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Chapter 39 – Sui had evolved when I noticed it


n……who is it? Who’s slapping my face…………?


「What is it, really……n, nn……? Owwa! Dungeon!!」

I quickly woke up and Sui worriedly reached out her tentacle from my stomach.

You were the one who was PechiPechi-ing me huh.

「Sui……I’m okay. Are you okay?」

『I’m okay』

A young voice

「Uoo! W-Was it Sui right now?」

『Un, it’s Sui you know』

I-It’s telepathy right?

Fer said that those who are bounded by the Familiar’s Contract could talk telepathically, so it isn’t strange that Sui is also able to use telepathy.

But, she didn’t use telepathy up until now, right?

Ah, is it that, she’s now able to use telepathy after leveling up?

I looked at the wobbling Sui on top of my stomach.

I remembered the fight against the Kobold King in the dungeon.

In the end, Sui got in between me and the Kobold King, and……

I mean, Sui seems to be super strong.

I’m pretty sure that Sui has leveled up with the battles in the dungeon, right?

She somehow looked like her agility and movement got sharper and shaper.

It might also because she leveled up that she can use telepathy.

I used Identify on Sui.

【 Name 】 Sui

【 Age 】 14 Days

【 Race 】 Slime

【 Level 】 7

【 Stamina 】157

【 Magic Powers 】 151

【 Attack Powers 】 149

【 Defense Powers 】 152

【 Agility 】 153

【 Skill 】 Acid Bullet

Sui, when did you evolve……?

You didn’t only level up, but you also evolved.

You’ve become a Slime from a Baby Slime.

On top of that, she’s already level 7 after evolving to a Slime.

Also, she has a skill too.

Acid Bullet, it’s that attack when she shoots acid huh.

That attack, it’s super strong right?

After all, it’s shooting acid.   

The ones who received that attack would be in a state that is surely rated R18.

I mean, looking at Sui’s status, isn’t she stronger than me now?

I quickly checked my own status.

【 Name 】 Mukouda (Tsuyoshi・Mukouda)

【 Age 】 27

【 Job 】 A person from a different world who got caught

【 Level 】 7

【 Stamina 】 142

【 Magic Powers 】 141

【 Attack Powers 】 123

【 Defense Powers 】 122

【 Agility 】 118

【 Skill 】 Identify   Item Box   Fire Magic   Earth Magic


《Contracted Magic Beasts》 Fenrir   Slime

【 Unique Skill 】 Net Super

【 Blessings 】 Wind G.o.ddess Ninril’s Blessings (small)

Gu……! I-I lose out to Sui…………

B-But, I leveled up and I’m now level 7.

I even have Earth Magic in my skills.

Well, experiencing that much in the dungeon, I would cry a man’s tears if I didn’t level up.

But, alas, Sui’s status looks stronger.

I lose out to Sui who was born only 14 days ago, haa……

Who in the world is Sui?

Although Fer said that she’s a unique variant.

Are all unique variants like this?

Even so, I feel like she grew up too fast, and is too strong as well……

After all, she’s already a Slime, and that Acid Bullet skill is too strong right?

I looked at Sui who is still wobbling on top of my stomach, and looked like having fun touching my face with her tentacle, and talked to her.

『Hey, is Sui a unique variant?』

『n? I don’t know. Sui is Sui you know?』

W-Well, she is only 14 days old after all, how would she know?

Also, there are only good things if Sui gets stronger.

Mostly, for my safety.

Come to think of it, I don’t see Fer, where did he go?

I looked around, but I don’t see Fer.

『Hey, Sui, where did Fer go?』

『Uhm, he went somewhere saying he’s hungry. But, he said he’ll return quickly』

I-I see.

I mean, a-re? It means that she can communicate using telepathy with Fer?

『Sui, can you talk with Fer using telepathy?』

『Un, I can』

It looks like contracted familiars can use telepathy towards each other.

Fer, you got hungry, and unable to endure, you temporarily returned to the wild huh.

After a while, Fer appeared from the forest.

『Nu, you finally woke up』

F-Fer-san〜, it’s okay to return to the wild, but can you please do it without me noticing?

There are red colors around your mouth you know……

『You would not wake up at all, so I went out for a meal since I got hungry』

As I’ve thought, you returned to the wild and ate raw meat huh.

Those reds around your mouth are so graphic.

『However, as I’ve thought, the meals you make are better. Cook something for me』

I mean, didn’t you get full with lots of raw meat?

『The satisfaction level is different with the meals you make』

Haa, is that so.

But, I just woke up from fainting.

『You have successfully learned Earth Magic as well thanks to me. It should be fine treating me with the other world’s meal as well』

Other world’s meal? Can you stop coaxing me?

It’s true that I was able to learn Earth Magic, but the dungeon was so frightening you know.

I don’t want to enter one ever again.


My stomach growled.

It looks like quite a long time had pa.s.sed since I fainted.

I really hate to do it like I complied with Fer, but I should make a meal.

TL: I really hate it that the author doesn’t use p.r.o.nouns when talking about Sui. Well, I’m guessing(hoping) she’s a ♀ so I will be using female p.r.o.nouns. If Sui turns out she’s a boy… then it’s a trap! Honestly, the way Sui talks is boyish too, sooo… but I’ll still use female p.r.o.nouns. Well, I’ll do that at least until the author clears that out(which he’d probably not). From how the things are going, I’m guessing that never will Sui become a bulky man, so I should think it’s fine. At worst, Sui might be just androgynous since she’s a Slime.

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