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Ch 60 -- Getting Bigger and Smaller

After shivering and shaking for a few seconds Sui suddenly became huge. She was two and a half metres across and maybe a metre and a half high. She was even slightly bigger than Fer.

"Sui has evolved." Fer said. I used Appraisal on her.

[Name] Sui
[Age] 1 month
[Types] Big Slime
[Level] 2
[Fitness] 684
[Magical Power] 679
[Attack power] 668
[Defense force] 674
[Agility] 682
[Skill] acid bullet, restorative medicine creation, growth

Sui's become a Big Slime and she's already level 2? All her other stats are higher and she's got a new skill too. 'Growth', what does that mean? Is it why she's suddenly so big?

"Fer, you know anything about this 'Growth' skill?"

"Nope. Usually when a Slime gets to be a certain level it splits in two but that's all."

I'm at a loss. "Sui, you've evolved and you've got a new skill, are you bigger because you used it?" I asked.

"Sui is not sure how but Sui can be bigger or smaller."

"Bigger OR smaller?" I asked.

"Try-, watch what happens." As she said that several smaller Slimes split away from Sui and she returned to her original size.

"Everybody- go melt the green guys-" she commanded. The small Slimes climbed on top of the goblin corpses and then they burst, splashing something like acid and dissolving the bodies to the point where even the bones vanished. Both Fer and I were astounded at what we had just witnessed.

"Have you ever seen anything like this, Fer?"

"Never in my very long life."

"Hey Sui, what were those small Slimes that split off you?"

"Unn-, that was Sui too-"

"They were Sui as well?"

"You see, if Sui thinks she wants to get big then her body gets big. When Sui wants to get smaller then Sui's big body splits up into little Suis. Sui can talk to the little Suis for a bit of time after Sui divides but not long."

Uhhh, she can grow big using her 'Growth' skill then she can split up into smaller Slimes afterwards and even talk to them for a short time. Hmmm...

"What happens to the divided parts, the little Suis?" I'm worried about that.

"You see, the smaller Suis disappear after a time and Sui stays." So the split-off bodies only last for a finite time? Wow, that's a really amazing skill. She can stay safe and launch long-range attacks and let the enemy "kill" the split-off bodies without harm to her. A surprise attack would be particularly effective. They might even be able to make lots of Sui's Deluxe High-grade Potion as well.

"Wow, Sui keeps getting stronger..." I exclaimed.

"That's right." said Fer. "But it's a good thing, not a problem right?" He had a point.

"Aruji-, my tummy's empty-"

"Muu, definitely."

I was wondering when these two gluttonous characters would get around to mentioning food.

"Well, I don't fancy eating around here so let's move away a bit." Being surrounded by goblin corpses wasn't good for my appet.i.te. Sui climbed back into her bag and I got on Fer's back again.

After going for a while I said "Here's fine" to Fer and we stopped.

"I'm a bit tired so d'you mind if I just get out some sweet buns for now?"

"Anything's good as long as you're quick." Fer growled.

Yeah yeah. I bought some buns from the Net Super. As well as the usual anpan and cream buns this time I got melon bread and choco cornets and of course, canned coffee which is the essential accompaniment to sweet buns.

"First time I've seen these." Fer's sharp eye spotted the melon bread and choco cornets and he zeroed in on them.

"Yeah yeah, hang on and let me get them out for you."

I opened the bags, lined the contents up on a dish and let Fer and Sui help themselves.

"Unh, tasty-"

"Mu, delicious. First time we've had these..."

Sui really liked the sweet buns and Fer liked the melon bread and the choco cornets. I sat back with some canned coffee in my hand and sank my teeth into an anpan. Oh, deee-licious! A tired body craves sweet things.

Thinking back, I wondered how a simple goblin subjugation request had escalated into the destruction of an entire goblin village. Huh-. Well it ended up with me getting the hundred points I needed so it worked out, I suppose.

I had been planning on a long stay in this city but it looks like it's already over. Somehow.

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