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Chapter 37 - Fer-san’s Bootcamp ~Dungeon Edition~ (Part 1)

Fer and I entered the dungeon, and the first monster we encountered was a Slime.

When I was against doing something to a Slime since I like Sui very much……


The Slime suddenly melted.

Ehh? What happened?

『Sui, that was quite an excellent attack』

Eh, did Sui attack right now?

I mean, they’re of the same race but an attack without hesitation.

『Sui shot out acid』

After Fer said that, Sui did it again to show me.

Acidic fluid was shot from Sui’s tentacle like a water gun.

It seems like a high-density acid; smoke rose up from the rock it hit then melted.

…………what’s, with that strong attack?

Eh, Sui is that strong?

『Showing such an excellent attack, Sui might be a unique variant』

Unique variant……i-is that so?

If Sui continues to level up, what in the world will she evolve into?

W-Well, there’s nothing bad about being stronger.

『The next one came, you should attack this time』

Following what Fer said, I swung my short sword towards the Slime.

The Slime was smashed and was absorbed by the ground after a while.

「Does corpses not remain in dungeons?」

『That’s right. Dungeons are like creatures that lives through absorbing magic essence. Those that enter the dungeon, whether they are monsters or humans, they would by the dungeon when they die inside it, and become its nourishment』

Ahh, this world’s dungeon is that kind of type huh.

I absolutely don’t want to die inside a dungeon.

『Next one. This time, attack using magic』

I nodded and fired Fire ball.

The Fire Ball hits the Slime and exploded.

Ohh, I feel like it’s stronger than usual.

This must be the effects of the food from the other world/Net Super.

Sui and I defeated the Slimes that sp.a.w.ned one next to the other.

『Yosh, let’s go to the next floor. Horned Rabbit will appear on the next floor. Beware of its horn』

Going down the stair-like steps, a Horned Rabbit immediately attacked.

It leaped, attacking using its sharp horn on its head as a weapon.


I involuntarily swung my short sword but it was not a fatal wound.


It then melted because of Sui’s acid attack.

「Ohh, Sui, great job」

I praised Sui and she happily wobbled.

『There are still more of them. Don’t let your guard down』

I guess so.

We’re inside a dungeon after all.

『Also, you, use your Earth Magic. It will not be training if you do not use it』

Gu……! He really got me there.

And from then on, I defeated the Horned Rabbits using Stone Bullet.

However, it was only one flying pebble after all.

Sui and Fer defeated the Horned Rabbits that I failed to hit.

『You really aren’t improving much』

「Haa, haa, there’s no way I can improve so quickly! Stone Bullet!」

I hit the Horned Rabbit that leaped with the Stone Bullet that I shot.

『There is really one pebble huh. Maybe a stronger monster is needed?』

I’m barely able to defeat them right now, what the heck are you saying?

「Rather than that, these guys, why are they approaching although Fer’s here? In the forest, Fer was too strong that monsters don’t appear right? Why is it that, in here, they would come without caring about that?」

If it was usually, probably because Fer is too strong, monsters won’t appear or come near at all.

They would come near when Fer had hidden his presence, but they would desperately run away once they saw his appearance.

That’s why, we won’t encounter monsters that much during our journey.

But, inside this dungeon, although Fer had not hidden his presence, small fries like Slimes and Horned Rabbits would attack.

『The monsters in dungeons, they would treat those who entered the dungeon as enemies whether they are strong or weak』

I-Is that so, dungeons are scary.

I don’t get the meaning of entering one although you know that you’d get attacked.

I will never enter a dungeon again.

『Oi, what are you s.p.a.cing out for? The next one has come』

「Owwa! Stone Bullet!」

As I’ve thought, we shouldn’t have entered a dungeon.

We finally reached the next floor while defeating Horned Rabbits.

『It is Goblin in this floor』

Ge……! Goblin.

I don’t want to remember that thing before.

『It’s here』

Gege! Three Goblins are running from the pa.s.sage towards us.

「F-Fire Ball!」

The Fire Ball hits and the Goblin was burnt black.

『I told you, use Earth Magic』

Even if you say that, the Goblins rushing towards me are scary.

If it’s like that, I would involuntarily use Fire Magic that is more useful.

『The next is here』

Gyaa! It came again.

On top of that, the number of Goblins increased!

「Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet!」

There was no way that the Stone Bullet that only shot one pebble would decrease the number of Goblins, and the surviving Goblins got closer and closer.

「Uwa! Don’t come! Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet! Stone Bullet!」  

I shot Stone Bullet, but even so, one tenacious Goblin closed in to me while swinging its club.


It’s the nightmare again.


The Goblin’s upper body melted because of Sui’s acid attack.

「Suii〜 thank you〜. You, strong. The best!」

I rubbed my face to Sui while hugging her.

『I guess Sui is far more courageous than you』

Gununu, I have a trauma with Goblins you know.

Because of a certain someone.

Although I had a hard time on this floor full of Goblins, I managed to get through with the help of Sui.

『Well then, let’s go to the next floor』

Next floor is 4th floor huh.

After that, there’s 5th floor too……

I really wanna go back to the surface.


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