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Chapter 05 – Departure to a neighboring country with the adventurers



When I came in front of the adventurer’s guild at the time we’re supposed to meet, the Iron Will’s members were already gathered.

「Sorry for being late」

「No, we just came too early so don’t worry about it」

The leader, Welner-san said that while smiling.

According to him, it looks like they had habits of moving faster, earlier.

It’s a great att.i.tude.

「Well, shall we go」

I nodded, and departed on the journey to the Funen Kingdom.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


After departing from the town of Keels, our journey advanced very smoothly.

There were no gaps in the Iron Will’s line up.

With me in the middle, the scout Lita was in the lead, swordsman Vincent on my right side, magician Ramon-san on my left side, healer Franca is on the right side of me, and Welner-san to the left behind me

According to them, it is the arrangement for protecting the client, me, when an emergency comes.

「Let’s take a break」

With that call of Welner-san, we had a lunch break.

And as promised, I started to prepare food.

Well, although I said that, I can’t take too much time, so simple ones.

First, I took out the portable stove I purchased at Net Super from my item box.

「A-re? Mukouda-san has an item box huh. And a magical cooking stove too, you have something good huh」

While nodding to Vincent’s question, I replied “the capacity is only small though”.

Since I was asked if I have the item box skill, I answered with the setting that “I have the skill, but its capacity is small”.

It’s because I judged that, it would make it more convenient to carry my baggage that increased with that, and it would be better than hiding it weirdly.

「I asked a friend for this magical cooking stove. It’s because he said that he’s not going to use it anymore, I was able to get it cheaply」

I casually spoke the reason that I thought for the portable stove beforehand.

It’s what they say, circ.u.mstances may justify a lie.

While chatting with Vincent, I prepared the bread loaf, cheese, and ham that I bought from the Net Super, and made a simple sandwich.

And I also placed an instant consommé soup broth cubes inside a wooden cup, of course, I made it secretly without being seen.

I poured hot water that I boiled using the portable stove on the cup, and the lunch is ready then.

「Everyone, I have prepared food」

I pa.s.sed the wooden plates with the sandwich and soup in a cup placed on it to the adventurers.

「Well, let us eat then」

With Welner-san’s call, everyone started to eat.

「S-So delicious!」

「This bread, it’s so soft and delicious」

「Un, un, this bread is so soft and tasty. And also, this soup tastes great」

「This is good」


From the ascending order, Vincent, Franca, Rita, Welner-san, Ramon-san.

Thank goodness. But, I really cut corners though.

They were especially surprised by the bread.

They said that only n.o.bles could eat such soft bread.

If I’m correct, the bread that I ate when I came here was a hard brown or black bread.

As if to make an excuse, I said things like “this is bread that is made using the way we had in my hometown, before I left my hometown, I bought many of it and put it in my item box”.

Everyone seems to be very grateful for that rare thing, so I added “it’s food so it would be a waste putting it on the side and not eating it”.  

After all, I can always replenish my stock of loaf bread from the Net Super.

「Even so, to think that you would treat us such a warm meal in the journey, it’s very appreciative」

Everyone nodded to Welner-san’s word.

「That’s very true. It was correct taking this request」

According to them, food during the travels, most of it would be things like dried meat or hard bread that doesn’t taste very well, and the food that I served could be treated as a great meal while traveling.

It seems like it’s the same everywhere that the atmosphere would improve with delicious food, so our conversations lively.

It looks like the Iron Will also felt the unrest in this country, and was talking within themselves about going to another country.

And there, they found my request, so thinking that it was just right in time, they accepted it.

They said that actually, there were also escort mission requests that have higher rewards, but they were currently not troubled with money, and thought that if the food during the journey were guaranteed, it would be better, so they decided to accept my request.

It looks like food costs for 5 members isn’t trifle.

「In my part, I am also very grateful that you have accepted my request. I also thought of leaving this country quickly, and I panicked once, and wondered what to do when I found out that the stagecoach was suspended when I arrived at Keels, but thanks to everyone, I am able to head towards the Funen Kingdom just like this. Though I look like this, I am good at cooking, so please leave the rest of your meals to me」

After I said that, everyone was on smiles.

Things to look forward to journeys like this is mostly meals after all.

I’m going to do my utmost best, so please make me arrive at the Funen Kingdom safely okay.









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