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Chapter 41 - Please say that earlier

While riding on Fer’s back, I got curious so I asked him.

By the way, Sui is currently sleeping on my shoulder bag.

「Hey Fer, would it still take time before we get out of the forest?」

When I told Fer that we should go to the Erman Kingdom and the Leonhart Kingdom, he said that pa.s.sing through the forest is a shortcut to the east road so I just followed him, but there 3 weeks had already pa.s.sed since we entered the forest.

『We are moving with a slow speed that is keeping up with your wish so it would still take some time. Though, it would be much quicker if we proceeded with speeds without me holding back』

Ah, if so, I’ll be patient.

Letting Fer run without holding back is out of the question.

If he speeds up like that, I’ll get shaken off, unable to grab hold.

『Even so, we should be must faster compared to the road that humans made』

Ah, is that so.

『In this forest are the territories of Orthros and Griffin, so the road that humans made is a huge roundabout way from the forest』

…………a-re, are my ears tired?

I felt like I heard the name of something I must not.

Did he just say Orthros?

Did he just say Griffin?

I think that Orthros should be a dual-headed dog monster and Griffin should be a monster with the upper body of the eagle and the lower body of the lion.

I remembered the ill.u.s.trations of Orthros and Griffin found in games and novels.

That, isn’t that dangerous ones which are boss character levelsーーー?!!

「Why are we pa.s.sing through this forest even though you know there are Orthros and Griffin!」

Normally, you won’t pa.s.s through a forest with such monsters right?

『Shut up. Orthros and Griffin are not my match』

Not your match? We’re talking about Orthros and Griffin you know!

『I should have told you this before, but the only thing that can be my match is the Ancient Dragon. Orthros and Griffin are not my match. Also, they know that they cannot win against me. And if, there were to challenge me, it would be young Orthros and Griffin that does not know how to be afraid』

n? What a second.

「Hey, from how Fer is speaking, if feels like, there are multiple Orthros and Griffins though……」

『What are you talking about. Both the Orthros’s territory and the Griffin’s territory are their breeding grounds. Of course there are many of them』


S-Such a thing, please say it earlier!

Multiple boss character cla.s.s monsters?? Isn’t that too much.

Normally, it would be out with just one you know.

And now you’re talking about many of them…………

This is bad, this is very bad.

「H-Hey, let’s avoid the Orthros’s and Griffin’s territory okay」

Un, that’s a great idea.

Mostly for my mental health.

『Why must we avoid it? Of course we will continue like this. Also, we have already entered the Orthros’s territory』

「Haaaa?! S-Say that earlier!」

『Am I not telling you right now? Really, what in the world are you angry about?』

After saying that, Fer continued to advance.


I could only let out a sigh.

Oh well, it’s Fer after all.

From Fer’s point of view, he is too strong that there is no way that Orthroses and Griffins would bare their fangs against him.

But from my point of view, it is super scary thinking that we might encounter Orthroses and Griffins.

After all, we’re talking about Orthros and Griffin here okay?

Coward, you say? I’m alright with that.

Normally, anyone would be scared if something like that appears.

The only ones that would stay cool with that kind of monsters around are only strong beings like Fer.

Although we might not be attacked with Fer around, even so, I don’t want to encounter them.

But according to Fer, we’re already within the Orthros’s territory……

Orthros, don’t come out okay.

Orthroses should know that Fer is stronger too.

Ah, but Fer said that young Orthroses might challenge him.

No, there’s no way right……?

Keep behaved and don’t come okay〜, Orthros〜.

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