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This morning, Feru had been pressing me since early in the morning to cook steak for breakfast again and I got busy making steak again.

Truly a carnivore. I’m not surprised at the rate of consumption of meat.

It was ok since there was still some red boar meat left but, after breakfast, it has been used up.

It will be bad if I don’t call Feru to catch more prey soon.

If that is the case, I still need to register with the adventurer’s guild too.

After conducting the business with the merchant guild, I think I will try for the adventurer’s guild.

It seems today would yet be another busy day.

By the way, my breakfast was a simple ham and cheese sandwich and onion soup.

I shall spare steak for now.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

As planned, I arrived at the merchant guild.

Since my schedule included registering with the adventurer’s guild later, Feru tagged along.

Michaelsan, who was in charge yesterday, was at the counter.

“Michaelsan, good morning.”

“Good morning, Makoodsan.”

“I have come today for the trade I mentioned yesterday. These are the goods I have brought.”

I took out the salt in the jute bag and spices in the containers from my item box while saying.

“I shall take a look. This… please forgive me.”

Michaela left her seat when she saw the spices.

Huh, don’t tell me the spices were a bad idea?

Long ago on Earth, spices had the same worth as gold, gram for gram. Perhaps bringing 100 grams of spices was too much.

After a while, Michaelsan returned and guided me to another room. She had Feru stay behind at the counter while I follow Michaelsan to the room.

Inside the room was an uncle in his fifties that still maintained a nice physique.

“Please, have a seat. I am the guildmaster of this guild, you may call me Robert. Pleased to be of acquaintance.”

Oh, the guildmaster is here.

d.a.m.n, looks like spices are no good.

Another employee entered to bring the bags of salt and spices and left. The guildmaster said “I shall have a look” before inspecting them.

As expected of the person of the merchant guild who made it to a guildmaster, he used his sharp eyes to confirm the taste and smell.

“I have been in the trade business for many years, but this is the first time I have seen salt and spices of such quality. Completely pure white salt without any weird flavor and spices that give off such a striking smell. I could only express magnificence at this.”

Oh really? The salt was purchased from the Internet Supermarket for just 5 bronze coins while the spices cost about the same.

“I would definitely purchase this but, could you kindly tell me how you obtained these?”

Yes, it came from the Internet Supermarket. The quality of salt and spice that was made in another world is guaranteed. Like I will say that.

“I was in the midst of my journey, when …”

Speaking ambiguously while laughing, I said to the guildmaster, “I am quite the boor. The trader I obtained it from did not readily divulge who the supplier was.”

“Hmm, regarding the amount of money, how about 4 gold coins for the salt and 10 gold coins for the spice?”

“……. Eh?”

Ye, is this a joke? Despite, the cost for the both of them combined was around 1 silver coin and he is offering 4 gold coins for the salt? And another 10 gold coins for the spices?

“You still think it is too low ……? How about 15 gold coins for the both of them?”

Whoa, the amount of money has gone up.

Was it because I was silent and seem to be very hesitant?

That’s wasn’t it, I was just in shock though.

“Ku …… Fine, 17 gold coins. I won’t go any higher than that.”

The guildmaster seem to be misunderstanding something, and the price has gone up again.

“Y-yes, d-deal.”

17 gold coins ……

The cost was just 1 silver coin and now it’s worth 17 gold coins.

This is easy profit man.

Since I was the one that initiated the trade, I doubt it will be an effective method after a few times.

Nevertheless, I am grateful to be able to use such a method to receive this much money.

With this 17 gold coins, I am able to pay for the unpaid iron rank annual fees and taxes.

This kind of fees should be paid immediately when you have enough money to do so.

If the deadline is close and somehow you don’t have enough money, it will be really troublesome.

“The annual fees of 1 gold coin and taxes of 2 gold coins will certainly be in our care.”

Fuu, now my entire year of membership is secured.

After paying for my bills, 14 gold coins went into my wallet.

Combining with my remaining cash, I had in total, 20 gold coins and 5 each for silver coins, bronze coins and iron coins.

I would be able to manage for some time now.

I also heard that having the merchant guild card can help me gain the trust of other shopowners, allowing me to sell goods to them wholesale.

I have the Internet Supermarket and can sell loads of goods now.

Joining the merchant guild was a good choice.

Now then, should I make my way to the adventurer’s guild?

I left the merchant guild with my pockets feeling real warm due to the profits from the sale of the salt and spices.

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