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At the very center of the lost divine kingdom.

A palace that wasn't very luxurious stood there.


Joelson and the others had already arrived, and Clemente took out the palace from his interspatial ring.

The camp of the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter was located at the center of the lost divine kingdom, and it wasn't far away, so the few of them quickly arrived.

However, they had already been stationed here for a few days and Gladstone, who had the last key, had yet to arrive.

"Still no news?"

Valentine frowned and asked worriedly.

"Not yet."

Clemente's expression was calmer, but there was a hint of worry in his eyes.

They had already been here for a few days. The two empires combined had over 10,000 people, and close to 20,000 people had spent a few days searching in the lost divine kingdom, but they had not received any useful news.

It was as if Gladstone did not exist at all.

Not only that, but people from the two empires had been missing for the past few days.

From the blood-red light screen, they could tell that apart from a small portion of the missing people, the vast majority were dead.

This made the two of them worried.

As for Gladstone, he was obviously still in the lost divine kingdom.

Moreover, his ranking and score were still rising.

Clemente suspected that the two empires had gone out to search for missing people, and that they had met him and been killed by him.

"Looks like your previous guess was correct."

Joelson suddenly said.

Clemente nodded. He had thought of this as well.

He had never heard of Gladstone, but this person's strength was definitely not low.

One had to know that to be able to enter the tomb of the sovereign meant that these missing people were all geniuses.

And many of these people's names had disappeared from the light screen at the same time.

To be able to wipe out more than ten geniuses at the same time, they didn't even have the time to use the communication magic crystal to send a message back.

It was very obvious that Gladstone's strength far surpa.s.sed theirs.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for him not to have heard of such strength.

There was only one possibility.

Gladstone was the same as Joelson, a super-genius from another plane!

However, this person might not have come from a lower plane. It could be from another main plane or even a higher plane!

"Tell everyone to come back. There's no need to search any further."

Joelson spoke out.

Clemente nodded, agreeing to this suggestion.

Valentine was stunned for a moment, then asked, "Then what about the last key?"

"He'll come by himself unless he doesn't want the sovereign's legacy," Clemente said.

"But if that's the case, there's no need for him to keep the key. It would be better to give it to someone else in exchange for benefits."

Hearing Clemente's explanation, Valentine revealed a look of understanding.

That was indeed the case.

Gladstone had kept the key, clearly for the sake of the sovereign's legacy.

And their current location was at the very center of the lost divine kingdom, the location of the final trial for the sovereign's legacy.

As long as he wanted to obtain the sovereign's legacy, he had to come here.

Rather than sending people out and being killed by him, it would be better to gather people and wait for him to arrive.

At this moment, a person with a hurried expression suddenly ran into the palace, shouting loudly.

"Someone's score has risen to over a million points!"

Hearing this, the few of them revealed expressions of disbelief. They hurriedly went outside the palace and looked at the screen of light.

As expected!

Above the light screen, an obvious name was hanging below Joelson. The score was more than a million points!

Second Place: Gladstone. Score: 1,293,038

"How is this possible?"

Valentine shouted in disbelief.

It was not only him. If the others had not seen it with their own eyes, they would not have believed that this had really happened.

Although Joelson had over two million points, everyone could clearly see how he had obtained those points.

He had killed nearly twenty thousand people in the divine kingdom. Not a single one of them had left alive.

That was twenty thousand demiG.o.d experts!

All of them had been wiped out in a short period of time!

As for Gladstone?

Could it be that he had also wiped out all of the people in an empire?

Everyone was both shocked and puzzled.

Even though Joelson was so powerful, the most important reason was that he had four extremely terrifying dragons, which was why he was able to do this.

What did Gladstone have?

He also had dragons?

Gladstone's ranking and score had instantly skyrocketed to his current position, not slowly acc.u.mulated.

This caused everyone to be completely puzzled. What sort of technique did he use to instantly kill the ten thousand genius demiG.o.ds gathered by an empire?

Clemente and Valentine also revealed shocked expressions.

Those who were able to obtain the key truly weren't simple!

As the number one genius of the two empires, they were unable to imagine how he was able to instantly kill ten thousand people.

Just as everyone was puzzled and guessing...

Joelson's gaze flickered as he stared at the blood-red screen of light. He had some guesses in his heart.

On the other side.

There were two people in the sky above the gathering place of the Litlan Empire.

One of them was lifted by the neck and held in the other's hand.

"You're the number one genius of the Litlan Empire?"

"You're too weak."

Hearing the other party's mockery, Sapir did not show much anger. There was only fear on his face.

Unconsciously, he looked towards the ground, his eyes revealing extreme fear.

On the ground stood numerous sculptures that were filled with metallic texture, reflecting a faint blood-red light.

These sculptures were the corpses of the people of the Litlan Empire, but there wasn't much blood. All of the corpses had already turned into metal, as if they were artworks carved by an artist.

All of the corpses still maintained their postmortem movements.

It was just that they couldn't move anymore.

Many of the 'metal sculptures' had expressions of shock, fear, or confusion on their faces.

Even the most outstanding sculptor wouldn't be able to carve such a perfect work.

Thinking back, Sapir still found it hard to believe.

He had never seen or even heard of the person in front of him.

Previously, when he saw that the trial was nearing its end, he had gathered all of the 10,000 people of the Litlan Empire.

He had originally thought that he would be able to obtain many rewards from the lost divine kingdom.

However, he did not expect that before he could lead everyone to look for trouble with others...

Someone would find him first.

It was the person in front of him.

Initially, he did not take the other party too seriously. However, the moment this person made his move, he was shocked.

This person had only used one move to turn all ten thousand people of the Litlan Empire into metal sculptures. Before they could even react, they were already dead.

By the time he regained his senses, he had already been strangled by the other party.

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