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First Quest,

I entered one of the many weapon shops near the adventurers guild

At the shopkeepers recommendation I brought a short sword at eight gold pieces, as the shopkeeper said it was easy to use even as a beginner

So then, time to go herb picking.

I went out the east gate the closest to my target,and entered the extremely large meadow that is outside.

I think this is where the herb grows.

[well then since I am here to pick herbs, why don’t you go hunting Feru?]

[understood, then I shall put a barrier against evil around master]

[Alrighty then, even If I encounter a demon I should still be safe]

[I also expect a good meal when I get back]

After saying that Feru quickly ran off to the forest

Though I respect him, he is certainly gluttonous

Now is the herb i want here?

Appraisal,Appraisal,Appraisal,Appraisal. (ED: so judgement is appraisal i can change judgement to appraisal or i can keep it as is, it’s up to you guys let me know what you want in comments)

There is only weeds here


Kiayu gra.s.s.

I found it

This Kiayu gra.s.s does look strange though,

I then cut the gra.s.s from the root

At last the knife I bought after so long was used

Now then, Appraisal, Appraisal, Appraisal, Appraisal.

I again am only finding weeds

Appraisal, Appraisal, Appraisal,

Kiayu gra.s.s

I found another

Now after this I only need 3 more,

Well then I will do my best

Appraisal, Appraisal, Appraisal, Appraisal, Appraisal.

Margin Gra.s.s

This is the one that matches the other request,

The maju gra.s.s is a poor quality

Well I guess I should pick it

After words I continued with Appraisal and totaled 18 kiayu gra.s.s and seven maju gra.s.s.

Well Feru should be returning soon, so I should start on our lunch,

So I buy a meat from the supermarket for Feru the glutton.

Though I do not know how much he will eat today,

Thus the menu for today was decided (ED: these two lines came out making no sense (this one and the one above), i edited them to what i thought made sense if you think these may be incorrect tell me in the comments)

First from the superarket

One onion, one soup broth cube, 1 kilo of minced meat, a 700 gram bag of pasta and then 10 cans of meat sauce

I spent a total of 5 silver and 4 copper coins from what I got from selling the salt and pepper to the merchants guild.

Pasta only takes takes 5 minutes to cook so for now I only boil the water.

So next is the meat sauce. I fry the onion which I minced finely until it is caramelised

Then I add the meat.

After the meat is cooked I add the sauce.

Because the moisture became low, I dissolved the stock cube in some boiling water and added to the meat.

I adjust the taste with salt and pepper and then the meat sauce come to completion

And then Feru came back

The game he caught was dropped in front of me.

[This dish smells quite nice]

[This, is it a rock bird?]

[I caught it because the teriyaki we had last time was nice, but there is still more at the edge of the forest in a barrier]

As expected only one is the limit Feru can carry.

[Then we should go together and put it in the item box]

I then put the pots and pans, including the food into my item box

I didn’t forget about the rock bird either

[Well then let’s go]

[Get on my back and the time will be much shorter

I mounted Feru without hesitation (ED: hue hue if you know what i mean ;)…)

[then let us go]

[wa, wait a second]

Feru ran away to fast that the only option I had left was to hold on to his back

[Wa please slow down~~~~~~~~~~~]




[We have arrived]

[I, I, haa , thought I was going to die]

[what a weak guy to gives up like that]

To run at such a speed is definitely scary

[When I’m with you, you should atleast go slightly slower]

[yes I will remember that, I don’t want master to be sick]

This guy

[oh to say such a thing, maybe you don’t need any food.]

[gununu] (is sound effect of being angry, blood boiling)

[well then we should quickly collect these demon bodies]

The demons that Feru caught has become a pile at the edge of the forest

When I used Appraisal, orc x5 red boa and black serpent

I wonder can I eat the orc

When I asked, he said I could.

Orc is commonly eaten by poorer families in town

It’s just like a pig that can walk on two legs

I cook for myself but I only use meat from the supermarket, the meat from another world is scary.

I put everything feru caught in my item box and returned to the meadow riding on the back of feru

This time it was much safer as feru took his time.

[then when will you want lunch?]

[I’m quite hungry, so as soon as possible]

[please wait a minute and I shall cook the pasta]

I then took the 5 minutes to boil the pasta

I put the pasta out on a plate and spread the minced meat and sauce over top

And then pa.s.sed it onto Feru

[mu, what is this?]

[this is meat sauce spaghetti a popular dish]

When I said that, Feru began to eat like , baku baku

[there is only a small amount of meat, but it still is very good]

Don’t eat it so fast there is still more

I began to boil the next portion of pasta

At that time I also ate my lunch

I ended up boiling pasta for Feru

We ended up eating over 8kg of pasta between the two of us.

Still, eating too much so early is a bit bad

After finishing my lunch I couldn’t help but laugh at Feru who had the meat sauce pasted around his mouth.

Though he then panicked and plunged his head into water

After lunch I returned to herb picking

At the end of the day I had a total of 40 Kiyua gra.s.s and 20 maju gra.s.s

Though I only needed 5

Appraisal was very helpful

I had become fully accustomed to using it to find what I needed by the time I finished picking herbs.

Feru also caught a lot of game

Another red Boa, three c.o.c.katrice, one giant toad and a mad grizzly.(マーダーグリズリー。)

The mad grizzly sounds dangerous

I put It away in the item box

After that I went back to the town on Feru

Though the person at the gate sent a strange look at me who was riding feru

Then should we go to the guild

[feru, to the adventurer guild]


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