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Chapter 04 –  Requesting escort from adventurers




The next dayーー

Well then, let’s go to the adventurer’s guild to make a request.

The adventurer’s guild was a structure facing the main street and I found it easily, but the adventurers were going in and air in this early hours.

With a cliché development, I was stared at by the adventurers, but I acted as if I didn’t know about it.

I’m a client you know.

If they knew that I’m a client with the interaction at the counter, they shouldn’t pick on me. Probably.

After lining up for a while, it’s finally my turn.

「Excuse me, I would like to have a request」

「A request. What kind of request would it be?」

「An escort request to the Funen Kingdom. Also, I do not have a carriage, and it will be by foot, so…… This is the first time that I would give a request to the adventurer’s guild, in these kinds of requests, how much would be the rewards?」

「A request for escort mission by foot is it? For escort missions, the request would be for adventurers more than C-Rank, in addition to that, it would be by foot, and it would take more days, so at least 7 gold coins would be needed」

When I was thinking that 7 gold coins would be a great pain to what I have, the receptionist added this.

「Only that, as you know, the stagecoach has been currently suspended, so this kind of escort mission is increasing. Looking at that, I think that it would be better if you have 8 gold coins」

If this kind of requests increased, as an adventurer, they would choose the ones that have higher rewards.

8 gold coins huh, u〜n.

It’s a painful amount, but I don’t really have many choices.

「I understood. I will request with 8 gold coins. Also, can I ask to add there that the food will be on my part」

From how the receptionist spoke, it looked difficult even with 8 gold coins, so I added free meals.

I don’t dislike cooking, and with that skill that I have, it seems possible if I choose cheaper ingredients.

「Well then, please take care of it」

I entrusted the 8 gold coins of remuneration, and left the adventurer’s guild.


The next day, there was a message from the adventurer’s guild and when I got there, surprisingly, there were adventurers who were planning to receive my request.

It is unexpected to find someone this fast, but for me who wants to leave this country quickly, it is very appreciating.

The ones who were introduced by the adventurer’s guild is a C-Rank adventurer party called『Iron Will』.

「I am Iron Will’s leader, Werner. Nice to meet you」

「My name is Mukouda. Please take care of me」

It seems like only the n.o.bles have surnames, so to not receive weird inquiries, I did not say my whole name, but instead, only my surname, and I even named myself just like a foreigner.

Werner-san is around 30 years old and 190cm tall with a bulky body, and carries a shield on his back and a sword dangling on his waist.

Together with the numerous scars left in his thick arms, he really seemed like a seasoned adventurer.

The members introduced by Werner-san were, Vincent who was wearing a leather armor and have a long sword dangling on his waist, a young woman named Rita who was wearing a chest armor and had short swords in her waist seemingly to be a scout, a cool middle-aged man with white hairs who is wearing a robe that seems to be a magician named Ramon-san, and a woman aged around 20 years old named Franca-san who is wearing white clerical clothes that is probably a healer (By the way, she has super huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s).  

It seems like it’s a very balanced party.

Since even for the adventurer’s guild, they would not like to introduce people who are impossible to succeed the quest, so I asked them that it is alright with this.

I talked to Werner-san, and decided that the departure is tomorrow, and to gather in front of the adventurer’s guild 7 in the morning.

If that’s decided, the food’s on me, so I need to prepare a lot.


Along the way of going back to my inn, I bought a lot of things that are going to be needed for traveling.

First is a cloak.

This can be used for keeping out the cold, and is very needed since you can sleep just by curling yourself with this.

Also, I bought tableware from the general merchandise store.

At that time, I looked at a lot of things, and found a great thing.

Something called as Magical Cooking Stove.

As its name says, it’s a cooking stove that creates fire when magic powers are input.

There was one unit type and two-unit type, but either of them is expensive.

But, I suddenly thought right there. That, “shouldn’t I just buy a portable stove using Net Super?”.

Its appearance is very similar to the portable stove, and if I tell the adventurers that it’s a magical cooking stove, they might be able to tell.

Yosh, let’s do that. It’s also cheaper buying the portable stove from the Net Super after all.

If that is so, the only things remaining can be purchased from the Net Super, so I returned to the inn in a hurry.

After I had returned to the inn, I purchased a lot of things from the Net Super.

Portable stove and butane gas canisters, saucepan and frying pan, knives, cutting board, and the most important food ingredients.

The ingredients are for the 5 adventurers and me that is for 6 so I bought a lot.

Cheese, ham, sausage, eggs, to vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions. Also, I bought side dishes that can be prepared immediately. After that, I bought various kinds of seasonings such as salt and broth cubes.

With this and that, I even used 2 gold coins.

The remaining money I have is 8 gold coins, 5 silver coins, and some copper and iron coins.

My wallet is getting more and more difficult, but this endurance is only until I reached the Funen Kingdom.

After I arrived at the Funen Kingdom, I will register at the merchant’s guild and sell a whole lot.

And after I get money, while looking at the present circ.u.mstances, I will move again.

If it is for a safe and secure living, I will do my best.








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