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Chapter 38 - Fer-san’s Bootcamp ~Dungeon Edition~ (Part 2)

『There are Kobolds on this floor. Their numbers are plenty as well, be careful』

Fer told me so I walked carefully.

『They’re coming』

The dog-faced Kobold group charged towards us while showing their fangs and crying “WanWan, GyanGyan!”.

「Gyaaa! What’s that! No way, no way, no way!!」

『It’s yes way. There is a barrier so it is alright. Calm down and release your Earth Magic』

No, no, no, there’s no way I can calm down!

「Fire『If you use Fire Magic, I’ll leave you here alone』……」

Fer declared mercilessly when I instinctively tried to shoot a Fire Ball seeing the Kobolds’ scary faces.

Fer you ogre, demon!

d.a.m.n it〜! All I can do is to shoot, shoot, shoot Stone Bullets.

I was able to achieve that with Fire Ball, so I can only believe bro!

「Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet!」

“Hyu! Hyu! Hyu!”, the pebbles flew.

It hit the two Kobolds running in front, but the Kobolds behind them are unfazed and continued to charge.

Their feet are also fast as expected from a dog.

A Kobold was already in front of me, opening its mouth and was about to bite me anything.

Gyaaaaaaa!!! It’s the end.

“Am I going to die inside a dungeon like this?”, but the instant I closed my eyes while thinking of that.


The Kobold’s bite attack was blocked by something.

I slowly opened my eyes, and what I saw in front of me was a tough, transparent thing blocking the Kobold’s huge mouth, making it show a foolish face.

『Did I not tell you it’s alright? My barrier is not something so soft that a mere Kobold can destroy it』

I know it you know, I knew it inside my head.

But, Fer’s barrier is transparent so there’s no real sense of presence coming from it.

It’s frightening to see a Kobold with a terrifying face charging towards you.

Fu〜, calm down.

Just like Fer had said, it looks like this barrier is very tough.

It’s true that a group of Kobolds charging towards me is scary.

However, it’s fine since there’s Fer’s barrier.

Anyways, I should use Earth Magic.

I should shoot, shoot, and shoot, and learn it.

If I don’t do that, then entering this dungeon has no meaning.

「Yosh, let’s do it!」

『That’s the spirit. Kobolds are coming again』

「Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet!!」

I mercilessly shot, shot, and shot Stone Bullets towards the Kobolds.

We finally reached the stairs that connect to the floor below after defeating numerous Kobolds.

「Haa, haa, see that, Fer. My Stone Bullet improved right? There are already three pebbles being shot」

『You still have a long way to go. Don’t get cheeky just from being able to shoot three pebbles』

Gununu, so strict.

『Next is finally the last floor. There is a vast s.p.a.ce below, and there should be a lot of Kobolds waiting there. Prepare yourself』

I nodded and followed Fer down the stairs.

The last was a round dome-shaped s.p.a.ce, and just like Fer had said, there are so many Kobolds.

「I-Isn’t this too many……?」

『Nu, there are many indeed. It was not like this when I entered, but……n? There’s a King in the back』

「K-King? You mean a high-level species?」

『That’s right. For the mean time, you and Sui should try to defeat it. You do not need to worry since there is a barrier. I will be there if it comes to it as well』

No, no, no, don’t casually say “try to defeat it”.

You, why are you asking for such absurd things?

『Sui looks fired up. You should learn from her』

I looked at Sui after hearing Fer say that, and saw her releasing a tentacle, completely ready to shoot acid.


Why are you so fired up like that?

Was my lovely Sui a battle junkie?

『It looks like Sui is far more courageous compared to you. Hm, just go』

Fer said that and pushed me.


I staggered forward, and with my one step as a signal, the numerous Kobolds charged.


“Byu! Byu! Byu!”

Sui crawled at a speed that I had never seen before and shot out acid.

The Kobolds who were hit by the acid shouted and screamed while melting.


To think that Sui was so aggressive.

This scene, I’d probably vomited if this isn’t the situation.

『Now, you go too! You must use Earth Magic okay』

Fer pushed me once again.

Countless Kobolds are charging.

「d.a.m.n it! Stone Bullet!! Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet!!!!」

I desperately shot out Stone Bullets.

I shot and shot and shot without any care for anything else.

I really hate to admit Fer’s words, but I am now able to shoot Stone Bullets exactly how I thought.

The only one that remains is the Kobold King that is larger compared to the others.

It is standing dauntlessly at the very back, but seeing its Kobold comrades defeated one next to the other, it seemed to be furious, and growled while showing its huge canines.

「Haa, haa, haa, that guy’s the only one left……」

The Kobold King roared「Guwaaaoon!」and moved towards me while swinging its axe.

「Haa, haa ,Stone Bullet!! Stone Bullet!!! Stooone Bulleeeettoooo!!!!!」

I mustered all of my remaining strength and shot Stone Bullets towards the Kobold King.

Even while bleeding, the Kobold King did not collapse.

The furious and b.l.o.o.d.y Kobold King walked towards me and was only a few steps away.

「d.a.m.n it! I exhausted my magic powers……Fer, I’ll leave the rest to you……」

But just before I fainted after saying that, the wobbling Sui got in between me and the Kobold King.

And, “Byuuu!”, she showered the Kobold King with a huge amount of acid.

The Kobold King melted without being able to scream its death throes.

He? What, what’s with end?

Sui took everything good?


I lost my conscious again with exhausted magic powers.

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