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Chapter 231: The Black Dragon's Heart, the Half-Dragon Connie

Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL

Kokonoro could only comfort himself in his heart.


Kokonoro's dignified and deep voice rang in Connie's ear.

Connie hurriedly closed her eyes and tried not to think about anything else.

She did not know what she was going to face next, but she trusted and worshipped Joelson wholeheartedly.

Even if he told her to give up her life, she would not hesitate to die.

The wonderful contract was achieved in an invisible way.

Joelson felt that when Connie and Kokonoro signed the equal contract, it seemed to be mixed with the mysterious power of the Dragon G.o.d Ranch s.p.a.ce.

It was above the contract.

In short, Joelson was the real leader of both sides of the contract.

However, neither Connie nor Kokonoro noticed this.

After the contract was completed, Connie suddenly discovered that there was a magical connection between her and the terrifying black dragon in front of her.

It was as if the two had become one.

The immense ecstasy and excitement caused Connie to freeze on the spot, completely dumbfounded.

She actually had such a powerful companion?!

A terrifying power that even a gold-tier rune warrior could not withstand, and she obtained it so easily?!

“My Lord!”

Connie could not suppress her excitement, and she became even more loyal to Joelson.

Koknoro shook his head in disappointment, and then said, “I'll use a secret technique on her next.”

Joelson nodded.

Connie stood on the spot, not knowing what to do. However, kokonoro spat out one strange syllable after another.

This was dragon language.

After a long dragon language, a trace of viciousness suddenly appeared in his eyes. He stretched out his sharp dragon claws and forcefully cut open his chest.

Black dragon blood gushed out like a fountain, drenching Connie's entire body in bright red.

Connie was completely stunned.

His eyes were filled with pain. In his cut open chest, one could see the beating heart.

“Come in!”

Kokonoro growled.

Come in? Come in where?

Connie was at a loss.

Joelson raised his hand. Powerful magic lifted Connie and pushed her towards Kokonoro's chest, sending her in.

If he did not have to guess wrongly, the so-called secret technique of dragon blood was to feed humans with the blood of dragons.

To achieve a higher level of ability sharing.

Of course.

Joelson's eyes flashed. This process was also extremely painful, especially the result of failure.

Connie cried out in surprise and was pressed into her own heart by Kokonoro.

Kokonoro's painful hobby caused all the dragons to look over curiously.

Kokonoro's heart beat fiercely and squirmed, completely enveloping Connie's body. Then, following a special rhythm, it beat up and down.

In the following time, whenever the wound on Kokonoro's chest was about to heal, he would forcefully tear it open.

Dragon blood gathered under Kokonoro's feet into a pool of water, looking extremely horrifying.

When the wound was torn open for the third time, Kokonoro finally couldn't help but look at Joelson.

It couldn't hold on any longer.

It was already injured, and now it was even more seriously injured.

Without any hesitation, Joelson threw a few dragonspine vines over.

He swallowed them in one gulp, and his spirits were instantly lifted.

Joelson knew that the dragonspine vines were also one of the important factors that made him agree to hand over the secret skill of dragon blood and sign a contract with Connie so readily.

This cunning guy knew that Joelson wouldn't let it go, so he simply made a big sacrifice.

There was no simple old monster that had lived for thousands of years.

The process of the secret skill of dragon blood lasted for an entire day and night, and the blood of Kokonoro almost dyed the gra.s.s red.

Although it ate a lot of dragonspine rattan and dragontooth gra.s.s, its spirit also became weak.


Kokonoro controlled its heart to squeeze out a lump of a blood clot, and then lay down heavily on the ground, saying weakly, “It's done.”

Joelson looked at the huge blood coc.o.o.n in front of him. He could not feel the presence of any life in it, so he could not help but frown.

He could use the farm crops to keep Kokonoro alive, but the pressure on the other side required Connie to bear alone. The possibility of failure was two-way.

Not only could the giant dragon not bear it, it was also possible for humans!

Could it be?

“Don't worry, the secret technique has already succeeded.”

Kokonoro looked at Connie with a look of admiration in his eyes.

“I have a contract with her and know that she is still alive. I didn't expect that an ordinary human girl with low strength would be able to endure it. The heart and blood of the Dragons are as hot as molten iron. Even many human geniuses with decent strength have died in this process. I really can't believe it.”

Joelson glanced at him and suddenly said, “Dragon blood family, you signed a master-servant contract with the Dragon family, right?”

Kokonoro nodded and said faintly, “Of course.”

The dragon blood family, as the beneficiary of the secret skill, had to pay a higher price to make the dragon take such a big risk.

Connie was really lucky.


At this moment, the blood coc.o.o.n on the ground made a cracking sound.

The blood coc.o.o.n broke, and a figure slowly crawled out.

Connie jumped into the lake to wash the blood off her body as if she had completely changed into a different person.

Connie's height had increased by a notch, and her originally weak figure had become tall and fit.

Her body was well-proportioned and slender, and her seemingly slender arms contained a powerful explosive force.

Joelson tested Connie's strength, and the result surprised him.

Whether it was strength, speed, recovery, or other aspects, she had surpa.s.sed a level 8 knight. Moreover, Connie's physical fitness was still rising. It was obvious that her potential had not been fully tapped.

It was so amazing that no one dared to imagine it.

One had to know that Connie was just an extremely ordinary girl, without any knight talent.

The secret technique of dragon blood had brought her great changes. It could be said that she had reached the end of many people's lives in one step.

However, when she remembered that the person who had cast the secret technique of dragon blood was the Black Dragon King, who was at the peak of saint-level, all of this seemed very reasonable.

“Can you achieve half-dragonification?”

Joelson looked at Connie with an encouraging gaze.

Under the guidance of Kokonoro, Connie tried to mobilize the magical power in her body.


Connie cried out in surprise because of the pain. Black spikes pierced out from her body, and fine dragon scales appeared on the surface of her skin.

A thick and long black dragon tail grew out from the back of her tailbone, and a short and sharp dragon horn appeared on her forehead.

A faint pressure was emitted from her body.

Dragon pressure.

But it was still very weak.

Connie was shocked by herself. Her eyes instantly turned red, and she was about to cry.

How did she suddenly turn into a monster?!

But when she saw the satisfied look in Joelson's eyes, she calmed down again.

If Joelson wanted her to be like this, so what if she turned into a monster?

The constant pain in Kokonoro's heart depended on this belief in his heart to survive.

Must not let the adults down!

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