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Ch 44 Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Here's chapter 44.

Ch 44 - Healing Mushroom

"That reminds me, Fer, whereabouts is the Gryphon territory?"

That's right. I had forgotten, what with the fight with the Orthros that there were Gryphons in this forest too.

"The Gryphons territory is a bit further on." Fer replied.

A bit further, then we've got some more time.

"Hey, let's avoid the Gryphon's territory." Gryphons are also dangerous. For one thing, Gryphons can fly since they're feathered creatures. If you know such demons exist then you should avoid them at all costs.

"But why do I need to avoid their territory?" asked Fer. It's the sort of thing only someone like Fer would say. "There's nothing to fear about those guys. Besides, their territory is wider than the Orthrus' turf so we can't avoid going through there."

Wh-, what the-...

"I've said this many times but tell me about these sorts of things sooner, will you?"

"Well you should have asked me about it earlier."

Haa, I give up. We can't avoid it so we'll have to go through the Gryphons territory.

I don't wanna. I hope we don't meet any Gryphons. Hey Mister Gryphon, please don't show yourself.

"Don't worry about it, you'll be fine. You and Sui are always protected by my Barrier and the Gryphons territory is still some way away."

No matter what I say it seems we'll be going through the Gryphons territory regardless. I really don't wanna.

* * * * *

"Nuu, that's curious..." said Fer. I stopped suddenly.

"Eh? What's curious?" I asked apprehensively.

Following the line of Fer's stare, I saw a pale blue mushroom growing at the base of a tree. Looking around there were more mushrooms like that one growing at the base of other trees nearby.

"That, well it's a very rare mushroom, supposedly a healing mushroom. It's been a long time since I saw any."

When you say "healing" does that mean it has an effect like recovery magic or can it be made into a potion? Fer's been around for over a thousand years and he's not seen many of them then it must be a really rare mushroom.

"Just eating raw it is very effective, it even cures deep cuts and fractures in an instant."

Hee, so just eating them works?

"If they work like that then I'll gather some." I got off Fer's back and picked some healing mushrooms.

Then Sui crawled out of her bag. "What smells so good?-"

Do they really smell good?

Sui went over to the healing mushrooms.

"Hey hey, Aruji, these mushrooms look delicious. Can I eat some?"

Fer could eat them without harm but is it really OK to say yes to Sui?

"Fer, is it OK to eat them?"

"Ah, there shouldn't be any sort of a problem as they just have a recovery effect." Fer answered.

"OK, Sui, you can eat them, but not too many." I figure eating them in moderation would prevent something bad happening.

"Yay!" Sui started happily absorbing the healing mushrooms.

"Yeah, I just remembered." added Fer. "The healing mushroom is one of the ingredients of the potion called "Elixir". It seems that a medicine like "Elixir" can cure any disease. People on the verge of dying will get better and it also extends their lifespan."

"So, Elixir-" It seems Elixir is a secret remedy. If these healing mushrooms are one of the ingredients then maybe the other ingredients are difficult to find too. It must be hard to make. You might find it as a rare drop in a treasure chest in a really difficult dungeon, maybe, in a game or a light novel.

Well, it's not likely I'll ever get an Elixir but It's lucky that I found these healing mushrooms here.
I'll take a lot. For me. The way I am I'll likely need them, whatever you think of me.

Fer is a legendary Demon Beast even if he only appears to be a glutton and Sui is a Unique Slime even though she looks like a small-fry. Me, I'm just an ordinary guy. OK, I've learned how to use magic and I've got a bit stronger. While Fer and Sui are doing their best, I have to prepare for emergencies.

While I was carefully picking healing mushrooms, Sui who was absorbing the mushrooms next to me glowed a pale white light.

"Uh, Sui-?!"

"Aruji, Sui's body feels all sparkly."

"Sui, are you all right? Is it painful?"

"It doesn't hurt-"

The pale light infusing Sui's body faded after about a minute.

"Sui, is there anything wrong?"

"Nothing, Sui, feels OK." Sui bounced up and down excitedly.

What just happened? Although she seems OK, I used Appraisal.

【Name】 Sui
【Age】 21
【Types】 Slime
【Level】 17
【Fitness】 367
【Magical Power】 361
【Attack power】 354
【Defense force】 357
【Agility】 363
【Skill】 acid bullet, restorative medicine creation

Sui is already level 17... she's eating foreign-world trash every day so it's going up fast. Hmm? Something's been added to her skills. What is restorative medicine creation...?

"Hey Fell, it says Sui's skills include restorative medicine creation, is that right?" I ask Fer to carry out an Appraisal too.

"Oh, there it is. Perhaps it's because Sui ate a lot of healing mushrooms."

"Huh? Can she acquire new skills that way?"

"It's because Sui is a Slime. A long time ago I saw a Slime that only ate metal which had evolved into a Metal Slime. It acquired the skill of Hardening as it evolved. I think this is the same sort of thing."

So depending on what she eats changes her evolution and lets her gain specific skills? Restorative medicine creation is not a bad skill after all. I mean, I'd rather she gained a skill that was a good thing.

"Well done, Sui!"

"Uh? Sui is a good girl?"

"Yes, yes, Sui is a good girl!"

Sui jumped around me, bouncing happily.

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