dragon scales. Now that the Navarro family had offered such a sky-high price, there was no need for him to take them back.

“Uncle Michel, do you think that the guy in the fifth VIP room will be able to take down this resplendent gem?”

When the middle-aged man in the suit known as Michel heard Briz’s question, he was clearly stunned, and he hurriedly said.

“Young Master Briz, a demiG.o.d artifact is still undamaged, and it has the fire attribute. How could it be possible that the other inner city families would choose to increase the price?”

Michel was right. Even the imperial family of the underground city wouldn’t necessarily take out a demiG.o.d artifact and bid for it for nothing.

A demiG.o.d weapon was an existence that could not be measured by money in the underground city.

Having a demiG.o.d weapon was a symbol of status and power.

If you did not have enough power, once they found out that you had such a powerful weapon, it was inevitable that greed would arise.

As the saying goes, if a man was innocent, he would be guilty. Under the sharp gazes of countless people, those who could finally have a demiG.o.d weapon in the underground city were all magnates.

As for the person in VIP Room 5, Joelson, he had offered this price right from the start. Michel believed that no one would be able to compete with the person in VIP Room 5.

However, Michel was extremely puzzled. Just who was the person in VIP Room 5?

Could it be someone from the royal family who was able to offer such a high price?

The moment this thought appeared in her heart, Michel immediately rejected it.

After all, if it was the imperial family, there was no need to go through so much trouble. Just based on the appearance of any of their direct family members and the reputation of the imperial family, it was impossible for any of the families in the inner city to dare to fight over it.

While Michel was racking his brains, Briz could not help but burst out laughing.

He turned around and looked at Michel, his eyes couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

“Uncle Michel, that’s not what I meant.”

“Who is the person in VIP Room No. 5? Does this matter have any meaning to our Navarro family?”

“Since he chose not to speak and didn’t reveal his ident.i.ty, he definitely doesn’t want us to know.”

“Right now, we’re not partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion for the resplendent gem, and we won’t compete with him in the future. No matter what, the other party won’t affect our Navarro family.”

“What we need to do is to use our eyes to see what the mysterious person in VIP Room 5 is capable of.”

“I’m really curious whether he can safely take back the resplendent gem.”

Only then did Michel come to a realization.

Briz wasn’t worried that the person in VIP Room 5 wouldn’t be able to take the resplendent gemstone. Instead, he was even more worried about whether he would be able to protect the resplendent gemstone from the hands of the many inner city families!

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