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Ch 48 -- Delicious pork cutlet after a long absence

"We're out of the Gryphon territory." said Fer.

"Oh, finally?"

We hadn't seen any Gryphons since that talking Gryphon challenged Fell. I was kinda scared when the Gryphon said they ate people, so I was happy we're out of their territory.

"How much longer will we be in the forest?"

"Not too long. It will be about three more days." Great, we're nearly out of the forest. After that it's the Leonhart Kingdom, I think?

"Hey Fell, once we're out of the forest, will we be in the Leonhart Kingdom?"

"I do not know where that country is. However, when I go east I go through this forest. You wanted to go east? Well it'll be fine." Fer answered.

Huh, it was a mistake to ask Fer.

According to what Fell told me, it seems that the forest here is part of a larger forest area covering the eastern part of the Feenen kingdom. Because we started from the Feenen Kingdom, where we will come out of the forest is probably going to be the Leonhart Kingdom ... We'll ask someone when we get out of the forest. It will be good to meet people again after so long. Maybe.

* * * * *

"Do you want to make camp around here today?" I said to Fer as the sun was going down.

"Good idea. My belly has shrunk." Hey, I'm hungry too you know?

I asked Fer to raise his speed a little since we're nearly out of the forest and I've gotten kinda used to being on his back.

Well, I'd like a cheerful meal so in that case...

Breaded pork cutlet.

It's definitely the right time to eat that, but breaded pork cutlets should always be made of pork. Hmmm, there should be some orc meat left.... When I searched the Item Box, I found some orc meat. OK, let's eat breaded pork cutlet here with Fer, but I have to buy some missing items first.

Well, I've already got salt and pepper, eggs too, oil for deep-frying...... what's missing is, hmm, bread crumbs and wheat flour? Oh, it's important that I buy cabbage and tonkatsu sauce (of course!) and rice is ESSENTIAL!

I bought materials that I had run out of from the Net Super and checked them off the list. Everything's there, yes.

First I started cooking the rice then I shredded the cabbage and soaked it it water. I cut the orc meat into thick slices then hit it with the back of the kitchen knife to tenderise it. After dusting the orc meat lightly with salt and pepper, I dunked it in flour and removed the excess. I coated them with some beaten eggs and then added bread crumbs, then repeated the eggs and breadcrumb coating to make the finished product even crispier. I then deep-fried them until they turned a nice light brown colour in the oil.

Poking them with a kitchen knife made a nice crunchy sound. They're gonna be delicious~ I served them on a dish with shredded cabbage and rice.

"They're ready." I announced. Fell and Sui immediately crowded in.

I added tonkatsu sauce. "Right, here it is. Be careful as it's hot." I warned them but Fer had already sunk his fangs into the food before I could say "hot".

"It's a bit hot, but this is delicious." Fer said.

It seems Sui is OK with hot foods so she ate the pork cutlet in one go.

"Yeah, this is delicious, isn't it?" she agreed.

Well it is a pork cutlet. They both like it so that's good. Time for me to eat too. Mmmm, success! Oh, it tastes delicious after such a long time. Next, the rice. Pork cutlet eaten with rice is ​​the best.

Oh, this makes me want some miso soup. Do I have any? Yes, I had bought instant miso soup earlier. I made some instant miso soup taken from the item box. Pork cutlet, rice, miso soup, pork cutlet, rice, pork cutlet, sometimes cabbage ... it's so delicious.

"Hey, I want seconds." said Fer.

"Sui too"

Yeah yeah. Fer and Sui pestered me until I started frying more and more breaded pork cutlets for them. I thought there was another serving of orc meat left but we used it all up in one go.

Good grief, Fer and Sui are way too greedy.

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