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Ch 61 -- It Seems We Won't Be Ha.s.sled

I got off Fer's back outside the Adventurers Guild in Carerina and entered with him. We had hit the busy time when adventurers congregated and the place was crowded so we joined the line at reception.

"This'll get you up to rank F, so can we head for the ocean tomorrow?" Fer said telepathically.

"Even if I do end up F-ranked I want to stay in this city a bit more."


"Lambert-san, the merchant we rescued from the bandits, I want to go to his shop."

"Day after tomorrow then?" Fer persisted.

"Don't be in such a hurry. The ocean won't run away, you know."

"Yeah well... the folks around here are kinda boring and besides my sleeping s.p.a.ce at the inn's a bit cramped."

Ah, that beast. The stable stalls for contracted beasts at the inn are smaller than he really likes. There's only enough room in his stall for Fer to go in and lie down after all. In our travels recently we were sleeping under the sky without a care so the inn's stable is bound to seem somewhat claustrophobic. I feel for him a bit...

"I can put down a futon in your stall if you'd like? That'll make it a bit more comfortable won't it?"

"Yah, do that. It'll help."

"OK, I don't think we'll be that long so just hang on. I'll make something tasty later."

"Gotcha. Don't forget the delicious food. We can stay here as long as there's delicious food for me."

"Yeah yeah." Just as I answered him my turn came up. I handed my Guild card to the receptionist.

"Ah, this is the goblin subjugation request? Have you got the right ears as proof of completing the request?"

"Yes. And... here they are." I dropped a heavy hemp sack full of goblins ears on the counter with a bang in front of the receptionist.

"Ah? Is this, what is-?" she exclaimed. Oh, sorry to confuse you but that's not all. I dropped another three sacks on the counter with a thump-thump-thump. Four bags full of goblin's ears, two hundred and twenty-seven of them in total. I knew it was a good idea to buy an extra sack.

The receptionist seemed stunned. What's the problem Receptionist-san? She stared into the four bags without saying a word.

"Ah, are you all right?" At my words the receptionist started then with a "Please wait a moment" she hurried off into the rear of the Guild offices. She came back a short time later.

"The Guild Master would like to meet with you so follow me if you would. Bring your contract beast with you please."

I nodded and asked Fer telepathically to follow us as we went up to the Guild Master's room on the second floor. It was bigger than normal since it was the boss's room but it still seemed cramped when Fer entered.

"I'm Willem, the Guild Master of the Adventurers Guild here in Carerina." Willem-san, the Guild Master had grey hair and lots of wrinkles on his face. He seemed to be in his 60s by his appearance but he looked fit and strong despite his age.

"My name is Mudouka. Nice to meet you." The Guild Master had called us up from downstairs, was me having presented so many goblin ears at one time as proof of the request causing a problem?

"Your companion is a Fenrir, no doubt about it." Saying it like that the Guild Master was clearly very sure of his identification. I guessed that sort of Appraisal ability was part of being a Guild Master.

"Yes. Fer is a Fenrir." I confirmed.

"To actually see such a legendary monster with my own eyes..." the Guild Master murmured, his gaze fixed on Fer. Knowing Fer was a Fenrir I wasn't too surprised at his reaction. Ah, talking about monsters I should maybe introduce him to Sui too?

"As well as Fer I've got another contracted beast..." I pulled Sui from her bag.

"It's Sui, she's a Slime. She's a Unique Slime and unlike ordinary Slimes she's very strong."

"A S- Slime, you say?" he asked. "Yeah." I nodded in reply.

The Guild Master might wrongly think Sui was a regular Slime but I knew Sui was strong.

"Hmph, well you contracted with a Fenrir... I won't pry since I a.s.sume there's something you're wanting to keeping hidden about the circ.u.mstances."

Yup, you bet there is. If I told you that a Fenrir contracted with me because he was obsessed with my cooking you wouldn't believe me anyway.

"Anyway let me explain why I asked you to come to my office. We received an urgent message from the Royal Palace to pa.s.s on to you. Ahem, to put it simply it reads,"-- 'Please enjoy your stay freely in our peaceful nation. We will never attempt to force you to leave and we have instructed our va.s.sal n.o.bles that you are welcome here and under our protection. If you should suffer any problems then please do not hesitate to request our a.s.sistance.'

Eh? So I'm free to come and go as I please? The King and the n.o.bles won't bother me?

"I'm surprised, this country's King seems to be a quite direct type, isn't he? Royalty usually likes to meddle with the lives of the little people under them but in my case he's being quite practical."

"Well, that is..." the Guild Master looked fl.u.s.tered.

"I'm sure he's thinking that it's better for me to not be ha.s.sled while I'm here because he doesn't want to make an enemy of someone who has a Fenrir as a contracted beast, since he knows very well that a Fenrir can easily destroy an entire country. He wants to stay on my right side because of the contract and he's even issued orders to make sure no-one else bothers me too."

It seemed like a good arrangement to me but I thought I should check with Fer although as long as I make dinner for him he's usually willing to go along with anything I decide.

"It sounds good to me... what do you think, Fer?"

"No problem. This place is as good as any to stay for a while, unless someone starts something." Fer bared his teeth and the Guild Master winced.

"If you say so." I nodded rea.s.suringly to Willem.

"Good, that's excellent." The Guild Master said. "Even though the Adventurers Guild is not controlled by any one nation and maintains its independence, the Adventurers here are mainly from this kingdom and they have families and connections in this country. The Adventurers Guild is rea.s.sured that your stay here will be peaceful."

Saying that so formally was quite intimidating in its own way...

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