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Ch 77 - Sui's Water Magic

I asked Fer to come with us to a forest a short distance away from the city.

"Like you said, you've got Fire G.o.ddess Agni's blessing as well as Earth G.o.ddess Kishar's blessing." Fer said after doing an Appraisal on me.

"That's right. After returning to our room yesterday and making an offering to Ninril-sama, I received blessings from Agni-sama and Kishar-sama for, ummm, various reasons. They're blessings (small), again for, ummm, various reasons. I've got to make offerings and prayers to them too now like I do to Ninril-sama."

"Is that so? But it's a good thing, isn't it? You're kinda weak after all and any kind of blessings, even blessings (small) are gonna be a big help to you." Oh yeah, I'm weak.... Thanks for reminding me. I know I'm weak myself yeah, but couldn't you be a bit more diplomatic about it, Fer?

"Your master is weak, you just come out and say it to my face?"

"Well, it's true isn't it?" Fer said bluntly.

"No, well... I suppose so." I conceded. "Anyway, having got that out of the way, I came out here to try out my magic and see what effects the blessings have. I was told that even a blessing (small) means I should consume less magical energy when I cast fire magic and earth magic and the power of the spells will increase too. I'll also get additional different kinds of fire and earth magic too, they said."

Fer looked around the forest. "So that's why we're out here then, for you to try out your new powers?"

"Oh," I remembered to add. "And Sui now has the blessing of the Water G.o.ddess Rusalka for, ummm, various reasons. The blessing is the same as the blessing you got from Ninril-sama, it's not (small)."

"What? Let me see..." Fer stared at the shoulder bag, obviously Appraising Sui-chan who was sleeping inside.

 "...As you say, Sui has Rusalka-sama's blessing. Sui's gonna get really strong with that." Fer paused, clearly thinking hard. "I wonder what sort of a fight she could put up against me now?"

What? Stop thinking like that! Even if Sui is getting much stronger she wouldn't be a match for someone like Fer who has maxed out his levels in so many ways.

"Don't say that please." I begged him. "She'd never be able to defeat you no matter how strong she gets."

"Nuu, I was just thinking she might be a good partner for a test of strength..." Fer was still considering it, obviously.

"No, no, She wouldn't be a good opponent. Even if Sui is getting stronger she's still way beneath you, Fer. Stop considering it, please." Please? Fer is totally a battle maniac but it's dangerous for him to say something like that. Let's get on with what we came here to do, test our magical powers and we can pretend Fer never said anything like that. Sui first, I think.

"Hey Sui, wake up." I said to sleepyhead Sui in the shoulder bag.

"Hmm? Aruji-, what is it?" I picked up a still-sleepy Sui to explain.

"Hey, Sui received a blessing from the Water G.o.ddess. You can do water magic now."

"Huh? Is Sui able to make water magic spells now?" she asked.

"Yep." I said.

"Hey, yay!" Sui bounced up and down happily.

"Now I'd like you to experiment with various water magic spells to see what you can do."

"All right Aruji-. Water magic, water magic............ Oh, it looks like I can do this-."

A water ball about a metre in diameter appeared in front of Sui.

"From my experience, you can use most magic spells if you have a divine blessing from that G.o.ddess." Fer commented. "That water ball is not clean water though, it's got impurities in it. Sui needs to concentrate on making it pure to start with." If a water magic user creates something they have to be careful to make it without impurities if they want it to be drinkable, it seems.

 Fer shrugged. "However it wouldn't matter if you or I drink it though since we've got the blessing of a G.o.ddess. We could even drink mud." I do not want to drink mud at all, thank you, even with a blessing to protect me.

"Well don't worry about water while Sui is here. When you need water, just ask." Sui said proudly.

"What else can you do, Sui?" I asked.

"Well- I dunno..."

"Can you throw the water ball far away fast?" I remembered water magic from novels and games and how it could be used as a weapon. Could Sui do the same?

"Yeah, I'll try that-" As Sui spoke, the water ball flew off at a tremendous speed. Thump! The water ball struck a thick tree, water splashed everywhere and the water ball disappeared. There was a creaking splintering noise... and then the tree fell over with a thud. The water ball had broken the tree in two. What, that power...? It had been a really thick tree. Huh?

"Wow, the tree broke. Wow wow!" An excited Sui leapt out of my arms and jumped around poing poing.

No Wow! from me, Sui is scary. I never want to be hit by something like that.

"Ah, I see, I wonder if this works?" Sui muttered to herself. As she spoke a strong jet of water sprayed from the tip of a tentacle. Shhh!

Huh? A nearby tree hit by the jet fell down. As I approached the fallen tree, I saw a beautiful cross section on the stump like it had been cut with a chainsaw. That's a Water Cutter? Sui really has gotten stronger. Acid Bullets, Water b.a.l.l.s and Water Cutters are really powerful finishing moves.

I should make something clear to Sui, I suppose since she's still quite young to have such powerful attacks at her command.

"Sui, your water magic attacks are amazing but you should just shoot them towards monsters. You should never shoot them at people." I thought for a moment. "Well, okay, if they're bad people it's all right to shoot them but only if I tell you to. You shouldn't shoot it at anything else either unless I say so, OK?"

"Yeah, I got it. Sui will only shoot water magic at monsters. Sui will listen to what Aruji says to shoot. Sui is a good girl."

Yes yes, our Sui-chan is someone who listens to her Aruji. Sui is a good girl.

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